An Open Letter to Rep. Steve Reick

From constituent Tara Nielsen:

Dear Representative Reick,

The article I read in the McHenry County Blog, dated August 3, 2022, had me consider how I would reach out to you to share my thoughts on your comments. Along with asking specific questions about your comments against Senator Darren Bailey. 

My first thought – why are you bringing something up from 5 years ago against the Republican party’s choice for governor?  Would this have been the best time for you to bring this up?  Why didn’t you bring it up five years ago?  

My second thought – one that I wish all politicians would do is to check facts before making comments.  I researched the statistics of both events.  They are BOTH horrific, horrendous, and entirely WRONG.   To murder even one is wrong.  However, you brought up and are speaking against a statement from 5 years ago – let’s look at the FACTS.  While it is virtually impossible to come up with an accurate number of deaths during the holocaust time and I would wager the deaths of abortion are as brutal to count.  The numbers I found during the time of the holocaust are between 6 million and 11 million people who were murdered brutally.   The numbers I have seen for abortion between 1973-2020 are 63.4 million or more.  Regardless of the actual number for BOTH events in history, one thing is for sure: the extermination of life for both events resulted in the death of millions of innocent people, which is a shame for humanity. 

My third and final thought is – I thought you were PRO-LIFE? The comment you made against Darren Bailey read as though you are not. You are running on the Republican platform, and one of the pillars of Republicans is and has been Pro-Life. I wonder if you talked to Darren Bailey privately and discussed this matter with him to understand his meaning.  Or did you go to the press first?

So, Representative Reicke, here are my questions for you:

  1. Did you go to Senator Bailey first to ask him directly?
  2. Do you feel your comments against our Republican choice for governor hurt Bailey or Helped Pritzker?
  3. Have you considered speaking to Senator Bailey and offering an apology now that you have facts and numbers?

Again, I state BOTH atrocities are horrendous and wrong.  However, standing on our Pro-Life Pillar within our party is also very important.  How can you NOT say that 63.4 million lives were not as important as the ones in Europe?  ONE LIFE MATTERS!!!

I look forward to your response.

Sincerely your constituent,

Tara Neilsen


An Open Letter to Rep. Steve Reick — 19 Comments

  1. Tara should give Reich a teetotalers exemption, respecting his opinion in spite of his sobriety.

  2. So what would you expect from a career drunk who more than likely has brain damage from alcohol?

    Just look at him.

    It appears as though the only thing holding him up is his suit, a bit of a breeze may knock him over.
    What a disgusting excuse for a man is he.

  3. Tara Nielsen, thank for your Open Letter calling out Rep. Reick with his nasty/distasteful attack on Sen. Darren Bailey.

    I hope you send/or/sent the letter to the newspapers.

    What’s shameful though is that all the township officials, employees, and the rest of his township voters/ supports are no where in sight; taking Rieck to the woodshed!

    The McHenry County Republican Party should be calling for Reick’s resignation.


  4. I live in Reick’s district and Bailey is much closer to the Republican party position than he is.

    Reick’s comments about a statement that is accurate and happened 5 years ago is out of line, hurts the Republican party and shows that he should just put a D next to his name.

  5. Well done and Well Written

    A big thank you, to Tara
    the main reason Reick is in office now is because the Republican Party could not find anyone to run for his office

    Reick has done Zip for the Republican party

  6. Thank you Tara for sharing the truth!

    One day we will all give an account for our words spoken.

    It is unfortunate there is not a fear of GOD in our culture today! But GOD is not mocked and to every purpose there is Time and Judgment.

    A fearful thing to come under GODS judgment!

  7. Anderson is spot on.

    The McHenry Republican Party, committees, PACS, etc are all in bed in addition to those favored candidates running for office.

    Dare, a non-incumbent or favored hack speak truth on their platform rather than spewing proforma rhetoric, tolerable to those entrenched.

  8. Wait for Ray Hanania’s Saturday morning column about what Pritzker did in his race for Congress long, long ago.

  9. FJB is using this statement made long ago and can’t be stopped as his only burn to Bailey its so obvious its the only thing the toilet bowl FF can use against him…

    its a joke…

    and getting very monotenous …

    its like watching FJB do a one horse pony show…

    before he is off to making our license plates like they all do here in the crapper state.


  10. The Republican Party had failed to find a primary opponent to run against Reick because they don’t attract people to run NOR does the party promote Precinct Committeemen to higher office.

