Algonquin Lottery Scam Cost Seniors $20,000

From the Algonquin Police:

Financial Scam Targeting Elderly

The Algonquin Police Department is investigating an incident of fraud, which targets elderly, Spanish speaking victims.

On August 2, 2022 the elderly victim was approached by a male and female, while shopping in a local grocery store.

The male and female conversed with the victim in Spanish, advising the victim that they were from Nicaragua.

The male and female claimed that they had won the lottery, but needed a citizen to claim the prize for them.

During the conversation, the male and female also called an unknown third party, who claimed to work for the lottery and verified the story to the victim.

The male and female then convinced the victim to drive them to her bank in Algonquin and had her withdraw $20,000, which was the price to split the wining lottery ticket.

The investigation revealed that the male and female had approached numerous other elderly persons, all of whom are Spanish speaking, prior to contacting the victim in this incident.

The male and female are described as being very insistent, with engaging the victim in conversation for over fifteen minutes before persuading her to assist them.

The offenders from this incident are believed to have been involved in several similar scams in the Northwestern and Western Suburbs and are believed to have fraudulently obtained over $60,000 from elderly victims.

If you have any information pertaining to the Algonquin incident, please contact Detective Kory Koehler at (847) 658-4531.

If you have been a victim of a similar crime or see the pictured offenders, please contact your local police.


Algonquin Lottery Scam Cost Seniors $20,000 — 26 Comments

  1. Oldest trick in the book–would think elderly Spanish would be well aware of this rouse, which it sounds like the first few were…

    But then again, they aint called con-men for no reason.

    Poor thing, most Bank tellers are taught to be on the lookout for the elderly withdrawing large amounts of money and to ask about it and see if any tell tale signs of fraud or con might arise.

    Dude with the hat will not get off easy in jail if caught–spanish brethern dont like their Madres y Tia’s being taken that way.

  2. It is an old scam.

    Another one is the computer repairman phone call or email where old people are told to give the caller their passwords because they work for Microsoft or an antivirus company and need to perform maintenance, then they lock the person out of their computer and demand money to unfreeze it.

  3. The original scam is the lottery.

    When will people realize that it is fake?

  4. How is it fake?

    Do they not distribute prizes to the winners?

    Do you talk just to here yourself or do the voices give you instruction?

  5. True story, I had a tryst with one of the Wanko girls Laura, in the early 80’s.

    She was such a prolific scammer; the great Mike Royko did a column on her, that I read a few years after.

    Royko’s column, wrote of her ability to convince one of her victims, to spit on $39 K of their ‘cursed’ money, put it in a box and let her bury it.

    What a woman!

  6. Burying money is an old trick too.

    In The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883) the fox and the cat convince Pinocchio to take the money Geppetto gave him for books and bury it in the Field of Miracles where it will grow into a money tree and multiply his money.

    After Pinocchio buries coins in the field and leaves, the fox and the cat dig them up and take them.

    Pinocchio then reports what happened to him but the gorilla judge ends up sentencing him to jail for foolishness!

  7. Wanko gypsy also told that woman to go to her Church and borrow 20k and bring it to her. Church got suspicious, called cops she was busted, but the “buried” money was never found.

    Kinda remind me of the “Polish Robin Hoods” of the NW side–the old Panczko Family.

    Pops, Peanuts, Butch.

    Legendary family of thieves, never conned folks, just took what they wanted–sometimes resold at a bargain to friends, in taverns, to folks in the neighborhood.

    Same thing going on now, cons and thefts, just different ethnicities driving it now than back then.

    Some things never change.

  8. Cindy, take your meds. Computer time is over. I think there are art lessons in the rec room.

  9. When Illinois had it’s own Illinois Bureau of Investigation, they had a gypsy division, formed to fight all manner of gypsy scams and crimes.

    One of their big crime wave centers was O’Hare, which was the terminus of many gypsy fleece flights. 3-5 gypsies would take a longish flight from the West coast.

    Pigeon passengers, typically carrying alot of cash and letting their guard down, would get pick pocketed.

    The gypsy crooks would surreptitiously hand off wallets and billfolds to a gypsy banker, usually a woman with a baby or kid.

    Naturally the gypsy crooks would sit separately and pretend to be solo passengers.

    Within hours of a plane’s arrival, the credit cards would be maxed out.

  10. Cindy I agree with you.

    Take the pick 3. You get $500 if your 3 #s are are picked on a $1 ticket.

    But guess what, your chances of winning aren’t 1:500.

    It’s 1:1000!


    A totally f. u. scam.

  11. Only morons believe that anyone EVER wins any of those things. For proof of that just look at who believes I’m the one that is crazy for saying so. 😂

  12. If you are too stupid to realize that Covid was a complete hoax how are you going to process the smaller stuff like lotteries? The morons post their ignorance on here for all to see then think someone will debate them on their illusions.🤣

  13. Cindy’s husband:

    “ I know what I can do. I’ll just suck this cherry pit, to extract its cyanide and embrace the freedom from this hell-house”

  14. Do you ever think about your blog, Cal?

    Like REALLY think about it?

  15. the main question here is way overlooked

    How did this non english speaking person amass more than $20,000 in the bank

    And Cindy is right…..again…..

  16. Proving my point. Right on schedule. (And they don’t even see how they incriminate themselves by posting their trash.)

  17. Cindy then lights a cig, gives the school the finger and struts across the football field. Que Don’t You Forget About Me…..

  18. Hey Cindy & DJ hubby

    Seems like everything to you all is Fake, Hoax, Scam….etc.

    So when you wake up in the morning and the Sun is out, daylight happening or at night when it’s the end of a hard day is there a Sunset, Moon shining and Stars are out?

    Oh wait a minute, that must all be fake too!!!

    I read your posts only cause they give me a laugh…good thing I’m wearing my Depends!!! 🤣

    And BTW….my niece & hubby won $250,000 in the Illinois lottery.

    NOT FAKE !!!!

    Cindy, you REALLY think COVID is a hoax?

    I had gotten it and it’s no fun !!!!!

    Never in my 60+ years have I ever felt that sick !!!!

    If ever you get it, which I hope you don’t, then you’ll know it’s not a hoax.

  19. It constantly amazes me how people can be so stubbornly cognitively dissonant about being lied to over and over and STILL not catch on. Covid was NEVER a real thing! It has ALWAYS been a scare tactic to control YOU AND the whole world. The sheer ignorance of the masses shows how well it worked. This is not anything to joke about. This is very serious stuff in that people have killed themselves and their children over something that was just a ploy. I have posted proof over and over yet you come here laughing and jeering and yet the rape of humanity goes on. The cowards are the first in line for the Lake of Fire. Faithless, detestable, and murders are only second, third, and fourth. Liars and all their portions (that would be you guys that believe the lies) are in position eight all the way at the end.

    No one and I repeat NO ONE has EVER had Cpvid. It does NOT exist!

  20. Really Cindy…

    Like Joseph said….take chill pill.

    I say….Hang out with your hubby & 30 cats 🐈

  21. Alfonz? I am deathly allergic to cats. Is that a death threat? I take that as a serious threat!

  22. Not a threat one bit !!!!

    Didn’t know the whole world had to know you are allergic to cats.

  23. When you don’t know chit from Shinola maybe you should shut your stupid trap and not throw death threats to septuagenarians!

  24. Like I said…..older lady Cindy,
    Was NOT a threat in ANYWAY !!!!!!
    Do I need to repeat ??????
    Didn’t know you had issues with cats.

    Oh wait a minute….maybe having allergies is like getting COVID. In your words “never a real thing”…. it’s real just like allergies.
    And that quote above comes from your stupid trap.

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