“Kid-Friendly” Drag Show Bakery Makes Page 3 in the Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune surely loves this story?

Apparently, there were some under 13 reduced price ticket sold:


“Kid-Friendly” Drag Show Bakery Makes Page 3 in the Chicago Tribune — 17 Comments

  1. Joanna must be divorced or she’s married to a spineless beta male soy boy.

    Cary idiots taking their kids to a show of deviance and perversion.

    They likely vote too.

  2. But how many really showed up?

    brought their kids?

    I will never buy anything for this groomer bitch

  3. Tribune article writes, “family friendly drag show”. That is an oxyMORON!!

  4. ‘Jakki Love’ my ass.

    More likely ‘Jakki Alwff’.

  5. Can any of the lefties lurking about help me understand this?

    What progressive goal is furthered by exposing children to travestite homosexual men?

  6. No Republicans will denounce this. I have not seen one church or synagogue denounce this.

    It’s shameful.

  7. This Petition requests that UpRising’s Drag Events be for ‘Adults Only’. Please consider signing the petition.


    Please Change All of Your Drag Shows to ADULTS ONLY – No Children

    If you scroll down you’ll see the owner responded “not going to happen”

  8. Show us something in writing, please, concerning your McHenry County statements.

  9. Not one elected Republican in McHenry County denounces this.

    Not one church or synagogue has denounced this that I am aware of in McHenry County.

    Grooming kids is a-ok in McHenry County

  10. So upset about a DRAG show?


    Drag dates back to Shakespeare days.

    Remember Flip Wilson show?

    He played Geraldine and that was on TV in the 70S.

    Red Skelton did Drag.

    Tom Hanks did drag on Bosom Buddies in the 80s.

    There are other shows and movies that were on prime time, and kids could watch this on TV.

    Its a form of entertainment.

    No nudity.

    No sex.

    What do you think happens at these shows?

    A smart politician would not waste his or her time on this.

    So many things wrong in Illinois this is not one of them.

  11. Where is the Ron DeSantis of McHenry County?

    I’m sorry Cal – I should have been more specific and I apologize for that.

    Where are the local Republicans?

  12. MCGOPAC could care less.

    They only want your email.

    Where was “MCGOPAC” months ago?

    How about the masks?

    How about CRT?

    Take your pick of the Soup Du Jour that the Dems have been heading up.

    Make no mistake, many of these “Drag” people are getting off on being close to your child.

    “Getting off,” as in fixated, obsessed or perversed in thoughts.

    My god, these people are F N Sick.

  13. Don’t worry, the drunk atheist RINO Stevie Reick will not dare to criticize the perversions.

    What do they have on him?

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