Where Do People Want to Move?

Rasmussen reports the most desired state is Florida.

Florida canal.

“…18% of American Adults would rather live in Florida if they could move to any other state they wanted.”

How about Illinois?

Chicago River buildings.

“…only 4 percent…”


Where Do People Want to Move? — 17 Comments

  1. Wording is critical on these survey questions.

    I would have worded it this way to get those choosing Illinois up to 6%.

    Living in a dumpster behind a crack house in the alley, or anywhere in Illinois?’

  2. Most of these people are moving for climate reasons. However, the real estate taxes in Illinois are ridiculous and are certainly also a factor.

    Real estate taxes are high in Illinois mostly because the legislature has been stealing money from education and not living up to the support contemplated in the 1970 state constitution which forces local school boards to rely more heavily on the property tax.

    A graduated income tax would help with that, especially for seniors on fixed incomes, who are the ones moving, but of course the commentators here are vehemently opposed.

    Meanwhile, you will note that the lawns in this picture are basically maybe 2 feet above current sea level at best.

    NOAA is predicting up to nearly a 7 foot sea level rise by 2100 depending on the extent of carbon emission controls that are instituted.


    Of course there is also the Southwest but they are experiencing severe water shortages this year which are likely to increase as well, again probably related to climate change.

    How long can you tread water, or live without drinking any?

  3. Go lick your Al Gore bobblehead Science. You are truly brainwashed. I bet you think a coal burning electric car is good for the environment too.

  4. Science, is Covid real too? Are you happy with the Inflation Increase Act? My God.

    The next ice age turned into global warming turned into climate change.

    It’s called semantics and the ecoterrorists have you hook line and sinker.

    I’m not moving to FL or AZ or CO.

    I do appreciate Cal giving us the moveBuddha site.

    It will tell me where not to look.

  5. Yes, Virginia, there is a COVID.

    I am on my last day of quarantine right now after having tested positive last week and I definitely had some pretty unpleasant symptoms the first couple of days.

    Fortunately I am vaccinated and got my second booster a week before plus took Plaxlovid, which seemed to dampen the more serious symptoms within 24 hours of starting it.

    Also fortunately, the current strain is not causing as serious a set of symptoms as it is not tending to reach the lower respiratory areas so it is basically like a bad cold or moderate flu for most people now.

    However, things could change again as it mutates (“evolves”) so who knows.

  6. Back to Florida, however, we are eventually going to start seeing real estate values on the most expensive properties on the coast start to fall once annual flooding becomes too much of a problem.

    Before there is actual flooding, we will see percolation of the groundwater to the surface as the sea water penetrates the permeable limestone that the state rests on.

    This will also turn the drinking water undrinkable.

    It only takes a few inches of flooding into your living room to make the place uninhabitable if it keeps happening over and over.

    Mar el Lago will be a total loss.

    So if you buy something in Florida right now you had better hope that you die before the value of your house or condo starts to crash.

    I would get something pretty far inland.

    Those will probably increase in value at least until the summertime temperatures become unbearable.

  7. So the sea level supposedly rose 6 inches in the last 100 years and 8 inches in the last 140 years but you believe it will rise 7 feet in the next 78 years?

    Doesn’t that sound like baloney to you?

  8. Correcting. The sea level has risen about a foot in the last 150 years. However, the rise is accelerating.

    There are a number of factors such as permafrost melting which releases methane that is many times worse than C02, changes in the route of the Gulf Stream, sudden sliding of large chucks of ice from Greenland and Antartica, loss of the albedo effect and increase in heat absorption in the open ocean in the Artic, that may cause the curve to go up in other than a straight line fashion.

    Seven feet is the high end. About 3 to 4 feet is more likely by 2100.

    Even that, however, will inundate much of South Florida, especially during storm surges and King Tides.

    Before then, however, they will lose their underground source of fresh water as the sea water infiltrates the limestone, and the sea will push groundwater to the surface which has already been happening. This is called “sunshine flooding”. Sewage disposal will also be a problem.

    The problem with sea level rise is that much of the built environment is located in low lying coastal areas. About 30% of the United States population would be affected. So there will be a huge migration of people from those areas inland.

    The cost of all of this will be astronomical. Just think about the value of all of the coastal development plus several downtown areas of large coastal cities like Boston, NYC, Atlantic City, Baltimore, etc. not to mention virtually all of Miami.

    If you think we have problems with the National Debt now, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  9. Science,

    First of all, why are you getting tested for Covid? Huh.

    Second, you are double vaxed and 2x boosted and caught Covid?

    Third, you listened to the media that the vax and boosters prevent Covid.

    Fourth, you have Covid.

    Fifth, you are now taking Plaxovid to cure you from a bunch of shots that guaranteed you wouldn’t catch Covid.

    Do you see how stupid you are? WTF?

    Now a guy like you is telling us climate change is the end of the planet. Someone slap him to get him out of his coma.

  10. And now everybody knows why he’s known far and wide as BullshitScience.

    Self-proclaimed holder of many advanced degrees in all aspects of the arts,
    yet has not a lick of common sense.

    But looking on the bright side at least he’s good for a laugh,
    and living proof that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  11. If you have symptoms consistent with COVID you can use the home test kits to see if they are positive.

    The vaccines don’t prevent COVID but they lessen the chances that it will produce the more serious symptoms.

    Also we now have anti virals that you can take to improve your chances further.

    I am surprized you don’t know all of that.

  12. I don’t believe these alarmist predictions because I’m old enough to remember them claiming x, y, and z would be underwater by 2020. It didn’t happen.

    You’re being duped by people with ulterior motives just like you were duped to take 4 vaccines. (The correct number you should have taken was zero.)

  13. My god, we are still debating a fake disease Science. Are you off your Xanax? By chance do you also have a Fauci bobblehead next to your Al Gore bobblehead. Wear your mask so the masses can identify you in public.

    It could be time to stop listening to the TV to tell you what to think. Unbelievable.

  14. The critical thought deficiencies of folks that Beleive the evolving narrative of Covid and Global Warming/cooling is getting silly.

    arguing or pointing this out to the Religion of the Left is a waste of time and energy.

    They willingly sacrifice their children and grandchildren to genital mutilation and self harm through endless “vaccinations” based on their belief in the face of obvious discrepancy.

    The silver lining is procreation is basic Darwinism (their old religion) and it will see to the shrinking of the gene pool inclined to the new dogma.

    It’s sad but nature will weed out these weak seeds.

    Always has, always does.

    Boost away Weak seeds…..turn down your thermostat and start your Weber indoors to stay warm….

  15. Time used to go by so fast in Illinois.

    Now that I know I’m leaving because of the taxes and stupidity of our leaders, it sure as hell drags.

    Not wishing my life away but I hope to be VERY LONG gone from here sitting in my recliner and perhaps reading about everyone fighting over the last chair when the music stoped.

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