Throwing Away Stuff Before the FBI Comes

I’m ahead of Donald Trump.

After my relatively minor knee operation that rendered me pretty much non-ambulatory in the middle of July, I have been sorting through stuff in what appears to be about two dozen boxes going back to the early 1990’s.

Now comes the FBI raiding Trump’s Florida home and office.

I see in The Spectator the following about the raid:

Donald Trump announced Monday night that the FBI had raided his home in Mar-a-Lago. One would assume the bar should be exceedingly high for the Department of Justice to execute a search warrant on a man who was previously the leader of the free world. That would not appear to be the case here. Nor, sadly, is it surprising, given the seemingly endless fishing expedition that Biden and the Democrats have subjected Trump to over the past year and a half.

According to a report from the New York Times, agents supposedly went into Trump’s home in Florida to check whether he had retained or hidden any classified documents from his time at the White House. Thus far, the only evidence provided for this is that he ‘delayed returning’ about 15 boxes of material to the National Archives (the boxes were returned in February). Trump claimed in a statement that he had been working with the government to return all of the required documents.

McHenry County commentator Bill Parrot observed:

fleeting images of body-armored & automatic-weaponized FBI agents encircling the private residence of a former U.S. President ..
eerily reminiscent of banana republic tyranny of a bygone era

perhaps desperation born of abject fear captivating the illegitimate clowns in positions of authority
dreading the inevitable tsunami of public outrage over excesses of power projection & arrogant incompetence ..    crewing a pathetic ship of fools

in preparation for an unprecedented red tidal wave in coming months  …
we can all celebrate the ground breaking of Liz Cheney & Adam Kinzinger’s joint used car lot sales venture somewhere between Wyoming and Illinois with their mutually pitiful political careers culminating in an unattended farewell seance

= = = = =

Much of any useful evidence I have is already in a landfill.


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  1. Here Cal I’ll repost my prior questions


    Kathi Salvi’s platform says she will “work” to close the border.

    Does she intend on voting Mitch McConnell as the head of the Senate?

    Does she condemn the raid on Mar A Lago that Mitch won’t?

    She is another hold yoir nose and vote for Al and me to go to DC to replace Duckworth.

    This state and its alleged leadership is a joke.

    One more, what’s Kathi’s position on drag shows for children?

    I hear crickets chirping. The trial bar has spoken. RINO 101 on display

  2. Note to self: Tell wife we must hide my collection of Mad Magazines.

    Malort must be saved as well.

    Medicinally, to combat any stomach worms and other such parasites.

  3. That infamous “documents in the toilet” picture circulating looks fake to me, Cal.

    Why would Trump not use a paper shredder or something?

    Why would he not even flush the toilet?

    He just puts paper in the toilet bowl and leaves it there and then people take pictures of it?

    And there isn’t even any pee pee or poo poo?


    That’s the story the “journalists” are going with?

    It sounds very fake.

  4. While Kathy Salvi fights the Left, JT stabs Kathy in the back.

    Kathy Salvi is a MAGA conservative trying to win the US Senate seat… in ILLINOIS!

    JT: I saw Kathy Salvi’s very strong condemnation of the raid of Trump’s home in several news outlets.

    Why don’t you ask Tammy Duckworth a few questions?

  5. Oh Ted please provide me links with Salvi’s condemnation of the deep state. I might not be plugged into the RINO backhanded. If you are right I’ll marinate my crow.

  6. Hey maybe Cal can post ILs cut of the 52b chip bill.

    JB is very excited about it on WGN.

    This state is a joke.

    I need to go to a drag show to decompress

  7. A lot of weird stuff going on with the bureau.

    They had a guy named Peter who had an “insurance policy” back in 2016 in the event that Trump got elected.

    Later, a lot of not so funny stuff going on with FISA.

    Today we hear that their “raid” was searching through Melania’s wardrobe.

    We live in very dangerous times what with that outfit along with the moron in DC who is authorized to press the red button.

  8. The matter has nothing to do with Ms. Salvi; why distract from the issue?
    The specific issue is a person who thought he was above the law.

    The Constitution is more important than any President.
    Regan: Iran-Contra.
    Nixon: Watergate.
    Clinton: lying to Congress.

