No Flip Wilson Among LITH “Kid-Friendly” Drag Queens

Some looks from Facebook at the Uprising Bakery’s reduced price for children under 13 drag brunch:

The day was a rainy one, as one can see below:

Maybe readers can identify the entertainers.


No Flip Wilson Among LITH “Kid-Friendly” Drag Queens — 21 Comments

  1. From top pic down:

    Benda Lacreme
    Joe that Supervisor in Accounting
    Jucy Stoole
    That kid from Willy Wonka that turned into a blueberry.

  2. The one kid that attended had his hands over his ears in a video, and looked less than thrilled.

    But thank goodness his mother can allow him attend all in the name of equality and love.

  3. We’re raiding a former presidents home and this the narrative in this state.

    Don’t forget that big fat RICO case Trump has filed on the corrupt establishment that got ruled on yesterday as the FBI was raiding Mar A Lago.

    The judge that signed the search warrant formerly represented Jeffrey Epstein.

    That’s alot juicier than the cheese under those perverts ball bags.

    Disgusting photos.

  4. Better yet….. Who can identify the people attending?

    That one cupcake on the table looks pretty sad….

  5. It’s a freak show and it’s not even a GOOD drag show.

    You can see these types in the stores around town.

    Not very good at their deception.

    Stop giving the liars attention.

  6. LOL. Cindy there are GOOD drag shows? Do tell. Are you saying the local Walmart is better?

  7. OH, and BTW every person there (For whatever reason they want to tell you) IS a predator!

  8. Sick and twisted degenerates being forced upon a community that
    clearly doesn’t want this perverted shitshow.

    And the people who are in attendance are just as sick and twisted, possibly even more.

  9. I’m surprised that Kenneally didn’t boast and mention that he didn’t charge these groomers in order to save money. Golf clap……

  10. JT? Back in the day, the good drag shows were professional people that dressed up and lOOKED like stars like Liza, Cher, and Barbra AND they sang and performed.

    These are dudes with beards wearing cheap bad clothes thinking that you are entertained by their tawdry predatorism?

    This is ALL about destroying families.

    Honest Abe is right!

  11. I can identify morons wearing masks! People THAT stupid are the ones that cater to this agenda.

  12. Cindy I used to live at Irving Park and LSD.

    Drag shows were not in my wheelhouse.

    I’ll defer to your expertise.

    The guys in assless chaps when walking home at 2 in the morning were pretty funny.

    I think a few of them moved to the Crystal Lake area and are now fat hairy drag queens.

    I suspect some of them post here.

    Don’t worry you should have seen the degenerates milling around after the north halsted days festival.

    It was good for a laugh.

  13. I think I get what Cindy is saying.

    Drag used to be men dressing as women for entertainment purposes of being ‘women impersonators’ and they were convincing and entertaining.

    To look, act, move like a beautiful woman was essential.

    Today, these are just demonic actors parading deviancy.

    No stretch or acting ability required nowadays.

  14. Somewhere south of Ringwood there used to be a place called The Barn that served wonderful tender steaks but would NOT give you a steak knife. They hosted some beautiful drag shows with VERY entertaining people. Landon knows what I am referring to on this subject. I think it was back in the late seventies or very early eighties. Pure entertainment and not grooming. I also saw the play “M Butterfly” in the early seventies. Wonderful cast. Great performance. It was always an oddity. Now they are telling you it is the NORM! And your children must accept that they are likely one of them! It started out as a fascination with freaks and has turned into you HAVE to accept them. Get outta here! You were always freaks, but now you are just degenerate pedophiles.

  15. I second that thought by Bill.

    Cindy were the roads paved south of Ringwood in the 70’s?

    I remember when Lake Cook Rd was 1 lane in each direction and it was dirt and you needed a dime to make a phone call. LOL.

    No sarcasm on there.

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