Suzanne Ness Voted for Bill to Basically Make It a Misdemeanor to Sell Enough Fentynal to Klll 1,500 People

Leave it to former State Rep. Jeanne Ives to spotlight one of the worst bills to pass the Illinois House this past year.

And it passed by only two votes, one of whose was cast by State Rep. Suzanne Ness.

In her Sunday emailed newsletter, Ives supplies the following about the lowering of penalities for fentynal and herioin:

From Jeanne Ives Sunday newsletter:

The Non-Prosecution, Easy, Illegal Drug Culture, Another Problem Setting Illinois Apart

Fentanyl is produced in China and transported to the U.S. by Mexican drug cartels.

“No amount of Fentanyl is safe, yet HB3447 now classifies the possession of up to 3gm of Fentanyl as a misdemeanor

“That’s more than enough Fentanyl to kill approximately 1500 people!

One gram of fentanyl can kill 500 people, so 3 grams of fentanyl could wipe out an entire high school.

“That is no small possession; that’s a dealer amount…

“Last year, a majority of Democrats in the Illinois House voted to lower  the penalty for fentanyl possession to a misdemeanor. 

Locally, Democrat Suzanne Ness voted in favor, while Republicans Marty McLaughlin, Steve Reick, Dan Ugaste and Tom Weber voted “No.”
Suzanne Ness

“Current law is that possession of one gram of fentanyl is a felony. This new law would allow misdemeanor possession of up to 3 grams of fentanyl.”

Ives quotes a Cook County prosecutor:

“‘This bill is truly concerning. 

“‘It is bad enough that the Manufacture/Delivery/Possession with Intent to Deliver under 570 ILCS 570/401 as you indicated (heroin and fentanyl go from 1 gram to 3 grams, cocaine goes from 1 gram to 5 grams (!)) while making lower amounts a Class 4 felony, but I cannot believe it makes Possession of a Controlled Substance (570/402 – currently a felony for all amounts) a Class A misdemeanor if the person possesses less than 3 grams of heroin, fentanyl, PCP and meth, and less than 5 grams of cocaine!!!  

“‘This does essentially decriminalize these drugs for the vast majority of people who use them. 

“‘The misdemeanor courts (run by the newest, most inexperienced prosecutors) will be overrun with these drug cases, and as a result, most cases will be dismissed or diverted. 

“‘Drug dealers will just make sure they don’t have more than 3 grams of heroin or 5 grams of cocaine in small packets in a baggie when they are selling and will just replenish when needed.

“‘Police will not have narcotics officers when most of their time will be spent chasing misdemeanor amounts.

“‘This will make street gangs larger and more prosperous, and the Heroin Highway (Eisenhower Expressway) will be filled with suburbanites coming to the west side for their fix.  

“‘Just when I thought this state couldn’t get any worse. You have to make this a campaign issue. I don’t know if you can afford a commercial, but one that speaks to the fentanyl aspect alone would be devastating. A billboard would be great as well.‘”


Suzanne Ness Voted for Bill to Basically Make It a Misdemeanor to Sell Enough Fentynal to Klll 1,500 People — 25 Comments

  1. Ness is a human rat, gnawing at the foundation of society to destroy.

    She’s a carrier of the disease caused marxism.

    This evil woman (?) needs to be removed from office.

  2. Ness is a terrible creature.

    She lies with impunity.

    She also emits the reek of decay from her very pores.

    Her crooked mother was much the same.

    Unitarians make Scientologists seem mainstream.

  3. Really Pokorny, that is the best you’ve got, an asinine response like that?

    You need to look for some meaning to your life.

    They call them predators for starters.

  4. Recklessness by Ness and Democrats.

    Should be ZERO tolerance.

    Democrats coddle thugs and criminals.

    Think of what Illinois Democrat legislature passed and Pritzker signed going into effect next January.

    The grossly misnamed SAFE-T Act which should be named something like “Danger to citizens Act”.

    Prosecutors of 100 of 102 Illinois Counties strongly oppose the dangerous ACT.

    As always, trust no Democrat, ever, never, forever.

    Their history is the party of slavery.

