Bailey Goes after Dems’ Criminal “Reform” Law

From Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey:

Darren Bailey Rolls Out Policy to Repeal J.B. Pritzker’s Dangerous and Extreme SAFE-T Act

Darren Bailey

Louisville, IL—State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey today released a policy paper outlining why the SAFE-T Act will make our communities less safe and is again calling for the repeal of Governor Pritzker’s soft-on-crime policies.

“Though Governor Pritzker likes to claim that the law simply diverts low-level drug offenders from sitting in prison before trial, the fact is that the SAFE-T Act will put hardened criminals back on the street,” Bailey stated.

“Pritzker trumpeted the law as bringing Illinois closer to ‘true safety, true fairness and true justice.’ The exact opposite has occurred, and the warning signs came right from the start.”

Bailey noted Chicago crime is spiking again. Theft is up 65%, car theft is up 62%, burglaries are up 29%, and robberies are up 19% just over the past year. Illinoisans are unsafe under Pritzker’s failed leadership.

“The complete elimination of cash bail and restrictions on pre-trial detention must be repealed before it’s too late,” Bailey stated.

“Law enforcement must be supported. J.B. Pritzker has failed the people of Illinois and failed our public safety officers with his SAFE-T Act and other soft-on-crime policies like no cash bail that is already failing Chicago and will take effect statewide on January 1.

“Even Democratic state’s attorneys acknowledge the problems with the SAFE-T Act. James Glasgow, a Democratic Will County state’s attorney, says the SAFE-T Act makes it harder to hold violent criminals before trial as defendants are presumed eligible for pretrial release and must be provided with a hearing within 48 hours giving little time for prosecutors to present compelling evidence.”

To view the full policy position, click here.


Bailey Goes after Dems’ Criminal “Reform” Law — 21 Comments

  1. The Jews absolutely HATE Bailey … which is why I absolutely LOVE him. FJB.

  2. A RINO career politician in the Springfield swamp is using an issue created by the Springfield swamp to get elected. IL voters clutching pearls are priceless. We all know what the problem is but Joe Tirio is on the cutting edge by auditing 700 votes for 1 election to prove everything is on the up and up. I’m not voting for the lesbian like the liberals on this site.

    And where is Kathi Salvi? Nevermind. She has to protect her client list. I guarantee Piton would have the balls to start attacking the drunk helicopter pilot. Nevermind again. He’s too controversial for the sophisticated IL voter.

    My Son Hunter came out today. Maybe liberals that have faith in their current admin might want to take a look.

    LOL. Here they come.

  3. ^That’s just because he’s a run of the mill conservative and most Jews are liberals.

    I would be surprised if Bailey’s view is any different than Pritzker’s on matters related to Israel i.e. Illinois having a law to not do business with companies that have a BDS policy targeting Israel.

    If anything there are more anti-Israel people on the left than on the right and this becomes clear when you hear all those dummies on Fox News complaining about “the squad” being anti-Semitic for not giving Israel automatic increases in funding or criticizing the IDF for killing civilians.

    Look at how Trump talked about Israel too.

    The GOP has a sick love affair with Israel.

    Don’t forget that neoconservativism, which has been the largest faction in the GOP since WW2, was created by a bunch of Jews.

  4. Yea Bred, this Blog is sometimes like a tour of the Krakow Ghetto with Amon Goth driving.

  5. I’d take a hamster who is not a criminal over tella tubby anyday!

    Any thing is better than this p.o.s

    Who should be pounding out our plates right now !

  6. Where is an honest Fourth Estate news organization to expose all of this?


    Chicago’s Very Own? Eyewitness News? Walter Jacobson? Fahey Flynn? Bill Curtis? Clint Youle? John Coleman?

  7. Cmon bred. Normies can’t handle the fact their elections are being stolen every time. We have Joe Tirio telling us what to believe.

    BTW, all of those “news” anchors were reading teleprompters back then too. Do your own research. The truth is out there if you decide to find it.

  8. Tell me which part is false or over the edge then. Are you trying to say that Republicans in Washington D.C. are NOT supporters of Israel? You better start paying attention, bred winner.

    OR are you trying to suggest that Darren Bailey dislikes Israel and/or Jews? I’ve never seen any evidence of that.

    Are you trying to deny the influence of Jewish Zionists in the neoconservative movement? Better read up.

  9. Bailey is the sap ziocons Rahm Enanuel and Axlerod told Fatty Pritzk he’d be better off running against.

    Who paid over millions for Bailey’s TV ads?


    Pritzker is running for President in ’24. It’s all so staged. Tirio is piece of cherry flavored crap. Elections are rigged in many, many ways.

    Tirio ain’t interested in how that happens or any investigations. But he’s good at lying.

    He publicly supported Colatorti while the rigged election for Tadlerat was being or orchestrated and carried out.

    Waterboard Tirio and you’ll get answers.