    If there are no illegalities, that will be exposed as well.
    Let due process run its course.

  9. Just to remind you and readers some of the hoaxes that the media has fallen for in regard to Trump:

    -Russiagate which turned out not only to be false but was a lot of projecting from Democrats, their sycophants in the FBI, and foreign actors.

    -The Trump N word tape which still has not been produced.

    -The Trump pee pee tape in which Trump was allegedly urinated on by a Russian prostitute. Roseanne Barr’s ex husband and “comedian” Tom Arnold even vowed to search the ends of the Earth to find it but came up empty handed.

    -The gorilla channel chimpout episode where Trump was screaming at staffers about the White House not having the Gorilla Channel on television. Not only is the Gorilla Channel not real but this story was an admitted fiction, yet many journalists actually fell for it and reported it as if it happened.

    -Trump deliberately killed goldfish while on a trip to Japan meeting with Shinzo Abe. This was more fake news that even the Japanese media pushed back on yet the American journalists kept saying anyway.

    -Trump has a neurological disorder because he walked slowly down a ramp. This was due to rain and him being cautious.

    -Trump throwing sandwiches at walls which splattered ketchup for some reason.

    -Grabbing the steering wheel of a limousine and demanding to go to the steps of the capitol on January 6th as if he would be in the front seat. People with him have disputed the claim but it is still repeated.

    There are likely many more but those are just a few off the top of my head.

    Some people hate Trump so when they hear a story, no matter how ridiculous it sounds on its face, they believe it because they want it to be true.

    I have seen otherwise rational people not only fall for this crap but get irate when these silly narratives are questioned or doubted.

    It’s quite sad.

    These people have rotted brains.

    It’s like what Hulk Hogan said many years ago:

    These people are jabronies and marks who don’t know when a work is a work, so they work themselves into a shoot, brother.

  10. Oh yes they also said that he would eat paper.

    He would just crumple up paper and eat it.

    Good times.

  11. “Show Me the Man, And I’ll Show You the Crime”.

    The modus operandi of the DNC.

  12. Dr Jill Biden: Merrick we need a big splash, something big to distract the voters from inflation, Afghanistan and you know the stuff.

    Merrick: Well how about a protest outside the Conservative justices’ homes?

    Biden: That might help but we need something bigger! Think big and that man is why you are not on the Supreme Court.

    Merrick: what if I did nothing to enforce the laws?

    Biden: your on to something with that but we need to keep Trump from Running ever sgain.

    Merrick: you mean like an impeachment?

    Biden: no no no we’ve tried that a few times, we need something. Did I tell you I love the Raider’s football team?

    Merrick: No what fo you like about them?

    Biden: the name, but kets get back to this Trump fellow.

    Merrick: wait wait I have an Idea! Lets have the justice department raid his apartment in New York.

    Biden: the cameras wont see that, but what about Maralargo?

    Merrick: oooh yea then we can have lots of vehicles and lights so ww need lots of lights so it looks like a crime scene. Yea and lots of guns too. These will be the good guns because it will be our guys guns. Plus it should be when it’s dark out.

    Biden: now I think you have it. So you go find the misdemeanor or other high crime to frame i mean legitimately charge him with and ill get joe dressed. One more thing, make sure the reporters can be there before we het there.

    Merrick: Well Anderson Cooper is right here why don’t we just tell him mow.

  13. Looks like Frank nailed it.

    Here is a clip of the doofus Biden trying to put on his suit coat and then Jill has to help him out. Then, he knocks off his glasses to the ground.

    Who the H is really running our country? Who has the code to press the red button? Jill or some left over hacks from the Barak Hussein Obama regime?

    Can anyone imagine this senile and dope Biden, who likely has trouble even finding his desk, having to make tough decisions? Such as did JFK in the Cuban Missile Crisis?

  14. Somebody on this blog called the Washington regime fronted by the demented puppet a ‘Jewish Dictatorship’ and that’s what it truly is from the Jew driven war against Russia to the trans/homo agenda to all the antiwhite agitprop in schools.

  15. Is this the reason they raided MAL. Seems logical to critical thinkers. [DS] counter operation in action. Where is that little black book the FBI is hiding BTW?

