Zoom Algonquin Township Board Meeting Tonight

From Algonquin Township:

Algonquin Township Board Meeting
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The Algonquin Township board meeting will be held in person or streaming  on Zoom.  The Meeting is Wednesday August 10, 2022 at 7:00pm. 

To Watch via Zoom click on the link below.  
Algonquin Township is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Algonquin Township Board MeetingTime: Aug 10, 2022 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)    Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84197527984

Meeting ID: 841 9752 7984
From left to right, Algonquin Township Clerk Maureen Huff, Trustee Theresa Fronczak, Supervisor Randy Funk, Attorney Michael Cortina, Trustees Teresa Decker, Millie Medendorp. and Edward Zimel, Jr.,

I don;t see much of interest on the agenda, but the full-on disagreement between the four Trustees and Supervisor Randy Funk might re-assert itself tonight.


Zoom Algonquin Township Board Meeting Tonight — 24 Comments

  1. trustees are to approve all legal bills to be paid.

    These folk are nothing but clowns.

    Disruptive, argumentative clowns.

    Decker cackles, has a high pitched voice.

    She’s always good for a few laughs.

    Any report of the new vehicle purchased for the Highway commissioner?

    We are all struggling and she has a 60k new truck?

    Was this necessary during gas prices and everything else doubling in price?

  2. They are to audit the bills and pay them.

    That’s what I was told when I asked.

    Was curious if there’s any report about the new 60k truck that the Highway commissioner just purchased.

    Talk about being out of touch with reality.

    A majority of Algonquin township are struggling to buy groceries and our tax dollars are being used for a new truck for the Highway commissioner to drive around in?

  3. Government clown show and Sandburg is the biggest clown wasting away our money! Over budget and out of touch with the taxpayers. I really hope someone runs against her…

    Supervisor Funk needs to put these clowns in their place!

  4. Where are the Watchdogs?

    Gasser and Hanlon are gone.

    No more payday for them?

    They no longer care?

  5. To my knowledge Funk has never been in politics prior to his election as Algonquin Township Supervisor and he supports Donald Trump so how can he be ‘the SWAMP’?

  6. He uses public funds to enrich his friends and he has no problem expanding government to “solve” problems.

    Government is a necessary evil that needs to be limited.

    Government never solves problems – it only creates problems.

    Funk hires non-investigators to investigate his political enemies – using public money to enrich his friends.

    Just because you voted for Trump doesn’t de facto mean you’re on the good side.

    I’m not certain he supported Trump.

    Ask him now if he supports Trump.

  7. What is all of crap.

    Check records.

    No $60,000 truck.

    All this sounds like is the sour grapes Colatorti losers.

  8. Slapdyck? Because you have to know who he really is and who he pals around with! Liberal trash is liberal trash. That doesn’t change no matter who you ‘say’ you support.

  9. Funk is no liberal.

    Cindy you’re as clueless as the rest on this blog.

    If you’ve ever watched or attended a meeting you’d be amazed by what these boneheaded trustees ask.

    From not understanding that Covid is an illness, to what people receive in ga.

    It’s the same every month.

    Would be a real shame if this totes unnecessary township closes.

    Biggest waste of money in Illinois.

    We don’t need this.

    They plow snow for like 3 blocks of unincorporated land in the township.

    Yea they have bingo for old people that’s nice but still not township worthy.

    Buy trucks that are not needed.

    Never seen the Highway commissioner get off her fat ass and leave her office unless it was to eat, golf or attend ANOTHER training.

    Close this down already.

    20 bucks a year or whatever from our taxes.

    I’ve never seen the benefits unless you include laughing at the township meetings.

  10. Y’all?

    You are WRONG!

    I’ve known Randy since he was a teen and a lifeguard at Main Beach.

    You have no clue who he is.

    Just the fact that you believe in the psyop of a disease that NEVER was tells me you are REALLY a clueless moron.

  11. Wow.

    Lame thinking the Colatorti campaign is against townships.

    Tony and his wife donated food and money to Danijela’s campaign when she ran for cushy commissioner job.

    Even opened up their restaurant with food donated and had tons of supporters donate money for her campaign.

    Was it wrong that they thought in turn that she would throw a little support their way after all they did for her?

    Tadelman did NOTHING for her.

    But Diane Evertsen and Eileen Marhoefer’ told her she must support robb so like the free thinking strong woman that she is, bwaahaha she listened to them.

