Voter Participation Way Down

The Illinois Information Service reports:

“Voter turnout was low for the June primary election in Illinois.

“Just under 22% of registered voters cast a ballot in the June 28th election.

“State Board of Elections spokesperson Matt Dietrich says that’s the second lowest turnout for a primary in Illinois in the last 40 years.

“Dietrich says nearly 52% of those voting were democrats and 46% were republicans. Five Illinois counties offered libertarian ballots for certain offices.

“Dietrich says about 16% of voters opted for mail-in ballots.”

Here are turnout figures from 1976 through 1996:

McHenry County Voter Turnout from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

In June, the turnout was only 19.6%.

McHenry County Voter Turnout at the June, 2022, Primary Election.


Voter Participation Way Down — 12 Comments

  1. If I go to a restaurant over and over, and everything I order is terrible, gives me food poisoning, and the service sucks…

    I’m eventually just going to stop going there.

  2. People like Bobby Piton told everyone ‘their votes don’t matter’, it’s all stolen blah blah.

    You can thank him and his mindless drone followers.

    I saw “good conservatives” stay home in Lake, Kane and McHenry counties.

    His most staunchest followers didn’t event vote therefore didn’t vote for him.

  3. LOL Casey.

    It’s Piton’s fault now? That’s rich.

    Enjoy voting for RINO Kathi Salvi.

    I think concerned citizen understands why turnout was low.

  4. But has anybody compared historical voter turnout by party affiliation?

    Voter turnout could be down because it’s down across the board or it could be because one side is not coming out.

    Breaking down the historical #s by party affiliation would give this more context and might be useful in guessing what will happen come November.

  5. Voter turn out in the Governor’s race was virtually even between parties—that’s unheard of in Illinois since FDR.

    Enthusiasm is down among Dems and that has been true in every other state primary this year.

    Having a primary in the heart of summer vacation season (just before July 4th) was a deliberate move by the ruling elites to keep down outsider candidates like Bailey—the idea being the Establishment would get its voters to the polls early or by mail.

    Finally, the “he’s a Democrat” mud slinging by sleazy Establishment “Republican” candidates turned off people and left only the true believers voting.

    Wonderful if unintended consequences by our stupidly corrupt Illinois Uniparty.

    I’ve been at this 40 years and I know all the major players very well as well as the major issues, especially vote fraud.

    I’ve been in charge of countywide campaigns here in Lake and statewide efforts.

    Yes, it’s hard to beat an Establishment that has every payroller and insider grifter with them.

    But liberals do that all the time because they go out and get the job down while conservatives waste time on sports, listening to Levin and pretending they know all on the Internet.

    “I have a simple solution to the multiplicity of “issues” we have seen over the past election cycle, and it is only eight words long: “one day – on paper – in person – hand count”.

    So said Adam Steen, who came within an inch of beating the Michael Madigan of Wisconsin.

    The people on this blog had a chance to put up a candidate for County Clerk with that same theme.

    Sure, he/she would have probably lost like Steen but the message would have been sent across the state like has been in Wisconsin.

    In the mean time, there is Republican Supreme Court to elect for the first time since 1964, which is why my only priority is Mark Curran.

    I could tell you all the flaws of Curran, which is why I didn’t support him in the primary.

    But they are nothing compared to corrupt, ultraliberal Elizabeth Rochford.

    But between the same Establishment shills we saw in the primary determined to defeat a major threat to our lucrative to legal insiders court system and the usual holier than thou “conservatives” who want to justify doing nothing, I don’t expect much help on this blog to post on this race.

    Like the Little Red Hen, I’ll probably have to do it myself.

  6. I completely agree with going back to hand counted paper ballots.

  7. Anyone bitching about voter fraud can be an election judge and see first hand what goes on but doubt anyone here will do it and just continue to bitch!

    I’m not Joe Tirio but if you dont vote for him, who is honest, and get Mary Mahady do you really think that will bring your honest election?

    Tirio did an extra audit rhat came up 100% right with Johnson overaeeing it.

    When you have Republicans saying its rigged and why bither voting you are the problem not the solution!

  8. Grant, just curious. Based on your 5:07 post it reads to me like you are an IL swamp creature.

    All I have in D10 is Severino while Marc Avelar aka John Lopez obsesses over Lauf.

    Vos in WI is a useless piece of chit covering up for the cheating in Brown, Dane and Milwaukee Counties. Anyone with a brain knows it.

    Hot August to Red October. Glad you are paying attention

  9. Monk, the self-professed bong smoking superior appraiser has spoken.

    What an idiot.

    Are you related to Avelar or Lowitzki?

  10. “Monk, the self-professed bong smoking superior appraiser has spoken.”

    At least he understands consistency and logic when formulating and opinion and the hypocrisy you profess.

    And you talk in circles when anyone calls you out.

    Deny Deflect and insult.

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