Lake in the Hills Labor Day Weekend Parade with an Emphasis on Politics

The Lake in the Hills parade had a different starting route this year.

First came the American Legion Color Guard. Most people stood.
New parade route.

And both the old and the new parts of the route were crowed with young families.

Intersection of the new and the old route.

The purpose of parades for kids is candy, of course.

This shot was taken near the beginning of the parade. Participants tossed way more candy than they needed to which probably resulted in children near the end of the parade getting shortchanged.

The first political entry was Matt Kunkle, running as a Republican for a District 1 County Board seat.

Matt Kunkle’s parade entry. He is to the left of the John Deere vehicle.

A volunteer was walking.

A Matt Kunkle volunteer wore a tee shirt with his name and the office he seeks.

The McHenry County Democratic Party contingent followed Kunkle.

The Democrats’ banner led a lengthy entry.

Party Chair Kristina Zahorik was holding one end of the banner.

Kristina Zahorik

“VOTE” was on the front of the truck behind the banner.

The truck had a Bill Foster yard sign on it side.

Congressman Bill Foster, gerrymandered into McHenry County by Illinois Democrats, walked in front of his banner and young volunteers. He is opposed by Woodstock’s Catalina Lauf.

Congressman Bill Foster introducing himself to Lake in the Hills voters.

A pedeled entry from County Board candidate Lyn Campbell was next.
District 3 McHenry County Board candidate Lyn Campbell had a man-powered vehicle.

Next up came McHenry County Clerk candidate Mary Mahady.

Mary Mahady’s banner.

Mahady was working the crowd and the wind was blowing her hair.

Mary Mahady

Following the Democrats’ candidate for County Clerk was Amin Karim, their candidate for County Treasurer.

Arim Karim’s County Treasurer banner.

I got a close-up of Karim, too.

Amid Karim

Separated from her tri-cycle came District 3 County Board candidate Lyn Campbell.

Lyn Campbell was on the phone at this point in the parade.

A banner for District 2 McHenry County Board candidate Gloria Van Hof was next.

Gloria Van Hof banner.

Van Hof was on the other side of the street passing out candy, so I couldn’t get a close-up of her.

Gloria Van Hof

Passing out canday for Mary Mahady was retiring County Board member Paula Yensen.

Paula Yensen

The parade move onto pom girls.

Pom girls.

Next came a Blues Brothers knock-off band playing today.

Is this Boose Brothers police car right out of the movie or what? Playing at four this afternoon.

The Algonquin Township Road District entered two snowplows in the parade.

The first Algonquin Township Road District snow truck was yellow.
The second was the pink one purchased by previous Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser as a nod to breast cancer.

The Algonquin Area Library had an entry.

Algonquin Area Public Library District banner.

Volunteers for the Library handed out books to kids.

Books were eagerly accepted by kids along the route.

The Republican Party float came next.

Grafton Republican Party Chairman Orville Brettman waves from the float.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Danijela Sandberg was passing out candy.

Danijela Sandberg

Here’s a side view of the GOP float.

Candidate yard signs decorate the Republican Party entry.

The final part of the Republican contingent was for State Rep. candidate Connie Cain.

Newly-elected McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Thorsen, running for re-election to the County Board, and a Connie Cain volunteer carry Connie Cain’s banner.

Cain was on the other side of the road, so I did not obtain a close-up of her.

Connie Cain walking the parade route.

A volunteer for Cain was at the back of the Republican contingent.

This Connie Cain volunteer was passing out American Flags and fans.


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  1. But but but China is not involved in our elections.

    Have Chinese Spies Infiltrated American Elections?
    Konnech CEO’s deleted website reveals Chinese Communist Party roots.
    It’s time to poke Joe Tirio again. ERIC, Dominion, ES&S. Nothing to see here move along. I’m sure Joe knows all about Konnech too. It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

  2. Very nice photo coverage of the parade.

    Being that parades ought to be about happiness, children having fun, should all politics be shunned, banned in future parades?

    Should parades be neutral politically and about good things of a community sponsoring the parade and the positive aspects of our nation?

  3. Sigmund F’n Freud couldn’t figure out this Illinois phenomenon, of a populace that’s cheated, lied to and stole from.

    Then stands in formation so those same thieves, march by mocking them by throwing penny treats, as if they were trained monkeys.

  4. Mahady is a witch.

    A real one!

    Beware she’s into lgbtq hijinks.

    Her brother is big in queer circles in Washington.

    Look him up! He contributed to her failed Senate campaign.

    She’s an abortion aficionado to the max! Up to birth!

    That’s a witch for you!

  5. Cosyntex, it looks Lowitzki Consulting and Mahady have alot in common. Yes Narcissist Dave we’re all obsessed with creepy liberals like you.

  6. Further proof that some people should NOT wear shorts in public.

    Who’s the guy marching behind Sandberg wearing sandals as it looks a little ‘light in the loafers’.


    That’s Foster at labor day picnic. ^
    strange how people on this blog keep talking about Foster’s alleged chemo yet he doesn’t look any balder than he used to look and somehow he has become fatter and is doing more events.

    Has be been getting chemo for the last 15 years and just gotten off it a few months ago or are you guys just making things up like usual?

    Guy behind Sandberg looks like Mike “Shorty” Shorten.

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