UPDATE: Skillicorn Seems to Have Learned the Absentee Voting Game, Wins Arizona City Council Seat

Running for a spot on Arizona’s Fountain Hills City Council, former Illinois State Representative Allen Skillicorn was out of the money on election night.

In the counting of absentee ballots, however, he has been picking up votes.

Coming from behind on election night, he edged ahead of Cindy Couture after the absentee ballot count was released Friday night.

He was in third place, nineteen votes behind the woman who bested him in the election day count.

Allen Skillicorn leading by 25 votes.

Now, Monday night votes show Skillicorn up by twenty-five.

Final unofficial results show Skillicorn leading by 44 votes as of August 10, 2022:

Skillicorn leading by 44 votes.

= = = = =

And he is not the only conservative Republican using absentee ballots to win a race.

In the State of Washington, Epoch Times reports,

Joe Kent, the GOP candidate, trailed Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.), who voted to impeach Trump, by thousands of votes soon after the Aug. 2 election.

But as more ballots have been counted, Kent began to gain on Beutler, and on Monday went from 303 votes down to 960 votes up.

Skillicorn started his political career in Illinois when he was elected to the East Dundee City Council.

A demonstration against red light cameras Allenb Skillicorn stimulated.

There he fought tax hikes and red light cameras.


UPDATE: Skillicorn Seems to Have Learned the Absentee Voting Game, Wins Arizona City Council Seat — 20 Comments

  1. Science please tell us the results of the door to door canvass of mail in ballots in AZ forthe 2020 election.

    This ought to be good.

    Trust what Google feeds you. Lol.

  2. Allen wasted no time climbing the government beanstalk in another state.

    I bet in a few years he’ll run for state legislature or U.S. House and then a few years after that he’ll run for U.S. House or U.S. Senate.

    I didn’t mind him as a representative but his action of not withdrawing from the race when he knew he would be moving was inexcusable and is the reason Sue Ness has her seat in the General Assembly.

    You can thank Allen Skillicorn for Sue Ness being a state rep.

    Allen Skillicorn was the only Republican who lost a state legislature race in McHenry County.

    Even Steve Reick managed to win after having a scandal.

    Skilly did not campaign and he had no intention of staying in Illinois.

    What he did was shameful.

    To date, he has not explained why he did that.

  3. “Trust what Google feeds you. Lol”

    That is funny, considering you get all your information from white “christian” rightwing conservative blogs.

  4. Skillicorn did what he did, since the RINOs wanted to appoint a RINO to his seat if he resigned.

    Had they been willing to appoint a real conservative, he would have resigned.

    He surely should have said so at the time, and afterward as well.

    But I guess “out of sight is out of mind”

    I wonder if Cap Fax will update his story now that AS won

  5. Pat,

    CapFax posted the article about Skillicorn’s win earlier today.

  6. Yet another great thing about this Country.

    One can go from one vile, toxic, backstabbing workplace, right into another.

    Congrats Alan, I guess.

  7. Porky it looks like you have alot of fans here.

    As someone asked before, did you get piped at the drag show after party?

  8. I’m not talking about resigning, which Allen ended up doing anyway days before the end of the term.

    I’m talking about withdrawing his nomination papers for the 2020 general election so the party could slate somebody else to run (who would have actually campaigned) since Allen was moving to Arizona and had no intention of serving another term.

    Who was the “RINO” they wanted to replace Allen with?

    Just name a name.

    Gary D was one of the only people discussed and he was the person who ended up replacing Allen following Allen’s resignation.

    I’m pretty sure that Gary D and Allen are FRIENDS and that Gary is a conservative.

    Anons on this blog have said Gary D is not a conservative yet can never explain how that is so, or else they make up a story about him which nobody can corroborate and that they can’t produce proof of.

    Typical of the trolls on this blog.

    I stated at the time that Gary D would make a bad general election candidate but would not call him a RINO.

    Had Allen won the election but then moved and resigned, he still would not have had any input in who would replace him.

    Yes, he did what he did, but he never explained WHY he did what he did which was my point.

    He “did what he did” and now Sue Ness is the state representative.

  9. I think the answer is Carolyn Schofield.

    Skillicorn did not her as his replacement.

    Instead he got Ness.

  10. Cal, you published an article a year ago (to this day) mentioning Grafton Township Supervisor Eric Ruth was considered a top prospect to be appointed, back when many thought Skillicorn would do the honorable thing and drop out from the race in time for the Republicans to slate a replacement candidate, once it was discovered Skillicorn had sold his and wife’s East Dundee townhome and were renting in Sleepy Hollow (in-district).


    County Board Member Carolyn Schofield was definitely in the mix, and a couple of other names you mentioned in that article including Gary Daugherty, who was appointed for 8 days.

    Daugherty now running unopposed for Kane County Board, District 9.

    An aside, your article last year mentioned how being township supervisor runs in Ruth’s family. His father, Chuck Ruth, is part of the Host Committee for the Catalina Lauf fundraiser on August 23, headlining Congressman Burgess Owens (R, UT-04).

  11. Lopez, if the RINOs were going to install the pig Schofield, Skillicorn was entirely justified.

    Ness and Schofield are like pancreatic cancer and Ebola Virus. Both are extremely toxic.

    3 cheers for Skillicorn.

    No cheers for “Poo-Korn” Pokorny, the gender fluid ragdoll.

  12. Koziol – It’s time to address John Lopez by his real name – Marc Avelar – since he was outed by John Lowitzki aka Nefarious Shake.

    Aren’t pseudonyms fun?

    Look up Marc on twitter.

    He’s a plethora of retweets.

  13. Marc Avelar of Dundee notoriety.

    Is he any good JT?

    Just another self seeking RINO?

    A cuckservative?

    Is he the same Avelar at Abbot Labs?

  14. The big story here is that disgraced former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio failed to win the mayoral elected despite spending over $160K, several times the amount spend by his opponent, the incumbent mayor.

  15. BecauseScience, Joe Arpaio spent over $160K running for mayor of a town with less than 24K people?

    I’ve wondered why the voter turnout was over 60% in the town of Fountain Hills, and between Arpaio’s name ID, his record of 24 years as sheriff and attempting a political comeback at age 90, throw in the campaign spend, and it’s easy to understand the outlier of 60% voter turnout.

    Most other towns had turnout of what one expects in a primary, in the 20-35% range.

    Skillicorn was definitely along for the ride, and he was helped by fact there were no council incumbents seeking reelection this year.

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