Lakewood Planning & Zoning Again Taking Up RedTail Clubhouse on Monday Night at Current Clubhouse

Here are the minutes about a new clubhouse from the April 18, 2022, meeting:


Chairman O’Hara provided an outline of the meeting objectives for Commissioners so that recommendations may be sent to the Board relative to the redevelopment ofRedTail Golf Club.

The Planning and Zoning Commissioners reviewed potential clubhouse construction and project funding options. In addition, with incorporating previous discussions, the following is a summary conclusion of recommendations to be presented to the Board of Trustees:

Proiect Scope

  • Design as published; 7700 square foot +/- facility
  • Modem look with residential feel Year-round event space

Delivery Method

  • Design Build Developer Option
  • Contractor provides financing
  • Lease back option to Village

Additionally, recommendation to create a committee to include members from both the Board of Trustees and Planning and Zoning Commission to oversee the project.

President Stavropoulos requested the Commissioners for a future discussion to address the Maintenance Barn building. Thinking points would include incorporating an approximate 3,000 – 4,000 square foot, pre-engineered building; to be used as a workshop with equipment storage. Consideration to any historic significance of the existing structure is to be researched.

= = = = =

RedTail’s proposed non-banquet hall.

The Monday, August 15th meeting will consider

Subject: Conceptual Floor Plan and Exterior RedTail Clubhouse Review of conceptual ideas for:

1) Initial conceptual floorplan space allocation
2) Draft conceptual floorplan for 60W x 100L Clubhouse
3) Exterior conceptual design
4) Halfway house positioned near 10th tee box
5) Program Steps

The proposed floor plan follows:



The view of the proposed building in the committee packet appears to be a patio:

Here is the view from above of the pacement of the building:

Next comes these design tasks:

Program Steps

  • Identify Space Function(s)
  • Assign SF to Functions

-— Apply Budget to Proceed -—

  • Space Plan (design schematic)
  • Interior Finishes (materials and colors)
  • Exterior Finishes (materials and colors)
  • Add on Design Elements

-— Apply Budget to Proceed -—

  • Rendering of Floor Plan and Elevation
  • Rendering of Interior (Optional)
  • Publish Room Finish and Equipment Schedule
  • Design Build Bid Package

= = = = =

It appears a decision to proceed has been made

  • without telling taxpayers how the Clubhouse will be financed,
  • without telling constituents such financing will not dependent on property tax hikes on all Lakewood homeowners should said financing mechanism, specificially, Debt Certificates of Alternative Revenue Bonds, be insufficiently funded by golf club revenue.


Lakewood Planning & Zoning Again Taking Up RedTail Clubhouse on Monday Night at Current Clubhouse — 8 Comments

  1. I see.

    So, Lakewood Taxpayers are going to be forced to build this turd, for a group of cheap ass Country Club wannabees?

    All so they can sit and watch TV at bar, while working on their sugar diabetes?

  2. I predict in three years, Lakewood will have to turn this into a Hawaiian Themed Tiki Bar, in the first of many coming efforts, to turn a profit.

  3. They could do wine and cheese drag shows.

    There’s an Events Space.

    Drag at the Halfway House.

    Halfway to….

  4. Lakewood PD are writing traffic tickets along Rt 47 & 176 like a blue light special.

  5. ANY Village, City or Town owning and operating anything for profit, pun intended, with tax-payer money should be illegal.

    Golf is passe.

    If they want to be hip and really score green, open a bakery and do lingerie shows and bring your kids.

  6. If the Lakewood Trustees really need to turn a profit on this joint, they could go for home rule and then open McHenry County’s only nudie bar.

  7. Empire building by politicians with taxpayers dollars, picking winners/losers, and competing with private business


    So they have a bar/eatery to go to where they’re treated like kings.

    This is why that lune Erin Smith was drummed out!

    I thought the village President Dave _____? Claimed he was a conservative Republican?

    Not by my book!

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