First Week of School Results in Pupil’s Suicidal Comments

From the Lake in the Hills Police:

There were two other incidents that might be related:


First Week of School Results in Pupil’s Suicidal Comments — 22 Comments

  1. I’m guessing the 45th Anniversary of the passing of The King, Elvis.

    Has more to do with it, than those great gubmint schools parents use for free daycare.

  2. Attending public schools is akin to psychological torture due to the indoctrination tactics
    of various Leftist agendas and mind control protocols inflected upon the students by the teacher’s unions.

    It’s enough to drive anyone to suicide.

  3. Apparently Shake thinks I’m supposed to be angrier about a Cal edline, than the 70,000 or so misleading edlines attacking Trump and Republicans the last 7 years.

  4. DJ – I never said anything about anyone being angry.

    Valiant effort though.

  5. ‘Valiant’?

    Tell that to the Texas Scorpion that chased me out of my house last night.

    Looking through a window this morning, I saw it sitting in my Lazy Boy, drinking my abandoned beer, watching TV.

  6. D J. Why engage with an anal retentive whose lobbying business dried up.

    Yea Dave Lowitzki. I’m obsessed.

  7. JT: DJ, don’t engage with me
    Also JT: then goes on to engage with me


  8. Spelled it wrong, Leopard, and I don’t have a boyfriend. Good try though.

    Keep letting me live in all of your heads, rent-free.

  9. The dbag lobbyist is right. Jews use a Z instead of an S.

    I hope you have a prenup Dave. I’m sure your first wife took more than half. Remember, apples and carrots should pacify your new ex-wife for a few years at least.

    LOL. BTW – we’re all obsessed with Lowitzki in case you didn’t know.

    Here Leopard>>> Z ionist.

    Solved it for you

  10. JT, wrong again, on so many things:
    – Not Jewish.
    – No prenup.
    – My ex didn’t take me for more than half, but she got a fair deal that I was perfectly ok with.
    – And you very clearly are obsessed with me.

    Keep trying, dude.

  11. I do truly love how I made a comment about Cal’s heading (which is inaccurate or at least doesn’t match up with what is actually stated in the police report), and yet somehow y’all want to focus on me, my personal life, etc. which has nothing to so with the headline or the subject at hand.

    I really do appreciate how much energy you want to put towards your obsession with me. It is much better than you putting energy towards pushing your election conspiracies, your racism, your homophobia, your antisemitism, etc.

  12. Dave we’re all obsessed with you.

    You sound like a great divorced guy to hang out with and have a beer. Springfield lobbyists are Einsteinian. You’re a peach.

    Your election conspiracies comment was priceless coming from you as a Springfield swamp rat.

    Remember I’m a homophobe since Dave lobbied to pass laws to approve that deviant behavior in IL. Got it Dave.

    Just to reiterate. You’re all obsessed with Dave Lowitzki the Shakebag.

  13. Maybe the pupil’s teacher(s) should be charged for pushing CRT and trans bs on the White kid.

    Of course Nit-wizki would approve of the degenerate CRT/BLM/Homo agenda

  14. If anyone is divorced it’s JT.

    There’s no way anyone would want to be with him too long.

    Someone who thinks they are always the smartest guy in the room and a know it all on everything. The regurgitation of other people’s ideas and thoughts, from random websites, giving the illusion he is an expert, would get old fast

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