Will Any Citizen or County Board Member Read the Amendments Proposed to the County Health Ordinance?

From the McHenry County Department of Public Health:

MCDH adds public meeting for updates to Public Health Ordinance

McHENRY COUNTY — The McHenry County Department of Health is proposing revisions to the McHenry County Public Health Ordinance and is seeking public input on the draft changes.

An additional public meeting has been scheduled to allow more public participation in the revision process.

The public is invited to attend the new meeting, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 30 at McHenry County Department of Health’s Animal Control and Adoption Center, 100 N. Virginia Street, Crystal Lake. 

Staff will be available to answer questions and discuss any of the proposed changes.

A copy of the complete draft ordinance along with a summary of significant changes are available online at https://bit.ly/MCDHDraft.

Public input is an important part of the process, and a summary of all public comments is provided to the Board of Health and County Board for their consideration.

The public is invited to submit their recommendations regarding the draft changes anytime during the review and approval process.

Submitting feedback can be done via the corresponding email available at bit.ly/MCDHDraft, by calling MCDH at (815) 334-4510 or by appearing in person at any of the public meetings where the draft ordinances will be discussed.

The anticipated schedule for review and approval of the revisions to the Public Health Ordinance is also available at bit.ly/MCDHDraft.


Will Any Citizen or County Board Member Read the Amendments Proposed to the County Health Ordinance? — 18 Comments

  1. I’m sure every non-political person working full-time will get right on it Cal.

    Another reason this state is in the crapper.

    As long as the lockdown happy MCDH pensioners go unchecked and you know they will, we will continue to be strangled by regulation after regulation

  2. They should be disbanded. They have no power to do anything yet they bully their way everywhere throwing fear into the hearts of those that falsely obey them while cringing over their illegal “mandates” which they name ordinances.

    It’s ALL garbage to control you!

  3. Most often any efforts fall on deaf ears, such is the case unless the sole owner of the idea is championed by a Board Member in order to take credit.

    However, the “public input” mention is amusing in the article.

    Note, to date that the “Animal Control” division of the McHenry County Health Department, STILL, remains closed.

    Hello, anyone?!?


    Despite the county having sustainable ARPA Funds that would have allowed for better wages for staffing purposes and or additional programs at no cost to the tax payer, those suggestions fell to waste.

    Despite reassurance from County Board member, Schofield and two other members I spoke with.

    That was two months ago while the Animal Control division has been closed since at least May.

    Article Reference: https://patch.com/illinois/crystallake/mchenry-county-animal-control-adoption-center-temporarily-closes-due-staffing

    So here we are, almost September, after our neighboring State of Kentucky suffered devastating emergency declared flooding having swollen the already plagued and full rescue shelters in all collaring States, in addition have caused euthanasia practices to surge unnecessarily.

    Tens of thousands of Animals and pets homeless with transport rescue operations left to frantically canvass States in effort to find forever homes all operating on shoestring budgets.

    More recent, a local Woodstock degenerate was given only 180 days in jail for starving several dogs left in his care.

    This, right in our own back yard!


    While Pritzker is obliged to divvy out ARPA funds (tax payer money) and McHenry County gets a shiny new bus, gives money to MCC college, etc., (see appropriate photo ops with board members) they managed to leave millions on the table while animals are left to suffer.

    Apparently, companion animals are intangible.

    Why no spay and neuter program to stop the acute breeding?

    Why not an affordable medicinal program for those qualified families of McHenry County versus the hardly nonessential remedy of euthanasia?

    Further, why not champion a first one-of-a-kind County registry of Animal Abusers forbidding those known accused from ever owning an animal again? (a bill we are behind) (Senator Wilcox, Holmes, are you reading this?) Ya know, a simple Excel Spreadsheet!


    If it’s notoriety a politician wants in effort to retain votes, nothing touches a family member or voter of those who own a dog or care for animals.

    It seems that sand always finds its way into the gears preventing common sense from any eventuality.

  4. Cindy and JT are right, as usual. I’m sick of the faggotry in the MCDH. Take a visit to their HQ and see all the rainbow flags.

    Did they advertise in homo publications for low IQ gays?

  5. Too many anonymous posters and not enough for to door knickers.

    People want to change the county but they don’t even talk to their neighbors.

  6. I read it.

    It’s alarming that they want to give their inspectors the right to summarily shut down a restaurant if the inspector deems a violation to be “serious” (in the inspector’s personal discretion, of course).

    Given how those Nazis treated restaurants during Covid, they can’t be trusted with this unchecked power.

  7. Another fun provision of the new ordinance is it gives them the right to summarily suspend a restaurant’s license if the inspector (in her exclusive and absolute discretion) decides that the restaurant has interfered with the inspection.

    Ever get an undeserved speeding ticket because you mouthed off to the cop?

    Imagine how much worse it will be to have your livelihood shut down for contempt of health department bureaucrat.

  8. I like how they took the extra step of publishing pdf files that can’t be searched by text.

    They went out of their way to evade public scrutiny.

  9. They ARE the Gestapo and they have already proven that by what they did in the past three years.

    Get rid of them!

    They are liars and order followers that will endanger all in their path.

  10. How many of you had a business they tried to shut down because of their lies and threats?

    How many have been permanently injured because of their woke mindset to control you?

    Sue them into oblivion!

    No one has the right to make policy over your freedom!

    Some of those woke retards should take notice of things like this:


  11. EVERYONE MUST stand up against this insanity or we ALL will pay.

    Stop taking the easy way out.

    Stop leaving it up to the few willing to stand up and speak out and do something about it no matter how difficult, time consuming, uncomfortable or unpopular it is with people you know.

  12. I’m opposed to the animal rule, having to register cats and microchip them.


    And why should we be restricted to only three pets!

    Why should we have to have cats microchipped and vaccinated if they are strictly indoors cats.

    I would be okay with microchip but not putting poison into them for no reason, making everyone else rich.

    This is so typical.

    Always controlling things to their advantage for profit!

    That is what it is all about.

    Why do they allow outdoor cats?

    That is a huge concern.

    I agree there should be a limit on how many cats and dogs one has, but for someone to have two dogs and two indoor cats is not unreasonable.

    Why do we allow a few to control our lives in what THEY want?

    When is this going to end?

    Who made them Gods?

    I vote to go back to the olden days where people lived off their own land and were not taxed for anything and everything and not controlled by someone in power making money to control you in every aspect of your life.

  13. Hey maybe the county board will unanimously vote for a $10,000 bonus for the head Nazis at the MCHD like they did during covid.

    I was promised that they would be defunded if they tried coming forth with this bull sh again!

  14. Specific objections are all that can be considered by the County Board.

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