    And Ted, links on Salvi please. She will vote to put McConnell into the Senate leadership position again when we take the majority back. If she took a stance to throw the old crow out, I would be more inclined to not think she is a RINO. FYI…she won’t, otherwise the RNC (run by Ronna Romney) will ensure any funding they were thinking of giving her would dry up.

  16. To clear things up, all Trump has to do is release the search warrant and take-away list.

    Unlikely after taking the Fifth today.

    First time in history a past president has done it.

  17. Al Zelinski. What about Hillary Rodman Clinton and the thousands of high security US government emails she illegally had on her home server and the top guy at the federal bureau let her walk?

    Are you a dope defending Democrats such as Hillary for her illegal stuff?

  18. No, just focusing on the subject of this article.

    What someone else does or gets away with has no effect on the current events.

    The FBI investigated that case and decided not to pursue it.

    We’ll see what happens in this case.

  19. “Why does the IRS need all the guns and ammo?”

    Why do you?

    They’re waiting for the uprising you idiot ammosexuals keep say is coming.

  20. Zelinski, by virtue of your posts, you are a dope. A doofus. Just as dumb as the idiot, moron, imbecile, jagoff, plagiarist Joe Biden. Are you too a jagoff as is Biden? People like you no doubt “trust” the mostly corrupt main stream media who are in the tank and are mouthpieces for democrat politicians. Our nation is in great peril because of the corruption, dishonesty of the fourth estate, the main stream media who single handedly helped the moron Joe Biden become president. This fourth estate helped elect the moron Biden in spite of his horrendous record of stupidity.

  21. Beyond the baseless, childish name-calling, I still trust the fundamental components of this country: rule of law, Depart of Justice, FBI, Constitution, Supreme Court, you get it.

    Otherwise, move somewhere else.

    Our nation “is not in great peril.”

    I choose not to live my life in fear stoked by unfounded web sites where “I read it on the Internet” is the only credibility needed.

    If the Democrats were so wily that they could use “2000 Mules” to steal the presidential election, why not add a couple hundred more mules and steal control of the Senate?

    People, please use your common sense!

    The FBI motioned to have their search warrant made public.

    Rumors are Trump might try to stop that?


    I voted for the guy because, as a Veteran, I thought he’d be a better Commander-In-Chief than Clinton especially after Benghazi.

    However, his actions and inaction on January 6th forever changed my mind.

    His recent behavior of taking the Fifth before a court of competent jurisdiction reinforced that belief.

    If he decides to try and quash the release of the search warrant, anyone who still believes in that crook should reconsider.

  22. Remember when the FBI lied on a warrant to investigate Trump before and one of their agents was found guilty?

    And then remember that time when that little demonic elf FBI agent Strzok or whats his name was caught with text messages that said he would make sure Trump would never be president?

    And that time when then U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a private airplane in the summer of 2016 and then they told the press they were just talking about their grandkids?

    That was so crazy!

    I’m sure the FBI and DOJ are being honest this time though and don’t have a political motive…

  23. Listened to radio on afternoon of Aug 11 regarding Merrick Garland saying something about the raid by the bureau on Trump’s home in FL. But, that something was nothing. Nothing but boilerplate BS words by Garland. Americans STILL don’t know the reason for the raid.

    A lot of crazy stuff was going on at the bureau with regard to Trump before he was even elected. There was the famous statement by a top agent Peter that he/they had an insurance policy in the event Trump were elected president. There were a lot of problems by the bureau with FISA as well as the phony Trump Russia collusion. Then the unneeded Muller episode.

    Of course, the mostly fraudulent and corrupt media dutifully reported for their democrat masters every little tidbit about the Muller proceedings and the alleged Russian collusion. They gleefully let the pencil neck geek, Adam Shi*, somehow a US Rep, make statements numerous times that there was evidence of Russia collusion. But, alas, he and the democrats never produced it. There was no evidence. It never happened. And behind a lot of the nonsense to discredit Trump, was the wretched, Hillary Rodman Clinton, the democrat presidential candidate in 2016.

  24. “Americans STILL don’t know the reason for the raid.”

    They sure do now: 11 boxes of highly-classified documents.

    Can’t blame that on “the media.”

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