The Letter Lake in the Hills Sent the “Kid-Friendly” Drag Show Bakery

Here’s what resulted from the ACLU interation with the Lake in the Hills attorneys Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle:


The Letter Lake in the Hills Sent the “Kid-Friendly” Drag Show Bakery — 33 Comments

  1. C’mon, stop it!

    An Attorney with the last name of Fee?

    May be the funniest f’ing thing I’ve seen this year.

  2. LITH residents must remember that they were sold out to the unwanted perverts operating a business in their community
    by their own politicos and the lawyers representing the same, cowards all.

    Indoctrination of children into a degenerate lifestyle is not to be accepted or tolerated.

  3. That Law Firm is filled with the most vile citizens of McHenry County.

    It’s a septic tank of individuals who work in an ugly building.

    They live for municipalities’ representation – and thus they contribute to municipal elections to keep their cash flowing…from the taxpayer.

    They are the legal representatives of the SWAMP.

  4. But grooming is alright. I’ve also never trusted anyone with two first names.

  5. On record were some LITH village leaders in support of the “entertainment,” however shocking, no person has reported their presence at the recent event with either their children or grandchildren. Hmm, Me guess they were “busy” on that day and could not make the “show.”

    One should also note that Gloria Van Hof running for District 2, McHenry county Board has also voiced her full support of the Cafe.

    Hmmm, strange how other various candidates play it safe, offering no opinions nor stance on such topics similar to during the Primaries.

    Much easier to hide in a basement, friend 2000 FaceBook “Friends” and offer such proforma rhetoric as part of their campaign being, “fiscal conservative,” “budget-minded,” or “community-driven.” All vapid jargon.

    McHenry is on the brink of going blue.

  6. All those names are suspicious. Look up the gematria of that. The citizens are being hoodwinked yet again.

  7. Should we go with Jewish, English or Simpleton Gematria, Cindy?

  8. To my knowledge not one elected Republican in McHenry County has denounced this – its all you need to know.

  9. Andrew –

    But of course not! Check out their Social. Strategic and “safe.” All softball rhetoric. “Fiscal conservative,” “budget-minded,” or “community-driven.” What do those clichés even mean? In a State of over 9000 Government layers, unions, pension seekers, and “gubment” water cooler employees, what candidate would dare mention those iniquitous words such as, cut, slash, and defund? McHenry County is always, always, between 2-4 in highest taxes in the state of Illinois. I know, I know, wait for it, wait for it. Okay say it! “But we have some of the best schools.” Pathetic how only months ago those “best schools” opted taking the COVID money whilst your child missed two years of education. Those same school boards remained stoic and steadfast in their agenda against parents while hawking CRT, Sexual indoctrination, and COVID theory. MY GOD PEOPLE, TWO YEARS OF FIGHTING, THOSE “GOOD SCHOOLS.” FOIA’s were slow, if at all when released. Yeah, those same schools….. I am still waiting on that deterministic clinical scientific model using a control group demonstrating the efficacy of masks….

  10. Cal did not mention that one of the attorneys this letter was addressed to, Jeannie Ridings, ran for judge in 2020 as a Democrat but lost.

  11. Paul Barthel-Correct no LITH village leaders were present.

    Although 2 Cary dist. 26 school board members attended the drag show.

    Katherine Potter and Dee Darling were visible and Gloria Van Hof publicly thank them on her FB.

    Ms. Hof also lauded Dee for connecting the ACLU with Ms. Sac(the bakery owner)in her same post.

    Interesting that Ms. Sac has continued to make false accusations against the village administration claiming they’re oppressing her business and forbidding her from having ANY events.

    Having local opposition to her scheduled ‘child-friendly’ adult show and vandalism from someone 60 miles away wasn’t enough victimization for her and her ilk.

    She needed to turn the village into the boogie man under her bed to satisfy her agenda.

    She won’t last much longer after making everyone except a small select group her enemy.

