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From former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster:

Is The World Out of Control? (Part 2)

Do you find your head exploding, and your blood pressure rising as you try to be a responsible citizen while listening to the news?

I say that assuming you are listening to an assortment of media sources and not only the lying pablum, spewed by the mainstream media.

Speaking of the ‘media,’ do you find yourself stuck on one familiar news channel?

Has your gut driven you to question what you are hearing?

Is it telling you to be inquisitive and to venture out of your comfort zone to find more sources for information?

Speaking directly to the current, and on-going case in point; the ‘January 6th Congressional Hearings,’ are you becoming more uncomfortable as you witness the malicious bias of those running the show, while their intent grows more glaring, and desperate.

Listening to the news coming from the mainstream media, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, NY Times, WA Post, etc., you would hear the orchestrated version of the US Congressional Committees’ Hearings, and ‘televised documentaries,’ recapping only one side of their storyline; that which they want the public to hear and believe.

The concept of ‘representative government’ is being slapped in the face by these members of Congress while they continue spending our tax dollars on this one-sided sham of a ‘Hearing.’

They openly reject the give-and-take of a legitimate, honest Committee where both sides are equally represented and where the accused is allowed his/her constitutional right to be heard!

The script presented by these politicians, and their friends in the media, is simple to grasp as they work to drill into our heads, the collective narratives/motives spun repeatedly.

Suggesting ‘collusion,’ and the intentional destruction of America, may sound a bit hysterical… however, taking a little time to listen to what is going on around us, it would be clear that no other conclusion could be made.

For a year and a half, these scripted agendas have promoted one goal.

That goal, fueled by their desperation, has one man, Donald J Trump, caught in their crosshairs.

Their fear of this man, a man who had the nerve, the courage, and the strength to wade into their swamp, exposing liberals, RINO’s, and bureaucrats alike, has them frightened out of their minds..

This open rage, and battle, has been in motion for nearly 7 years. Each time they believe they have taken him down; to their humiliation, he proves his case. 

Despite any load they heap on his shoulders, he stands taller, and stronger than ever.

Anyone who will take the time to pursue competing media sources can quickly piece together what is right, and true, in cases such as this.

There is hope in that enough viewers are finding news sources like REAL AMERICA’s VOICE, OAN, NEWSMAX, REAL AMERICA NEWS, etc., causing viewership on mainstream media to drop dramatically.

It is important to understand how unethical politicians, and their media outlets, use ‘censorship’ to eliminate those standing in the way of their goals.

It is a matter of record that management (Board of Directors) of ATT/DirecTV recently removed One America News Network (OAN) from their platform..

OAN was calling balls and strikes and ATT/DirecTapparently could not handle disobedience. 

Fox News is undergoing a revamp of their newsrooms and commentary shows; seems there is also a movement afoot to fire one of Fox’s top personalities who dares to speak truth. 

Just in, ‘Verizon’ is dropping OAN.

The reason, “OAN failed to agree to fair terms.”

Being banned on ‘Twitter’ is one thing; when banned from national cable company platforms, where customers pay for a service, that is another problem with far greater implications.

Members of Congress making up the Jan. 6th Committee, and their media co-conspirators, are convinced that ‘the Constitution, and our Laws apply to us, you, and me… not to them.’

This mentality permeates their outrageously demented goal that destroying the very person who exposed their collective sickness is so dangerous they are using any means possible to destroy him, and those who believe in his efforts to put the country back on steady footing.

It is us, you, and me, who need to get off our fat duffs. It is us, who must take head-on, the responsibility we bare for having allowed these evil thugs to take our country to a point it is now threatening the very foundation of America.

As voters, we must hold elected officials accountable for their outrageousness, and their openly disgraceful actions where commonsense, fairness, and the law-be-dammed. 

Public officials who abuse their positions, as demonstrated during the Jan. 6th ‘Hearings’ need to learn that they work for us, and not for their personal self-importance, vindictiveness, personal benefit, or agenda.

