Catalina Lauf Schedules Woodstock Fundraiser — 14 Comments

  1. Two names on that list stand out to me.

    1. Jim Oberweis. Lauf took a long time to endorse Oberweis in 2020 and did not acknowledge him on social media after her primary loss. For Oberweis to help Lauf when she did not go out of her way for him shows he’s a team player.

    2. Mike Turner. Woodstock is the opposite of a Republican stronghold so for Turner to attach his name to a Republican running for congress is brave. A Democrat could easily challenge him for mayor in 2025 and use this issue to motivate people. I’m sure he knows that but got involved anyway.

    Honorable mention to Robert Cruz. After losing badly in his primary, he could have retreated from politics.

  2. 2 points:

    – Woodstock liberals got mad when the Motor City Madman came to the county fair. A man who embraces our republic is a pariah. Not by ticket sales apparently
    – BREAKING: True The Vote Releases Information Given To FBI Months Ago – China Has Information on 1.8 Million US Election Workers On Server In Wuhan.

    That TTV release is obviously going the way of the Russian Disinformation Hunter Biden laptop. We’ll see what the ERIC voter rolls and ES$S and Dominion select for us. Don’t worry, good ole Joe “I won’t hire my wife” will play his shell game to dupe the gullible. I wonder how many McHenry County election workers made it on the list.

  3. Correcting, agreed about Jim Oberweis especially when you throw in fact that he lost in general elections twice to Bill Foster (special March, regular November) back in 2008.

    BTW, did you notice, the RSVPs to be sent to Sallie Nyhan Davis, who was Oberweis’ fundraiser in 2020, and ran unsuccessfully for 9th Congressional District Republican state central committeeperson last month.

    Mayor Turner, back when he was Councilperson Turner, backed Lauf financially in 2020, so it’s not as if he’s new to backing Lauf, though now he’s mayor.

    Agreed about Rob Cruz, but also remember he was removed from high school board after he won election last year, so he’s somewhat of a celebrity for that reason, instead of his congressional run.

    What will be interesting to watch is if McHenry and Kane counties Republican Party leadership will be in attendance, and contribute more than the precinct committeeperson amount of $35.

    Both McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Thorsen and Kane County Republican Party Chairman Andro Lerario live in the 11th Congressional District.

    While the respective county party vice chairs Tyler Wilke and Cliff Surges do not live in the 11th, maybe they’ll attend, too.

    Hopefully, Lauf’s people are already planning a southern Kane County/DuPage County event, as Lauf must raise big bucks to be competitive through multiple fundraisers.

    We’ll see, and think of some of the possible headliners Lauf could have in addition to Congressman Burgess Owens.

    Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Byron Donalds and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert come to mind.

  4. I’d go, but I petitioned and received a protective order against Illinois, that doesn’t expire until 2044.

  5. I recall someone pointing that Oberweis connection out.

    It’s a good sign for her campaign.

    She definitely needs help in the southern portion of the district like you said.

    She did not win the primary in Cook, Will, or DuPage counties.

    Romeoville, Bolingbrook, Woodridge, Naperville, Aurora, Warrenville.

    That’s the area where she’s starting with a low floor and needs to raise her support.

    Boone County Fair, though not in the southern portion of the district, would have been great for her too.

    That place is packed and Belvidere is largely Hispanic and in her district.

    If she missed it she should try to do something else in that area.

    Foster is getting out more.

    He is worried.

  6. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, remember the zionist scum AG Garland testified that the greatest threat to the republic was from donestic terrorists, especially from white supremacists[sic].

    Not from Islamo fascists, not from Anti-fa and BLM, who spent the Summer of 2020 looting and rioting.

    From white “supremacists,” people who for the most part only want to be left alone.

    Time for Republicans to grow a pair and demand hearings on Garland’s raid on Trump. Then impeach him. Then charge him with treason. Then get the conviction. Then …..

  7. Jewism is the only protected entity in the world which is protected from all criticism or scrutiny, given a pass on anything, and all by the simple power of fraud and extortion.

    It’s a real work of criminal art in this way. Permanently and culturally ensconced organized crime.

    Just remember what Jessica Rosenworce,l Jewish Acting Chairwoman FCC, said:

    “I am here to secularize society. Militant Christianity will no longer be tolerated on the airwaves. Hate speech will be driven from the radio.”

    Why are do many in Biden’s cabinet jews?

  8. Re 10:14 post last night.

    Joe Biden as candidate and president said that his administration would look like America (USA).

    Did he keep that promise?

    Does the makeup of his administration reflect PROPORTIONATELY, say from the 2020 US Census, the various ethnicities, races, religions, political preferences, etc that exist are on record in the US?

    And of course in picking personnel, making sure that ONLY the most qualified for a position are picked.

  9. Oh man.

    Poor Lopez.

    Didn’t he say he would help walk for Catalina if she won?

    Get those boots on!

    Go Catalina!

    Good luck.

  10. “Didn’t he [John Lopez] say he would help walk for Catalina if she won?”

    Very funny, and I said no such thing (please share the link where I allegedly did).

    Given my name is referenced multiple times by the Democrats’ opposition research 100+ page book against Catalina Lauf from articles both on McHenry County Blog and Illinois Family Action, me walking precincts for Lauf hardly appropriate.

    Let’s all see how her event goes on Tuesday.

    Judging by an interview on satellite radio she gave today and IMHO a “D” rated performance, Lauf’s campaign already looking like it’s playing out the string, and definitely not showing signs her campaign will be competitive this fall.

    Here’s the audio of Lauf’s interview earlier today so all can judge for themselves:

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