  12. Von Hof is a pipette. BLM whore. Zulu halfbreed and squirrel chaser. She’s pretty fat too. She won’t make to 65, thank the Lord.

  13. Did the health dept ever visit the shitty bakery?

    Patrons, tho few in number, should be photographed and laughed at!

  14. Gasser is right.

    Have any Republigooks criticized the Pritzker stale bakery?

  15. Cal, was this FOIA’d?

    Or was it shared privately with you?

    Village does not have this on their transperancy website.

  16. Katherine Potter and Dee Darling have been mucking up Cary politics for years.

    “We should ALL have a voice in this country & this county…….The days of being marginalized need to stop in McHenry County!”

    This is some of the nonsense that Dee Darling spews.

    Democrats trying to do fopr Mchenry County, what they have done for Chicago and cook county.

  17. Murmuring –

    Curious if Katherine Potter and Dee Darling brought their children or grandchildren, respectively? However, those lemmings will remind you that because of our high taxes, have some of the “best schools” in the State.

    What, at risk of these neophyte socialists indoctrinating our children?

    I asked Hof is she supported the Bakery.

    Here is her typical non-response.

    Citizens for Gloria Van Hof

    “I support diversity, equity and inclusion and respect for the dignity of all individuals. I worked with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities for 18 years. I support science, transparency, justice and equality. What do you support?”

    I then asked her: That “science” you represent, does it define a woman?

    Further, does it make claim that genders can be changed at will?

    My god people.

    Do not allow this person in office….

  18. The Illinois Republican Party is a disabled begging pathetic man on the side of the political street asking his master Democrat for handouts of fraud cash to sustain its existence.

    Guys like Pat Brady are the overlords of this pathetic group of incompetent political serfs.

    We, the voters of Illinois, let it happen, however by voting in the likes of Jack Franks, Lauren Underwood, Sean Casten and the Chicago Mafia.

    We put these power hungry slug monsters in to create the SWAMP that is now our financial liability.

  19. @Paul Barthel- IDK if any of their offspring attended. Pictures publicized by the bakery confirm 2 young children in the audience.

  20. Drag has been around since the days of Shakespeare.

    Drag has been on TV shows from the 60s 70s 80s +.and in the movies.

    This is entertainment that’s it !!

    They are NOT having sex or forcing themselves or that lifestyle on anyone.

    They dress up dance sing or lip sync. its entertainment.

    Why would any politician get involved with this debate?

    If you dont like gambling dont gamble, dont like pot dont smoke it, if you dont like drag shows dont go!!

  21. Glad Mark S cleared that up for me.

    Having read the Media’s narrative of this squabble, I thought I might have to soon start wearing my wife’s clothes.

  22. MARK!

    These are NOT drag shows.

    This is grooming!

    If you are too ignorant to see what they are trying to do to families and their children, then you need to stay out of this debate.

    There are enough kooks already willing to do that for you.

  23. Cindy you have never been to a drag show, I can tell by your statement.

    They are performers entertainers.

    Drag shows have been at MCC, the former roller ring in McHenry to name a few.

    What do you think goes on at these shows?

    Le Cage in Las Vegas was a famous drag show and impersonators for all ages, all men dressed up and one female dressed as Michael Jackson.

    Maybe check out some you tube videos on drag shows

  24. Shakespeare wasn’t drag performances there were parameters that forbid women from performing at that time.

    Still, you make a good point Mark S.

    Yes, drag has been around for a long time.

    There are several drag events locally and none of those have garnered the same attention.

    Because they didn’t target children.

    The opposition to the bakery is her involvement with children.

    If you like to gamble don’t take your kids to the boat like pot don’t offer it to your kids or anyone else.

    Heterosexual people sometimes get into some kinky stuff but society isn’t tolerant of it targeting children.

  25. “then you need to stay out of this debate.”


    Fascists love to suppress an opposing position. He can have an opinion other than your nutbag views.

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