Grafton Township Republicans Plan Saturday, October 15th Pig Roast — 14 Comments

  1. Will they be roasting Althoff?

    Too much toxic fat on that carcass.

  2. Same 187 people will go to this event that go to all the others.

    They’ll all say nice things out loud to others and then stab them in the back.

    A conglomeration of fool, losers, and hacks.

  3. I used to go to those things.

    People without spines throw these fetes and bitch about the communists, yet they were all for Tadelman last election.

    Now they cuck for Bailey who is afraid of his own uniparty shadow. Bailey is the candidate Fatso’s brain trust (Axelrod, Emanuel, etc.) wanted …. and they spent millions on those ads to get him the nomination.


  4. Like one of those ‘Dean Martin’ did in the 70’s and this one featuring Kenneally?

    Will Colatori be performing along side like ‘Jerry Lewis’?

  5. Low I.Q. Little Tommy Snowflake wants to know if this will this be a Drag Queen friendly event.

    He’s got a new dress and can’t wait to show it off to all!

  6. Let me get this straight.

    The Grafton Township Republicans are having an event all afternoon into the evening 3 1/2 weeks before the November 8 election, when all committeepersons, Republican nominees and frankly all campaign volunteers should be out pounding pavement beginning the final stretch to get-out-the-vote, including at in-person early voting and Grafton Republicans wantt to take these volunteers off-the-street!?

    Maybe an evening event on the same day, after a big day of campaigning and voter outreach, and everyone could have a great meal after literally working up an appetite.

    FWIW and just my 2 cents, I’d be missing the event until maybe the final hour, after full day of campaigning.

  7. Please, I’m not campaigning against Lauf, as she’s doomed to defeat without my help.

    I am still holding to my prediction Foster wins by 10 percentage points.

    Last Thursday, Lauf claimed Foster cancelled all debates, candidates forums and joint appearances.

    Assuming Lauf’s telling the truth, if Foster pulled out of all debates and joint appearances, means Foster is leading by at least 20 points in the polls, and he doesn’t need to debate Lauf and he’s content to let Lauf earn a spot at the debate table with him.

    My priority elsewhere.

  8. Lopez said:

    “Please, I’m not campaigning against Lauf, as she’s doomed to defeat without my help.”

    Explain why or how YOUR help would be the difference for Lauf.

    Foster is an old guy, a DEMOCRAT old guy, tied to his top Party’s OLD GUY and gigantic failure for the U.S., Joseph Robinette Biden who is intent on destroying the U.S.

    By virtue of being in Illinois, Foster is also tied to the massive failures of Democrat Pritzker in Illinois and the Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Lightfoot.

  9. Catalina Lauf doomed to defeat?

    Go to Lauf’s revamped campaign website.

    She’s removed her stance on abortion.

    The self-proclaimed lion of Congress showed she’s a cowardly lion, once again.

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