Pritzker People Try to Muzzle Illegals from Venezuela

Here is a snippet from a Chicago Tribune article on the location of 64 migrants fleeing poverty and dictatorship in Venezuela who were being housed in the Burr Ridge Hampton Inn & Suites (local officials were not informed ahead of time, much like Mayor Lori Lighfoot received no notice from Texas Governor Greg Abbott):

“Before a representative of the Illinois Department of Human Services approached them to prohibit them from speaking to reporters, the mothers shared their concern about not having better access to find schools for their children.” [Emphasis added.]


Pritzker People Try to Muzzle Illegals from Venezuela — 6 Comments

  1. oh kizzie was warned for years about her illegal antics… i call BS on this trying to be the teflon chi town queen not gonna work…. build the wall around chi town now… queen of sanctuary city…

  2. SAFE-T Act explained. Yea, our elections are on the up and up. Are there possibly that many stupid people in this state? I’m beginning to wonder. But don’t worry, Joe Tirio audits 700 votes for 1 race that was approved by the IL Board of Elections and Kathi Salvi hides in her basement not taking a position on Mitch McConnell. Got it. When are those software updates getting installed Tirio?

  3. Pretty funny Loonie Lori and JumBo governor have their big girl panties all bunched up due to the Texas governor shoving the illegal invaders up their a**

  4. Boy are they in for a surprise once they find out out all the schools are going to tell their daughters they are really boys.

  5. Mayor Beetlejuice called Gov. Abbott “racist” for sending Mexicans to “her” city and then kicking them to Burr Ridge. Hmmm, isn’t that racism?

  6. Of course it is. Is Lori an equity hire?

    Who paid for her education?

    Is she and equity troll?

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