  10. Top Democrats in the U.S. are by their actions trying to destroy the U.S., make it much less safe. Starting with the president, Joseph Robinette Biden who continues to intentionally violate a number of federal laws to allow the invasion of millions of illegal aliens into our nation. Then, on a State level, there is governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois, who approved the SAFE-T Act which will ACTUALLY make Illinois much less safe for families, seniors, women, children.

    The naming of the SAFE-T Act is actually 180 degrees from the actual results once the Act is put into effect. The Democrats are devious, sneaky, untrustworthy in what they do. The correct naming of the Act should have been “DANGER to Citizens” Act.

    Another example of Democrats’ misnaming legislation is the “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act” SB818). This Act will require sex education in grammar school starting in kindergarten and covering deviant sexual matters. Sex education is the proper domain of parents when their children are ready and of course without deviancy. The proper and honest naming of the Act should have been “Grammar Schools to Teach Sexual Deviancy”.

    Both of these Democrat politicians have a record of some very dishonest and disgusting actions in their past. Biden had plagiarized a speech of a British politician for one of his term papers in college. Pritzker had the toilets in one of his mansions disconnected to greatly lower his real estate tax bill. Regarding the toilets:

    “Federal prosecutors have been requesting records from the Cook County assessor’s office about a $331,000 tax break the governor got after removing the toilets during remodeling of a mansion he owns next to his own home. Authorities sought the name of every employee who was involved in the tax break, along with associated communications.”

    Prosecutors started looking into the toilet issue in the summer of 2020. Here we are Sept 8, 2022 and there is nothing, NOTHING, in the media about the progress of this TWO-YEAR old INVESTIGATION. Where is our fourth estate? Chicago’s Very Own? Eyewitness news? Walter Jacobson? Merry Anne Ahern?

  11. Cal, logic escapes this crowd. Whiners all.
    Cindy on 09/07/2022 at 3:00 pm said:

    There is zero fear in people that have Jesus.

    Then why all the hate Jesus lover?

    5G, our gas meters and covid shots were all going to kill us.

    You hate minorities, non christians and gays.

    You believe in every nut job conspiracy theory.

    No Cindy it is you that lives in fear.

  12. bred winner asks, “Where is our fourth estate?”

    If you are sincerely asking that question because you are confused why those things are not being covered, let alone being covered in a critical or negative light, then you need to look up what “fourth estate” means.

    These things are not going to be covered the way you think they should be. You can quit holding your breath now.



    Dear McHenry County Clerk
    As a US citizen, taxpayer, registered voter and resident of McHenry County, let the record show that I DO NOT CONSENT TO USING ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES.


  14. Cal, try and keep up.

    Tirio backed Colatorti so he screw him over with plausible deniability.

    Ask Al Zielinski how it works.

    We need RINos like we need fatassed Pritzker. 2 sides of the swamp uniparty coin.

    Ditch Mitch and his Chi Com bitch.

  15. LOL Bill2Sender. You overlooked the ERIC voter management system and Konnech INCs roll in our elections. You are almost there. Keep searching. They will cheat even if the corrupt voting machines are removed.

  16. BTW Bill, I tried to educate Tirio and was told it’s fanciful tales and disinformation but he only audits 5% of the vote based what the IL Board of Elections tells him to audit..

    Don’t worry Mahady will be the same useless idiot if she gets the job.

  17. States’ Attorneys/Prosecutors of 100 of 102 Illinois Counties strongly oppose the SAFE-T Act passed by members of the Illinois Legislature and signed by Governor Pritzker. If the Act is not repealed, then all of Illinois’ millions of law abiding citizens will be put in great danger. Women, children, families, seniors, everyone will be at a heightened risk of danger of attacks, robberies, murders, rapes, carjackings, etc. In addition, persons who are visiting Illinois from other States or Nations will be put at great risk.

    James Glasgow, a Democratic Will County state’s attorney, explains how the SAFE-T Act makes it harder to hold violent criminals before trial. Defendants are presumed eligible for pretrial release and must be provided with a hearing within 48 hours to determine if they should be held. This is little time for prosecutors to present compelling evidence. Glasgow warns, “I have 640 people in Will County jail. All their bonds will be extinguished on January 1, and 60 are charged with murder.”

    Perhaps the 100 Attorneys/Prosecutors can FIND some law, Illinois or Federal, that stipulates that actions and/or acts by legislators and/or governors that increase the dangers of physical attacks, robberies, murders, rapes, carjackings, thefts on law abiding citizens are illegal. With that, the legislators who passed the SAFE-T Act and the Governor who approved the Act would be charged, prosecuted and given a significant jail term. The charges would be brought in the event that the SAFE-T Act were not repealed by December 31, 2022.

    Besides the dangers of the Act to Illinois citizens, the economy and vitality of Illinois will suffer with diminishing amounts of travelers, tourists, business persons not wanting to risk their lives, personal safety by coming into Illinois. O’Hare, hotels, restaurants and many other businesses will be negatively affected. Also, state revenue from various sales taxes will diminish.

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