Kenneally Touts Money Saved in State’s Attorney’s Office

From the McHenry County State’s Attorney:


Recently the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office presented its budget to the McHenry County Law and Government Committee. Watch at (begins at around the 4 minute mark).

As the McHenry County Government ramps up its budget process, it is worth reflecting on the savings the State’s Attorney’s Office has intentionally pursued over the last six years by having cut its budget by more than 12%.

  • Saved approximately $2,465,000 in payroll funds by minimizing SAO staff over the past 6 years
  • Saved approximately $1,500,000 by transition of all labor related law matters in-house instead of paying private attorney’s charging hourly fees
  • Awarded $787,000 in grant funds toward the SAO Payroll
  • Saved over $90,000 by bringing a grand jury court reporter in-house
  • Saved over $75,000 by utilizing the SAO Asset Forfeiture Funds for criminal prosecutions and equipment expenses
  • Saved over $8,000 by conducting in-house CLEs

The entire budget for the State’s Attorney’s Office in 2022 was approximately $3.1 million.   


Kenneally Touts Money Saved in State’s Attorney’s Office — 5 Comments

  1. Remember that the MCSAO refused to prosecute former Algonquin Supervisor Miller with a strong paper trail of evidence.

    Former Supervisor Gasser’s Attorney was Hanlon who the SA had a Special Prosecutor appointed in the Colatori sign damage case who had the matter dismissed sighting that it was questionable that a Civil verdict against Hanlon could be gotten much less a criminal conviction where as the burden of proof is greater.

    The Judge however did not recuse himself in a Courthouse that Hanlon had appeared many times as an attorney.

    Perhaps in my opinion current Supervisor Funk has Dave Linder looking into this and who Miller and Hanlon could have blown the whistle on?

    Inquiring minds want to know, Funk wants to perhaps know!

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