This paper identifies three reasons to conclude, yes! ‘Our World is Out of Control’ and the buck stops with us in calling a  halt to:

  • Taxpayer funded ‘out of control, agenda driven public officials’
  • Mainstream media
  • Censorship

If we choose to keep our heads in the sand… we deserve that which is being forced upon us.


A Conservative Vents — 26 Comments

  1. I agree with Ersel. I hate to break it to him but if he thinks Newsmax is a reliable news source he’s mistaken about many of those people working there.

    The Real news and truth is now coming from digital soldiers which some on this blog are fully aware of. If Ersel lives in IL with its corrupted ERIC voter rolls and Dominion and ES$S cheating machines and a corrupt IL Board of Elections and doesn’t understand why the elites aren’t worried about us, he is unfortunately living with his head in the sand like others on this site that suffer from that affliction.

  2. “As voters, we must hold elected officials accountable for their outrageousness, and their openly disgraceful actions where commonsense, fairness, and the law-be-dammed.”

    Seems that the January 6th Committee , various news agencies, the DOJ , and FBI are working on following Crazy Ole’ Ersel’s demand.

  3. Tommy Boy, who is Liz Cheney’s husband and who is he currently working with? This ought to be good.

  4. Ersel is a woman & a precinct committeeperson in Chemung Township precinct 5 (rural Harvard area).

    It was Ersel’s precinct that was the only one in all of McHenry County that voted for Bobby Piton for U.S. Senate, the only precinct that voted for Walt Peters instead of Darin LaHood for congress (out of ten McHenry County precincts in that district), and one of the six precincts in the county (out of over two hundred total) where David Shestokas won the Attorney General race.

  5. Excellent commentary by Ersel.

    Our Nation is failed per the Fourth Estate which was supposed to report HONESTLY on government and politicians actions and decisions.

    Our Fourth Estate, the main stream media, has been and is corrupt.

    The vast majority of them are in the tank, are handmaidens for the Democrat Party and Democrat politicians such as the moron now who is president.

    They cover up anything bad, negative about Democrats.

    They are no different, probably worse, than the former Pravda of the USSR who were the mouthpieces for the Communist Party of that country.

    Our Nation is tremendously MISINFORMED via the media.

    The media are the enemies of the US just as is Iran, Russia and China.

  6. Ersel calls’em like she sees’em, and tells it like it is.

    Good on ya Ersel, and thanks for standing up for the truth.

  7. What I like about Ersel is she always signs her name.

    It was an honor to serve with her on the board.

  8. I’m not sensing any gratitude, that these ever vigilant journalists, have saved us from a recession by redefining a recession.

  9. Very simple, Ersel believes in very limited government, those she complains of support out of control, ever taxing bureaucracies.

    I support Ersel’s thinking.

  10. Eleven boxes of highly-classified documents in Trump’s private residence can’t be blamed on “mainstream media.”

    Some elected officials feeling they are above the law is systemic in both parties.

    Outrageous, incendiary comments like “Defund the FBI” are asinine.

    Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would wonder who would protect us from another 9/11 with no FBI.

    There will either be law for all or law for none.

    Absolutely nothing to do with “conservative” or “liberal” politics.

    Time to stop bantering about absurd conspiracy theories and rebuilding consensus – if that’s even possible.

  11. Here Al Zielinski. Check your stupidity at the door next time.

    And on top of it you bring up the Mossad run 9/11 operation to save Silverstein billions in asbestos abatement costs at the expense of over 3000+ lives?

    You will never be able to be red pilled.

    Keep staring at the box on the wall.

    It’s served you quite well.


  12. Al shows he is as dumb as a sack of rocks.

    Same as the doofus Biden.

    Some of the top people at the bureau were involved in a number of crazy and illegal acts before and during the Trump presidency.

    There was their top agent named Peter who said he/they had an insurance policy in the event that Trump were elected in 2016.

    Meaning there was a way to take him down. There were the problematic FISA issues.

    Also, big time, they were part of the scam by the wretched Hillary Rodman Clinton hoax that Trump had colluded with the Russians.

