Will High Golf Rounds Continue?

Any reader have access to the Daily Herald?

The following teaser appeared on its email feed and, given the probability that my Lakewood Village Board will put us homeowners in jeoparty by issuing Debt Certificates (which will be passed on as property taxes if RedTail Golf Club revenues are inadequate), I’m curious what the article says:

Golf revenue surges at public courses thanks to pandemic, but how long will it last?

After struggling financially for many years, suburban public golf courses have become profitable once again, largely spurred by golfers seeking a recreational outlet in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But some worry the latest golf boom may go bust once again. Full Story

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Monday night Lakewood’s Planning and Zoning Committee with take up the following at 7 PM at the RedTail Golf Course Clubhouse:

RedTail’s proposed non-banquet hall.

The Monday, August 15th meeting will consider

Subject: Conceptual Floor Plan and Exterior RedTail Clubhouse Review of conceptual ideas for:

1) Initial conceptual floorplan space allocation
2) Draft conceptual floorplan for 60W x 100L Clubhouse
3) Exterior conceptual design
4) Halfway house positioned near 10th tee box
5) Program Steps

The proposed floor plan follows:



The view of the proposed building in the committee packet appears to be a patio:

Here is the view from above of the pacement of the building:

Next comes these design tasks:

Program Steps

  • Identify Space Function(s)
  • Assign SF to Functions

-— Apply Budget to Proceed -—

  • Space Plan (design schematic)
  • Interior Finishes (materials and colors)
  • Exterior Finishes (materials and colors)
  • Add on Design Elements

-— Apply Budget to Proceed -—

  • Rendering of Floor Plan and Elevation
  • Rendering of Interior (Optional)
  • Publish Room Finish and Equipment Schedule
  • Design Build Bid Package

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It appears a decision to proceed has been made

  • without telling taxpayers how the Clubhouse will be financed,
  • without telling constituents such financing will not dependent on property tax hikes on all Lakewood homeowners should said financing mechanism, specificially, Debt Certificates of Alternative Revenue Bonds, be insufficiently funded by golf club revenue.


Will High Golf Rounds Continue? — 2 Comments

  1. Lakewood ‘Country Club’ 2020

    Revenue $634,842
    Expenses $839,645
    Ops Income -$204,803

    Note: Liabilities of $394,775 listed, must be the Village Board.

  2. It’s difficult to compare this losing turd with other similar municipal losers which are innumerable.

    Reason is, many use the trick of rolling it all into the Parks and Rec. budget.

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