    She was bashed left and right while running for commissioner, all the while Tony and Brittany supported her.

    Don’t act like they are her enemies.

    You’d be shocked at the people that I’ve talked to saying she’s a pawn in this game and will easily help those who she thinks will help her.

    97% of those in office can’t stand her but will continue to use her.

    Many people on this blog made negative comments while she was running for commissioner against Derrick, wasn’t the COlatortis obviously

  12. I have presented FACTS Slap….

    Even your name is too repulsive to type.

    You’re probably 3 commenters with different names who try to defend Funk.

    Stick to the FACTS that I have presented that make Funk clearly and unequivocally a SWAMP creature utilizing Government to enrich his friends and gain influence.

    His political ally, Mr. Linder, has already been clearly identified as a state pension receiving, I’m in the tank with the failed status-quo destroying our stat, Franks loving, SWAMP creature.

    What do you say not that facts refute your anemic and feckless defense of Funk?

    So far there has been no response from you after my FACTS have been presented.

  13. Yet you’ve supported no facts with citations only giving your opinion and we all know what opinions are like. Finish that G.E.D. CLM.

  14. So the FACT that Funk used more that $6,000 to “pay” David Linder, his pal – who apparently is not a licensed investigator – to “investigate” Gasser.

    Funk did so to “reward” his pal using public money.

    What was the intent of that investigation?

    We don’t know.

    Likely to attack Gasser.

    What was the result of that investigation?

    We don’t know.

    Why did Linder meet in the middle of the night at Miller’s house as part of that investigation?

    Why did Funk pay Linder to meet in the middle of the night at Miller’s house?

    What was the result of that meeting with the Millers?

    These are facts the REAK of SWAMP creatures using government as their tool to reward friends and attack enemies.

    Your answer


    BTW, I assure you my advanced doctorate degrees (yes pleural) are above your education level.

  15. Yet you have no proof of anything but $6,000 for a investigation.

    When an investigation is ongoing it isn’t put out until its conclusion, the rest is just your OPINION!

    I doubt from your typing that you’ve completed High School!

    ‘I are a Bran!’ CLM

  16. I have 59 pages of the report about Linder’s interviews.

    Most recently Randy Funk wrote that Linder was interviewing a union official.

    There is no summary of the report that has been made available, but when the Edgar County Watchdogs reported it had won a Federal lawsuit against the woman who was the first person interviewed by Linder, I posted the pages about that interview.

    You can read it here, all compliments of Algonquin Township taxpayers:


  17. I’ve heard through the grape vine that the highway commissioner uses tax dollars (employees) to pick up food while on the clock, and then proceeds to have her “crew” run errands for her personal likings.

    Buying a 60k truck to drive to and from work is completely unnecessary.

    Trying to communicate with this thing is equivalent to getting your road repaved and drainage completed, impossible.

    Nobody cares about trees being trimmed, get off your fat ass and go out and make a difference on OUR roads.

  18. cal, I asked that CLM provide me with his ‘facts’ yet you replied. Hmmmmmm…..

  19. And Cal replied with the facts I’ve been stating for a month or so.

    Slap…. you don’t respond.

    You criticize others using pejorative terms and then deflect the argument and then accuse Cal of being me.

    You’re just a troll defender of a loser Administrator who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar dolling out taxpayer money to his friends who are already receiving a bloated pension.

    That’s why Illinois is a dumpster fire.

    Defenders of the failed system like you.

  20. We are leaving Illinois.

    Guys like Funk, Linder, and Slap… have created an environment where the government and their municipal pals get all the spoils and as a result of their feckless/reckless management the taxes are so onerous that it no longer affordable to live in Illinois.

    Illinois has drained my savings.

    I’m now pulling 401k money out just to pay property taxes so that Funk can pay Linder for BS work.

    It’s over.

    Illinois – and the individuals mentioned above (and their ilk) who have created the Illinois swamp – has done me in.

    We are out – along with our 4 future tax paying/successful/educated children.

    Illinois – the dumpster fire is burning out of control.

  21. Adios and take that with ya! Send a photo of the moving truck…..

  22. Hey John doe.

    I heard the same thing about what’s going on at algonquin township, I’m going to have to drive bye and look for that truck, I would think it’s white.

    My neighbor had a very bad experience with her.

    But said when there grew came out they were great.

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