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From The Center Square:

New report shows Illinois is ranked third for outbound migration

(The Center Square) – Data from a moving website shows the outmigration from Illinois has continued this year.  

This moving van headed west from Crystal Lake.

According to the moving website moveBuddhadata for state-to-state moves shows that for every 42 moves into Illinois there are 100 moving out, the third highest outbound interest in the country this year, behind New York and California.

The website gathers data of not only where people are moving, but the reasons behind the move. 

“It looks like the property taxes are a huge factor for people wanting to move, because Illinois has the second highest property taxes behind New Jersey,” said marketing specialist Mercedes Martinez.

Illinois also has the 10th largest tax burden nationally, with the combined impact of personal income tax, property, sales and business taxes comparatively high. 

The report notes that when Illinoisans leave the state, they take high incomes with them. The IRS estimates more than $16 million in tax dollars left Illinois from 2019 to 2020 as residents moved away. 

The top states where Illinoisans have been moving to include Florida, Texas and California. The top three cities for those exiting the state in 2022 are Ocala, Florida; Seattle, Washington; and Austin, Texas.

The biggest losing large city is Rockford which has lost over 5% of its population, while the small community of Nevada, Illinois has lost an incredible 84% of its residents. 

According to moveBuddha, the top most internet searched route this year has been Downers Grove to Ocala, Florida.

“Population decreasing has been going on for a couple years now, and it’s not getting any better unfortunately for Illinois,” said Martinez.  


Moving on Out — 8 Comments

  1. Illinoisans continue to move to non-township-government states like Texas and Florida.



    Saves money!

    A good thing.

    Reduces government corruption!

    A good thing.

  2. If that fat greedy bastard is reelected there will be an exodus unlike
    any before, people just can’t tolerate his “I’m your boss” bullshit any longer
    as he continues to sell out and destroy Illinois all to feed his obese ego.

  3. Yep, I found the escape hatch and moved to Ocala, FL this year.

    Loved living in CL for 20+ years but ain’t no way I’d accept ever-increasing taxes and fiscal irresponsibility.

    Ocala is going to face the strains of growth in the coming years, as 48,000 new units are approved for building over the next few years, but it’s better prepared than McHenry County was when LITH and Algonquin blossomed.

  4. Meanwhile the illegal alien Mexican is moving in. See Harvard, Woodstock, McHenry……

  5. Bob A., I’m inclined to agree with you.

    Here in Algonquin Township the corruption is back to Miller Era levels.

  6. Horace, I have some advice for you.

    Find like minded voters, circulate an advisory petition, then, address the township board with the petition asking the board for a resolution to put a question on the ballot to eliminate Algonquin township.

    Need help?

    I’m available.

  7. I would suggest an advisory petition is a waste of time.

    Go for the real thing.

  8. Funky Funk, the sleepy, dying Supervisor of the Algonquin Township clown show dies not appreciate these comments.

    Without townships, the world will die.

    Kinda like global warming.

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