Skillicorn Comeback Effort in Arizona Bearing Fruit

With an estimated 90% of the vote counted in Maricopa County, Arizona, former Illinos State Representative Allen Skillicorn is running third among the four candidates seeking one of three Fountain Hills city council seats.

Skllicorn narrowly lost his run for re-election in 2020 by only 2,268 votes (52%-48%) even though he put forth virtually no effort. He had already made his decision to leave Illinois.

With pretty much a flip of the bird to Illinois, he took this morning going away photo with the State Capitol in the background on his way out.

Former State Rep. Allen Skillicorn on the way to Arizona, where he joins former State Rep. Barbara Wheeler.

In Fountain Hills, he leads by 19 votes.


Skillicorn Comeback Effort in Arizona Bearing Fruit — 13 Comments

  1. skillycorn was a lazy do-nothing Representative in Illinois, and it appears he is carrying on his skill at losing in Az.

  2. Better recheck what Cal posted Tom, the top-3 vote getters running for Fountain Hills Town Council are elected.

    The municipal election in Fountain Hills, AZ was the same day as primary day last Tuesday.

    Skillicorn was trailing by over 200 votes for the 3rd seat on the council to Ms. Cindy Couture, but he made up the deficit and is now on pace to win a 4-year term, though the race remains too close to call between Skillicorn and Couture.

    Something else about Fountain Hills elections, nearly 60% voter turnout for the nonpartisan election for town council, no matter which political party’s ballot the voters requested, all ballots cast votes for municipal office.

    Fountain Hills was also the town where former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ran for mayor, and appears to be losing.

  3. I see Alan did the DIY move. Good for him.

    In a snippet from its a small world, ran into one of the refugee Caterpillar Execs on Tuesday at Jack Kent Chevy in Corsicana, Tx.

    While waiting for our serviced vehicles, we of course engaged in a lively Illinois bashing discussion.

    Of note though, we’re his total personal move expenses which he reported were $80 K.

    My escape in 2006 was $35 K

    Good luck getting out now.

  4. Fountain Hills is about to be exposed to IL RINO politics IMO. Good luck with that.

    Skillicorn lost the 66th in IL 52-48. Gotta love those Dominion and ES$S machines and the ERIC voter roll system to pick only the best and brightest to lead us in IL.

    Have we heard anything from the selected Senate race winner Salvi? Will she vote for old crow Mitch McConnell for speaker if she gets selected over Duckworthlesss? Oh, that’s right she doesn’t answer tough questions.

  5. Clearly there is election fraud and people are manipulating the voting machines to help Allen Skillicorn. #StopTheSteal

  6. Of course Dave Shake, you are omnipotent on many matters. Just not election corruption.

    I hope you enjoyed your drag show with the kids since you lobbied for that crap in Springfield.

    Remember we’re all obsessed with Dave Shake.

  7. Sillycorn is a POS who will do Arizona the same way that fat bastard did us, if he holds his 19 vote lead.

  8. It was very selfish of Skillicorn to stay in the 2020 race when he had no intention of mounting any sort of campaign.

    Ness would have probably lost in that district to any Republican who made an effort.

    I don’t care much for Schofield, but Ness is one of the absolute worst.

    It was nice to get her off of the County Board, but now she has a foothold in the General Assembly where she can do even more damage.

  9. Here Dave Lowitzki / Shake. Opine away resident deviant supporter.
    Here’s what that chart up there is showing you, as to what the GOP RINO Establishment/McCain Mafia plan was to thwart the 3 Trump MAGA/America First candidates in the Arizona GOP primaries this week.

    The RINO’s ran several ringer candidates at each one:

    1) Kari Lake

    Besides the RINO’s handpicked choice Taylor Robson, Lake had votes split away from her by 3 other candidates, one of whom – Salmon – had dropped out of the race months ago and yet by some arcane act of sorcery his name was still on the ballot and garnered 29,000 votes.

    There were 417,000 Non-Kari Lake GOP votes. Fully grasp the miracle that was accomplished here by the red wave.

    2) Mark Finchem

    They ran 3 ringer vote-splitting candidates against Mark Finchem. 430,004 non-Finchem votes were cast in the AZ GOP primary race for Sec State.

    3) Abe Hamadeh

    Hamadeh faced the biggest # of ringer vote splitting candidates at 5. More than half a million votes were case against Hamadeh and for one of the other GOP candidates.

    Note something else very unusual here.

    Current GOP vote tallies for these races:

    GOP Governor: 798,420
    GOP Sec State: 744,595
    GOP Atty Gen: 760,232

    Are we to believe that there were 53,000 GOP voters who voted for 1 of the Governor candidates but skipped voting for Secretary of State?

    Or that 38,188 GOP voters filled their ballot out for one of the GOP Governor candidates and left the Atty Gen part of the ballot blank?

  10. I remember when Skillicorn called Reick a RINO drunk.

    Reick shuffled off and collected his campaign propaganda and muttered under his besotted breath.

    I asked Reick what he said, he replied “That guy is nuts.!”

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