    Their current top leadership(?) Joe Biden and his Regime is intentionally destroying America.

  5. Dominion, ES$S, ERIC with a little Konnech sprinkled on top brings IL only the best and brightest politicians. You’ll never stop complaining until you figure out the root causes of IL problems

  6. Revere, Do all you right wing nut jobs fear everything in life.

    Remember your mantra about personal responsibility?

    be an involved parent.

    Most of the addicted assholes come from a lack of parenting and personal responsibility.

    I say flood the market and create a shortage of narcan.

    Problem solved.

    My life has meaning I’m not afraid of everything in a free society like you fascists.

    Grab your gun and burn a book asshole.

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t name the bill in honor of greatest African American of all time, George Floyd.

  8. Pokorny, do you realize people are buying other drugs that are laced with fentanyl and dying?

    Fentanyl should be viewed more like a hazardous material than as a drug.

    It’s not something that should just be shrugged off or responded to glibly.

    If you had a family member die from an accidental overdose you might take it more seriously.

  9. I have, Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    If you are buying drugs “on the street” laced with fentanyl so sad, too bad.

  10. Remember the fable “The scorpion and the frog?” It applies to ALL demoncRATS in power. They are innately evil and NEVER to be trusted.

  11. For those of you from “Rio Linda.:

    ,”A scorpion wants to cross a river but cannot swim, so it asks a frog to carry it across. The frog hesitates, afraid that the scorpion might sting it, but the scorpion promises not to, pointing out that it would drown if it killed the frog in the middle of the river. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion. Midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies: “I am sorry, but I couldn’t resist the urge. It’s in my nature.

  12. So you think fentanyl should be decriminalized so that we should have more of it?

    You are a massive faggot who deserves to get the shit kicked out of them.

  13. LOL Correcting. Did you check Porkys pronouns before calling it a faggot?

  14. Pokorny says (I say flood the market and create a shortage of narcan. Problem solved.)

    That would fukk up the liberal chant of EQUITY libbytard Stephen.

  15. I fear the jewjab might have kicked in on Poo. He’s so depressed over always being wrong on every subject that he’s now throwing temper tantrums and calling people names. Rage posting is not going to add anything to the conversation and you just look like a bigger jerk than already perceived.

  16. Correcting I’ll be waiting coward.

    “So you think fentanyl should be decriminalized.”

    Now where did I say that.

    can you read.

  17. Cindy I am by no means depressed. It’s you morons that live in constant fear.

  18. It was Jeanne Ives newsletter at the top of this thread.

    Imagine if we now had a Governor Jeanne Ives instead of the big fat rich slob who had the toilets disconnected in one of his mansions.

    With Jeanne as Governor, there would be no SAFE-T act signed. Also, no promotion of a reckless and unneeded Amendment One to the Constitution to vote on in November. Also no Bill misnamed for Child Health which wants to teach deviancy in grammar schools.

    Jeanne would have been an honorable and honest Governor protecting our children and keeping criminals and thugs off the streets.

    Too bad that a majority of voters in Illinois are a combination of misinformed and stupid. That’s why we have Democrats in control, unfortunately for our State, in Illinois.

    Democrats deceive as with the SAFE-T Act which was misnamed and actually is the “Danger to Illinois Citizens” Act.

    The prosecutors of 100 of Illinois’ 102 Counties strongly oppose the implementation of this act. Every law abiding citizen, seniors, parents, children will be hugely LESS SAFE.

  19. Stephen? There is zero fear in people that have Jesus. The people that are FULL of fear are the ones like you that ran dancing and singing to the government’s tune and BELIEVED in their lies. Stop projecting your fear onto others. You are right about morons. THEY live in fear. Looks like you have chosen that side.

  20. **Also, no promotion of a reckless and unneeded Amendment One to the Constitution to vote on in November.**

    The Governor has no role in legislature-initiated constitutional amendments.

    In fact, if Ives was Governor, I think there would be much greater promotion of said amendment.

  21. Bred, it looks like you have a new friend that pushes higher taxes, murdering the unborn and most of all the queer agenda. It’s apple picking season.

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