    \All nonsense by the bureau.

    Don’t forget that their top guy Comey back in 2016, let Hillary Rodman Clinton off the hook for her gross negligence regarding thousands of documents on an unprotected home computer server.

  13. >Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would wonder who would protect us from another 9/11 with no FBI.

    Like the FIB protected us from the first 9/11??

  14. The response to Al’s post underscores that nowadays if you disagree with the far right, you’re labeled as a RINO or worse.

    Heck, Reagan couldn’t get elected in today’s environment.

    There was nothing in his comments that those of us that are center-right would disagree with.

    Yet, since YOU disagree with him–because you’re so enlightened–it makes him an idiot?

    The misdeeds of one person or party (Hillary, Dems) doesn’t give another person or party the right to behave similarly.

    I’m personally fed up with both sides since together our country is headed into the crapper.

    So for those whom the shoe fits, go ahead and put your brain in neutral and let others manipulate the way you think since facts and objectivity and human kindness don’t seem to matter to you any longer.

  15. And FWIW, I agree with most of Ersel’s statements.

    I have very deep concerns about the role of the media in how it fosters the division in our country.

  16. yes to all of this crap!

    its just so sickening … and goes so deep state … thieves, criminals.. on and on, it makes me want to grab cocktails…

    I feel so bad for what is left of smart kids coming up and what they will have to deal with if we do not stop these hungry hippos… from ruining our and their America !

    i’m wondering when the next civil war is going to start ? what goes around is coming around,that is what they are pushing everyone to right obammie?

    you are no better then a manson in disguise…

    and don’t think most of us don’t know it…

    you are foooling no one… !

  17. “i’m wondering when the next civil war is going to start”

    That’s the kind of foolish, baseless, incendiary rhetoric that has gotten WAY out of hand in today’s hyper-polarized environment.

    It’s also what Russia, China, Iran and North Korea love to read. Why waste time, treasure and lives attacking us when we’ll self-destruct on our own?

    While there might be a few gun-happy, whack-jobs willing to storm a FBI office solo (with the inevitable result), mainstream America is not willing nor ready to take-up arms and start killing each other.

    People can whup it up, back-slapping with each other on a blog about the Chicken Little “woe is me” America that needs another war but if you ask most sane Veterans with a Combat Action ribbon, the absolute LAST thing we want is more combat especially against our fellow citizens.

    Many people here (and elsewhere) claim to have “the truth” when in reality all they have are “their opinions.”

    Many are sadly based on wild, unfounded conspiracy theories. The multi, multi-million verdict in just one Alex Jones lawsuit verdict should give many posters pause as to what they type.

    Perhaps that’s why so many posters use pseudonyms.

    I don’t type anything here that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Perhaps consider that as a litmus test before typing your next rant.

    Rather than claiming to have “the truth,” why not ‘fess-up, act like adults and learn to listen to, speak with, and not at others again?

    That’s a much better alternative than shooting one another, tearing down the country and leaving the smoldering remains to the gleeful true foreign enemies of America.

  18. Al, I was so glad to have voted you out if your steal-like-crazt office of tax assessor and township fraudster.

    Get a life.

  19. Ersel states:

    “Speaking directly to the current, and on-going case in point; the ‘January 6th Congressional Hearings,’ are you becoming more uncomfortable as you witness the malicious bias of those running the show, while their intent grows more glaring, and desperate.

    The concept of ‘representative government’ is being slapped in the face by these members of Congress while they continue spending our tax dollars on this one-sided sham of a ‘Hearing.’”

    No question that that US House Select Committee Jan 6th is a sham. For starters, the Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, did not allow Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to pick members for that Select Committee. She picked 2 Republicans who were not neutral but hated Trump. Kind of unusual to not allow the minority party to select their members.. Also, Nancy heavily biased the membership count with 7 Democrats and ONLY 2 “Republican” House Members. Other Select Committees in the US Congress of course have more Democrats than Republicans, but not with such an obvious bias in head count. That is because the Democrats CURRENTLY control the House with their headcount.

