Democratic Party County Board Candidate for Re-Election Knocking on Doors

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog comes these images of District 1 County Board member Michael Vukik’s door hanger:

Michael Vujik literature distributed Sunday morning.

I came home from church to find a flyer on my door for: Re-elect Michael Vijuk.

I looked him up and discovered he is a democrat.

I decided to give the number on the flyer a try to ask him some questions, to see where he stands on a few issues.

I thought just because he is not a republican I would not quickly dismiss him and give him an opportunity to tell me about himself. 

To my surprise he answered the phone.

I asked if I could ask him some questions and he said, yes.

The first and most important question I have is, where you stand on abortion. 

Why is this the first question I ask?

If you believe in murdering a child, what other corrupt immoral values do hold.

If someone were to say they only believed in abortion in extreme cases of rape, a medical necessity and only in the first few weeks – even though I do not agree with that as well – I would not immediately write them off. 

He repeated several times that he is going by what the state says about abortion and life.

He said something to the effect that if the state says that we can’t tell a man what he can do, then a woman should have the right to decide to abort a baby.

Michael Vujik lists his County Board accomplishments.

I said, then you are okay with murder, to which he said, it depends on what you consider life.

He replied, the state says that a sperm separate from an egg and an egg separate from a sperm is life.

I asked if he was that uneducated, not knowing basic biology, that life does not begin until the egg and sperm meet and are fertilized.

Seriously, that has to be one of the stupidest comments have ever heard!

I guess someone needs to call the fertility clinics and let them know they have had it wrong for decades.

There is no need to unite an egg and a sperm before placing it back in a woman after it is fertilized. 

I am not sure the exact order of how the conversation went, as it was quite unsettling.

Towards the end I said that I now know what kind of person he is.

That he just goes by what the state tells him and doesn’t have morals.

At that moment he decided he was going to end the conversation.

He said that I am not allowed to just his morals and was going to end the conversation, to which he did.

He hung up on me!!

What an immature coward!

I believe I have every right to judge his morals based on the very brief conversation we had.

If he disagreed he had the opportunity to defend his morals, change my mind, set the record straight.

It is VERY clear that he is a puppet, does not think for himself.

What a coward that he was giving “safe, politically woke, currently popular” answers and when confronted with the opposition he couldn’t take it and ended the conversation by hanging up.

If this man cannot handle standing up for what he believes in and carrying out a conversation to defend his beliefs/morals, how can we trust him to be on the McHenry County Board!

If we want to keep our freedom in this country, we MUST stand up against this insanity and call the corrupt evil out for what they are.

= = = = =

If Vukik is knocking on doors and his opponents are not, I predict he will win.


Democratic Party County Board Candidate for Re-Election Knocking on Doors — 22 Comments

  1. Vujik has always been a boring puppet.

    Have you ever watched and listened to him in a County Board meeting, especially under Frnks?

    I disagree, he will not win.

    Meshes of Fox River Grove out polls him.

    And newcomer Matt Kunkle will give voters the voice they deserve, not political grandstanding.

  2. Good for you Cal. It’s like me dealing with Tirio.

    He says he will only do what the IL BOElections tells him to satisfy his job.


    Whatever happened to going above and beyond the role of the job?

  3. Vujik is absolutely horrible.

    If he came by my house, I’d be really tempted to give him the Clint Eastwood “Get Off My Lawn” treatment.

  4. You can add “dumb” to Vujik’s resume.

    If I’m not mistaken, Cal, you’re not in Vujik”s County Board District or Were you given special attention?

    Again, poor strategy M. Vujik.

  5. Y’all have trouble with reading comprehension. I’ll highlight the relevant text for JT and Cindy:

    From a Friend of McHenry County Blog comes these images of District 1 County Board member Michael Vukik’s door hanger:

  6. Kunkle has no chance if he doesn’t go door-to-door, in my opinion.

  7. Because – It’s a trigger point for the ammosexual crowd.

    Shake – how long have you been reading this blog?

    Reading Comprehension is nil with these mooks.

  8. Billy Bob, you sound like another moron with Internet Cahoonies.

  9. Author, you didn’t call with a couple of questions, you ambushed him.

  10. Sounds like another Sheep….


    i’ll follow the seahag anywhere even off a bridge…

  11. How someone lives their life, what they believe in, how they view things, how they treat others should play a huge roll in voting anyone in any office.

    Why would you want someone on any board or any position that abuses their spouse, is a drug addict, watches pornography, etc?

    Any of those things may have nothing to do with what they are running for, but would you want someone like that in any position of power no matter how “good” they are at their job.

    Someone who follows blindly to whatever is popular at the time or can be bribed in one way or another to go along with the upside down, corrupt, evil in this world is no one to have in a position that affects others lives.

    So I understand why the question of abortion was asked, to see what kind of human this man is as the post stated.

    He had the opportunity to defend his beliefs and instead he coward and ended the conversation.

    Like the post stated, if he can’t handle a question on abortion how can he handle a position on a board?

    His response to abortion lacks common sense, facts and humanity.

    He were downright ignorant.

  12. Mr. Pokorny, aka Pookorny, maybe you can explain how your bakery buddy and drag show “blix” Vijuk won’t dare put the word “democrat” on his propaganda lies.

    Explain pook.

  13. Barthel, I voted for you. And I believe you won. But since our county clerk can’t be sure of anything, it’s just another election mystery where the best candidates somehow lose.

  14. ** Barthel, I voted for you. And I believe you won.**

    LOL – He got last place out of 4.

    He got roughly 1/2 the number of votes that the 3rd place candidate got.

    But sure, he won. 🤣

  15. Nefarious, did you get your monkey pox vax? Hurry up because all the other ‘male’ flight attendants are getting theirs!

  16. Stephen Pokorny,

    You sound like someone who is so liberal that you still wet your bed at least three times a week.

  17. Goldie,

    Thanks for the mention.

    I lost due to my transparency in my platform as did many other candidates much more talented that I was fortunate enough to meet.

    An amateur mistake.

    Taking que from those incumbents or those who are perpetual candidates, it’s best not publicly disclosing hard truths about what is best needed for Illinois.

    Many, if not most of those teachers, unionites, government workers, board members, and socialists are perfectly content with our high taxes, the government in schools, overt teacher unions, out of control school boards, referendum after referendum, and acute spending behest COVID monies, aka tax dollars.

    Those entrenched see no need for change at the expense of the average working voter. A sad fact that plagues Illinois.

  18. Goldie, I’m not a Vijuk supporter, tell me were I supported him.

    Just 1 post.

    Reading comprehension is non existent in this crowd.

    And you call liberals sheep.

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