New Activity Reported by Lake in the Hills Police: Ding-dong Ditching

From the Lake in the Hills Police:

Help me out here, readers.

What is ding-dong ditching?

Google tells me it’s “the act of ringing someone’s doorbell and running away before the unsuspecting victim can answer the door.”


New Activity Reported by Lake in the Hills Police: Ding-dong Ditching — 26 Comments

  1. Just what the google machine said it is.

    What a sheltered life you have led.

  2. Police are spending time assessing “ding dong ditching”?

    Is this a joke?

    If I were the policeman and my chief told me to “investigate this” I’d tell my chief to pound sand and stop playing Merrit Garland.

    What LOSERS. How embarrassing to the PD. Officer Garcia, are you a man?

  3. Poor Cal,

    He lives in a Leave it to Beaver world, but even Beaver engaged in ding dong ditching.

    Since pedophiles are being celebrated by the loathsome Tadelman and LITH police, I suppose they’ve set their sights on ding dong ditching.

  4. Flood Lights and cameras on driveway and front of house and front door triggered by motion sensors could mitigate future ding donging.

  5. Are you F ing kidding me?

    Unbelievable that police are investigating this B.S.!

  6. Of interest, many Democrats are opposed to things like Ring doorbell cameras and other types of security cameras.


    Equity of course.

    I’m not kidding, look it up.

  7. Ring doorbells are used to spy on you and are extremely evil in allowing the “authorities” to intrude and expose all of your privacy. Anyone that has one has signed up to let the government do as they will.

  8. LOL Cindy. Wait until they find out the same thing about Alexa, their phones, an smart appliances on and on. When this country becomes full blown China they’ll just ask how’d that happen.

    What’s it called when you ding dong ditch and leave a burning paper bag filled with fresh dog crap in it on the porch again? Is that called a Monk or a Porky?

  9. Of course kids mean no harm. Right? Just having fun?

    And, a family of 30 or 40 year-old somethings in a house will just brush it off.

    The husband will swear a little bit.

    But what about ringing a door bell at midnight of an old senior citizen.

    Say an 80+ widow woman?

    Is that fun waking up an old 80-90 year old woman living alone and terrifying her?

  10. It took me 30 years to figure out why my tavern owning uncle and his patrons, where I would hang out as a little D J, always called me ‘Ding-Dong’.

    They were calling me a Dick in 50’s slang.

  11. LITH Police have shamed and disgraced their department.

    They are a petty, inconsequential, and pathetic department.

    Who is their “Chief”?

    How embarrassing to be him/her.

  12. What’s it called when you ding dong ditch and leave a burning paper bag filled with fresh dog crap in it on the porch again?

    Is that called a Monk or a Porky?

    . A Pritzker

  13. Cal they are not victims.

    It’s a prank just like smashing pumpkins.

    Let it go!

  14. Cindy, you are a loon. Computer time is over. I think they have soft serve ice cream in the rec room.

  15. Ding dong ditching and prank phone calls WILL get the cops after you.

    This is nothing new.

    When you start disturbing and harassing people especially on their private property, you’re going to get the cops called on you eventually.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t hate cops, the American government, and the international financial system, or that this should be the biggest priority of cops (it likely and hopefully is not), but that being said you can not expect to do these pranks without consequence.

    Absent of cops, if you had neighborhood watch associations, private law companies, militias, or any sort of alternative policing system to keep order, you would almost certainly get in trouble for this in any society.

    Part of the amusement in pranks like ding dong ditching is that they are risky and transgressive.

  16. Ding Dong doorbell has been around for a while, BUT we are in a new era of antagonism and violence toward peoples. Some of it might be random and some of it could be directed and intentional.

    On the roads, highways and in stores, commercial establishments, even schools sometimes. People do not feel safe for themselves and their children. Any act that causes alarm and peril to ordinary citizens going about their daily routines that threatens their perceived safety ought to be condemned. That would include the prank of ringing a doorbell LATE at night of a homeowner with the absolute intent, INTENT, to cause alarm, consternation, anxiety and fear. The police departments, here locally or wherever, are correct in aggressively pursuing whoever is doing the prank. Punks, teenagers, perhaps even moronic adults, might be engaged in this behavior. It should be a crime.

  17. Ding Dong Ditchers, if they stay in it long enough will usually graduate to garage robbing–not so much to steal tools or anything of value, but looking for open garages with a refrigerator in it, hoping it is stocked with cold beer. After that its usually on to either Fake IDs or getting someone 21 to buy it for them.

    Doing it these days might get you shot–the garage part. Folks are pretty uptight and scared, and rightfully so for the most part. Ditchers usually are selective in their targets–scaring old folks is no fun–girls, other guys their age, lawn nazi’s are all usual targets.

  18. Unlike the new Algonquin Chief, Lake in the Hills’ at least publishes what the officers do.

  19. ^Yes, Cal, and things like ding dong ditching probably go on in every community.

    The reason it seems odd, just like every time you post something about a mental health check and readers complain, is because LITH police are very transparent about their activities.

    That is actually a good thing (and I rarely praise cops) even if we sometimes grumble about the things that they get called for.

    I’d say the ID check falls into a slightly different category where people get upset about it because it seems like entrapment.

    Not all of the time, but sometimes the purchaser will be some freak who looks like they are 30 or 40 years old with a beard…

    It doesn’t prove that establishment necessarily is known for not IDing people.

    I worked at a place that because of these police stings carded literally EVERYBODY including Korean War vets.

    Stores and employees will get a bad reputation sometimes because of the police looking to set them up.

    A lot of people do not like when the police do this, just like people don’t like when the FBI tries getting mentally retarded people to shoot up schools and churches (which the FBI does do by the way).

    At a certain point it becomes police looking for problems that they created, fake problems.

    But with ding dong ditching, you generally don’t want that to happen.

    You wouldn’t want it done to you I assume.

    It can be more than just a minor inconvenience if like bred winner says it happens late at night when you are trying to sleep.

  20. It’s a good thing that the young’uns in LITH didn’t attempt the flaming bag of poop version of ding dong ditch.

    They’d probably try to charge you with terrorism if you did that today.

  21. Cal, have you ever filed a FOIA with Algonquin or maybe apply as a reporter and you could be privy to their “blotter”?

    Did they spurn you already?

    Just wondering??

  22. Suburban Ding dong ditch is childs play …in the city in Apartment buildings had a bell for every apartment, located in the lobby,

    We would ring the bell,they in their Apt. would have to push a release buzzer to activate the door to the building

    Now, us Hip city kids would ring all doorbells at the same time and push in a toothpick alongside the buzzer and break it off..

    the bell would keep ringing until the tooth pick was removed ……

    this activity made a lot of us into track stars=

  23. I have and they reply, but it’s too much trouble to do every week and, if they take the five days allowed to reply, the information is no longer timely.

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