With Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot Promising Only a 2.5% Real Estate Tax Hike, How Well Can Local School & Other Tax Districts Do?

Consider this 1997 15% cut in McHenry County government’s budget:

Compare that with Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s promise to hike property taxes by only 2.5%:


With Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot Promising Only a 2.5% Real Estate Tax Hike, How Well Can Local School & Other Tax Districts Do? — 11 Comments

  1. Didn’t Peterson, the NWH subeditor have mental health issues?

    Wasn’t Sweetwood canned?

    No journalistic integrity then.
    No journalistic integrity now.

  2. It’s not like these politicians care about poor inner-city people.

    The Democratic party is the party of we know better than you do elite.

    They are the preferred party of the rich, powerful and famous.

    They simply pretend to care so that dumb people vote for them.

  3. Just be sure to vote for that ‘workers rights amendment’ in Nov., so the Democrats work on your home is complete.

  4. Lori Lightfoot is an incompetent joke.

    Anyone who votes for her or supports her in any way defines themselves as a MORON.

  5. The insanity that anyone accepts this continued lunacy is dumbfounding, yet Illinois voters fall in line like lemmings.

    More often is because in some fashion they belong to the CTU, unions, are a city employee, or rely on their hefty “owed” pension.

    Matters worse, Illinois was the recipient of B B B B B Billions of dollars from the COVID Plandemic, yet still remains in dire straights, enough to have to raise property taxes.


    And now, the question arises if collaring counties may do the same?


    Most of you voted for this, and continue to vote for this.

    Time and time again.

    Yet you had candidates who ran on lowering taxes in the most recent primary, while many opted voting for incumbents with a checkered history or unqualified neophytes, mind you.

    Illinois remains a house of cards dependent on the next virus, “emergency,” du jour, and the continued stupidity of the average voter.

  6. All of the schools around here, and most of the other taxing districts as well, will go for every penny of the inflationary tax increase that they can get.

    “If we don’t take it now, we’ll lose it forever.”

    How many times have we all heard some variation of that sentence?

  7. I have been keeping an eye on the local school districts as it relates to the development of their upcoming budgets

    and their levy assumptions in building those budgets.

    The only district that has made any information is Cary D-26.

    Their Board documents related to discussions on the tentative budgets are publicly available on their site.

    They have actually published the full tentative budget on their site.

    I believe they have assumed the full 5% increase in the levy to be collected next year.

    From my research, it appears D-47, D-155, and D-3 have made no documents available to the public on their sites

    regarding budget assumptions or the tentative budget itself.

    Prairie Grove D-46 does have a Board document that is at such a high level that its impossible to know what the levy

    assumption is built into their budget.

    D-47 and D-155 carry the two largest levies of any taxing body in the entire County and, apparently, are dedicated to

    a complete lack of transparency as to what their budget will be, how it was built, and how badly they intend to jack

    up property taxes on their community.

  8. Paul, candidates can run on lowering taxes all they want, they know that the George Soros assessors laugh as they raise the assessments and bring in more money than needed. Some used to lower them almost 50% for their Village President.

  9. You are correct that some assessors have cut really sweet deals for certain people, but that doesn’t have any effect on the total amount of tax money brought in.

    The taxing districts decide that beforehand, and then the taxes are apportioned based on those numbers and the assessed property valuations.

    The people who don’t get the sweetheart deals make up the difference.

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