Message of the Day – A Sign

Found in an Epoch Times article:

Sign urging defeat of Liz Cheney.

Liz Cheney lost by 106,322 to 47,615 to challenger Harriet Hageman.

That’s over 2-1.


Message of the Day – A Sign — 17 Comments

  1. She’s a failure, a traitor, a loser, a disgrace, and now a SWAMP CREATURE looking to land a job with a liberal outlet.

    I vomit when I hear her name.

    Her sanctimony makes me sick.

  2. She acts like she’s Abraham Lincoln x Kuki Shinobu but really she’s just the smelly daughter of a war criminal…

    She was crushed in the election.

    Too bad Alaska election will take so long to count but those sled dogs have to pull those ballots on the sled a long distance!

    And that GOOFY ranked choice voting is going to make it take even longer.

    What a stupid idea that is!

  3. Shed no tears for the traitorous carpetbagging bitch.

    8 out of 10 RINOS who voted to impeach the Don were kicked out – and with gusto.

    I can’t wait to vote in the midterms, it’s going to be absolutely epic!

  4. Good riddance to a piece of garbage.

    She was a disgrace and merely a puppet and a stooge for the wretched Nancy Pelousy and the democRAT party.

  5. You can count on her running for President in 2024 if Trump does and she will mop the floor with him in the primary debates and set him up for failure in the general.

    That is the plan, if he is not in jail by then.

  6. BullshitScience entertaining us all again with his delusional wishful TDS musings, which he never fails to do.

    Perhaps “Lincoln” Liss the TDS dizz will have Little Adam Kingstinker as her VP running mate.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    Keep’em coming BS, we’re counting on you for our daily chuckles. šŸ˜

  7. ah yes got her kinupms.. finally what goes around comes around, vindictive Rino…

    now she will run for Senate watch, But them cowboys in that there RED state i’m sure will make sure she is ousted there too… giddyup…

    i hear the sea hag calling you to Cali…

  8. LOL…she’s running for President.

    She will make Lindsay Graham’s 0.2% poll numbers look STRONG.

    She is a total disgrace, a fraud, and now an unmitigated LOSER.

    She got shellacked by the very people who previously supported her and elected her.

    How does she come to any other conclusion than this:

    Her understanding of the political situation in America is delusional and she lives in the SWAMP and
    has profited because she’s a SWAMP Creature.

  9. CLM: The point is not that she can win any primaries.

    That is unlikely.

    However, if she can hang in for the debates she will be the only one on the stage that will take on Trump.

    Probably if Trump runs, no one else will even do it so it could be a one on one.

    That would be a good show and will hurt Trump for the Fall.

    I am still not convinced that Trump is really running however.

    His legal problems keep multiplying and the walls are closing in.

  10. The fool Liz Cheney loses by a landslide for U.S. Rep and that means she is presidential material? Of course.

    But, BUT, as a Democrat in the Democrat debates.

    Given the morons and goofballs in that Party, such as Camelia Harris, Adam Shi*, Beta O Rourke, Gavaan Newsome, she is in comparison an Einstein.

  11. bred: Cheney is a solid conservative who used to vote with Trump over 90% of the time until Jan 6th. That was a bridge too far for her.

    She is perfectly suited to run in a GOP presidential election if the GOP were still a party that is sane.

    It is not any longer.

    It is controlled by looney tunes.

    Just today Scarborough reported that a previously respected D.C. political figure said that “we don’t need the U.S. Government”.

    This is outrageous.

  12. Maybe Trump will realize that Jews are not his pals.

    Despite all he did to kiss their rumps.

    Maybe that’s why they’re going overboard to get him. He might become an avenging angel rather than controlled opposition.

    Now we are hearing about ā€œinformation terrorismā€. This is the latest version of the Zioinist attack on the U.S. Constitution. It is designed to silence dissent against the full spectrum of the Zionist banking mafiaā€™s crimes against America.

    The Zionists control the establishment politicians and press by terrorizing them with threats of character assassination, financial ruin, blackmail, and murder. Their sociopathic policies are threatening the very existence of our complex and fragile civilization.

    To understand the seriousness of this risk, hereā€™s an excellent article on how civilizations collapse.
    Chris Hedges: The Final Collapse

  13. Maybe Trump will realize that Jews are not his pals.

    Despite all he did to kiss their rumps.

    Maybe that’s why they’re going overboard to get him. He might become an avenging angel rather than controlled opposition.

  14. Equally as ridiculous and absurd as Liz Cheney being a president is a scenario where dementia Joe finally is forced to resign and Camelia Harris takes over.

    Neither of these persons should be in charge of nor manage anything.

    Not even crews that clean toilets and sweep floors in office buildings.

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