    All they’re worried about is getting PCs in who will vote for them at Convention.

    And as long as that keeps happening we will continue to have the same failed leadership over and over.

    Roehl should never had had the chance to run a second term let alone a third term.

    We’ll hold our nose and vote for him because we don’t want a his Democrat opponent, of course, but the party lets these Party destroying RINOs slide.

    Reick owes Bailey and the People an apology.

    The party got exactly what the deserve with him.

  11. You all can write letters/make phone calls too! I would encourage it!

    Springfield Office:225-N Stratton Office Building Springfield, IL 62706 (217) 782-1717
    District Office:1072 Lake Avenue Woodstock, IL 60098 (815) 880-5340
    I know I had 1 extra e in Reick and didn’t catch it until it was published 😏 – Mr. Pendergast: would you be so kind as to share what is misspelled, and maybe our kind reporter Mr. Skinner will fix it for us? 😀

  12. The numbers keep going dow, down, down on the holy holahoax:

    For example at the “worst camp” Auschwitz, the total was 8 million deaths alone at that camp at the Nuremberg trial.

    Then the figure was halved because it was mathematically and physically impossible, in 1955.

    Now that was halved again in the early 90s:

    “Jewish and Polish scholars of the Holocaust now agree that the Auschwitz death toll was less than half the four million cited here for four decades. The actual number was probably between 1.1 million and 1.5 million-and at least 90 percent of the victims were Jews.

    The fiction that more than a million non-Jews died here was a myth created by Poland`s communist leaders.

    It was only after the fall of the last communist government in 1989 that Polish historians were finally allowed to say what Franciszek Piper, manager of historical department at Auschwitz, says he had known for five years. Jewish scholars say they knew the truth for at least 10 years.

    But Piper, an ex-communist Pole, and Jewish historians have different explanations of why it took so long for the truth to come out.”

    Nowadays it’s halved again. No forensic evidence.

    But it was a good story! And Germany and the French Railways were made to pay big.

    Yes, Virginia, everybody in WW2 committed various atrocities….. and the US put Japanese, Thais, Finns, Hungarians, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Serbs, Croats, Slovaks, Quebecois, San Marinians, etc., in MANY concentration camps, too, besides German and Italian nationals.

    Yes, the people in the camps looked bad when they were liberated in ’45. They looked bad in Andersonville too in 1865, after the Lincoln regime stopped prisoner exchanges in ’62 bc the rebs would go back to fight, while the union boys just went back home.

    Did you you know the American bombed several Swiss cities during WW2?

    And invaded and occupied Iceland?

  13. People don’t know history or care unfortunately.

    Who here knows the US has plans to invade what is now known as Taiwan during WW2 as it was a Japanese (sorry China has never ruled here) colony but we decided it would be too difficult.

    Or how about that Hitler got much of his “inspiration” from both anti-semites such as Henry Ford and from a movement known in the US as the eugenics movement, that directly led to what we know as planned parenthood today?

    Who here knows that that last legal, court ordered sterilization was in Oregon in 1981?

  14. There are some spelling errors in Ray’s article (a link to it can be found on Twitter).

    Hopefully someone cleans it up before it is officially published.

    The content was interesting though.

  15. This is a great letter.

    Reick is a dolt. He dresses like a slob and has the intellect of a 9th grader.

    He’s an embarrassment. He should step down – but I doubt anyone would run for his position because politicians are becoming despised members of society.

  16. Uber, Lyft, etc. need to release client information from reports made against drivers.

    As it is right now, a rider can ask the driver out on a date and retaliate with a false malicious report against the driver that causes deactivation from the platforms and financial harm.

    How are drivers supposed to sue for defamation, slander, libel, and other damages without this information.

    I blame the City Council of Chicago for their unjust ordinances that are essentially defunding the police and giving private, for profit corporations all authority in these matters.

    I would like to see the declarations of foreign agents from the Chicago Coty Council!

    It is ridiculous that so many drivers are having their Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, and Human Rights violated because of discriminatory Affirmative Action employers such as Uber.

    They are partly responsible for the banking collapse as I was a victim of their illegal discrimination.

    My bank account is over $9,000 in the negative.

    That is not including all of my lost wages.

    We need to talk.I can give you the inside scoop on everything related to this sabotage of the U.S.A. and it’s citizens.

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