    Also a sham in that one of the Democrat members of the Jan 6th Committee is showboat liar and fool. This person appeared numerous times on various network and cable news type programs falsely claiming that there ABSOLUTELY was evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. That person was Adam Schiff He nor the Democrats never provided any evidence of a collusion by Trump. There was no evidence because there was no collusion. Nonetheless, this fool is on the Committee. Of course the wretched Leader Pelosi should have recognized that Adam had zero credibility and should have never named him to the Select Committee. That in itself renders that Committee’s integrity and output as very questionable.

  20. “…I’ll be looking for traitors.”

    More big talk from a nameless blogger; my fear is so profound it’s doubtful I’ll sleep a wink tonight.

    Sad big talk is the only way one can flex his/her bravado.

    Until you’ve heard a round crack past your head or dropped your rifle to try and seal a buddy’s sucking chest wound so he could breathe, it’s doubtful your definition of “SHTF” is appropriate.

    Just like “truth,” “patriot” has become tainted.

    Patriot is defined as “one who loves and supports his or her country.”

    Note the use of “country” not “concepts that conform to your personal beliefs/preferences.”

    Traitor is defined as “one who commits treason.”

    Treason is defined as “the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance…”

    None of the three terms (patriot, traitor, treason) in any way relates to conforming to anyone’s personal concept of what’s “right,” “correct” or any other categorization they choose to use.

    They do apply to the Constitution, the rule of law and the criminal statutes.

    If your definition of “patriot” is similar to the Pennsylvania guy’s rant of “I sincerely believe that if you work for the FBI, then you deserve to die,” good luck finding people to follow your lead.

    However, some guy walking out of the White House with 11 boxes of classified material is a completely different matter.

    Not surprisingly, it’s the same guy who said on a recorded phone call “I just want 11,780 votes.”

    The nuclear football should never again be near his grasp.

  21. On Aug 15th, 11:31 PM, Al said:

    “The nuclear football should never again be near his grasp.”

    Strongly agree. And it should never have been. Meaning Joe Biden the President of the U.S.

    This guy, Biden, and his administration, have a horrendous record of mismanagement, recklessness, lawlessness and incompetence over the last year and a half.

    He is responsible for the withdrawal debacle in Afghanistan whereby 13 American military personnel were needlessly killed. Tens of millions of dollars of military equipment fell into the hands of the Taliban because of Biden mismanagement. Afghanis loyal to the U.S. were left to fend for themselves.

    Biden and his administration continue to violate a number of federal laws with regards to enticing, encouraging, giving safe harbor, transporting hundreds of thousands of unvetted invaders coming across our southern border. Amongst the invaders are terrorists, gang leaders and drug dealers. By allowing the invaders into our nation, Biden and his administration are illegally bypassing the laws and procedures in place at DHS Immigration Services to vet possible immigrants and for legal and proper immigration into the U.S.

    Biden has on numerous occasions on network tv shown he has something wrong with his mind. Perhaps dementia. He sometimes forgets the current year or that he is a president now, not a senator.

    Former U.S. Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, in a book in 2014, said this about Joe Biden:

    “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

    Perhaps the most glaring documentation of Biden incompetence, dementia or some other malady is when in a Democrat presidential debate in 2020, he answered a question on how to help children, students by saying:

    “We bring social workers into homes with parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It’s not that they don’t want to help. They don’t know quite what to do — play the radio, make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night.”


    This guy Biden really should be in an assisted living senior nursing home. Not as a supposed leader of the most powerful nation in the world possessing many nuclear weapons.

    Biden is totally inept, incompetent and more importantly, dangerous. No way should he have access to the nuclear football, the red button. Our nation is in great peril with this doofus, demented individual and the equally incompetent VP he has chosen.

  22. Oh no. Gasser has been on this blog like a fly on shit.

    Does that mean his gf dumped him and he’s moving back?

    He’s a pimple on the ass of the McHenry county gop.

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