Two-Dose Monkey Pox Shots Available at LITH “Kid Friendly” Drag Queen Bakery and McHenry County College

This is a press release from the McHenry County Department of Public Health::

Monkeypox vaccine available for those at high risk at MCDH, community events

McHENRY COUNTY — The McHenry County Department of Health has the two-dose JYNNEOS vaccine available to help prevent monkeypox and is scheduling appointments for eligible individuals.

The JYNNEOS vaccine is a two-dose vaccine, with at least four weeks between doses. The most common side effects of the vaccine include redness, and itchiness at the injection site as well as tiredness, headache, nausea, chills, and muscle pain.

The following Illinois residents or those who attend a college or university in Illinois are eligible for the JYNNEOS vaccine: 

  • All gay, bisexual and other men or trans people who have sex with men or trans people
  • Sex workers of any sexual orientation or gender identity 
  • Persons who have had close contact within the past 14 days with someone with suspected or confirmed monkeypox  
  • Persons who had close contact with others at a venue or event or within a social group in the past 14 days where a suspected or confirmed monkeypox case was identified.
  • Laboratory workers who routinely perform monkeypox virus testing 
  • Clinicians who have had a high-risk occupational exposure

Monkeypox is a disease that does not spread easily. It can spread between people who have close contact with someone who has the virus, contact with body fluids or monkeypox sores or contact with items contaminated with fluids from monkeypox sores. The virus can also spread between people through respiratory droplets typically in a close setting, such as the same household or a healthcare setting.

Monkeypox virus can survive outside the body, and disinfection is recommended for people who isolate at home, regardless if they live alone or with others. Common household disinfectants can kill the monkeypox virus in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

“The risk is low in McHenry County with two identified cases, but anyone can get monkeypox by coming in close personal contact with someone who has the virus,” said MCDH Medical Advisor Dr. Laura Tommaso. “We are prioritizing vaccine based on the latest data of who is at the highest risk in order to reduce the spread of monkeypox.”

Those who are eligible to receive the vaccine can schedule an appointment with MCDH by calling (815) 334-4500.  Walk-in monkeypox vaccine opportunities will also be available at the following locations:

Research on monkeypox continues to develop. For the most up-to-date and credible information about monkeypox, how it spreads, symptoms and ways to prevent it, please visit or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

= = = = =-

Covid shots are available in Crystal Lake and Woodstock.


Two-Dose Monkey Pox Shots Available at LITH “Kid Friendly” Drag Queen Bakery and McHenry County College — 33 Comments

  1. Lowitzky Consulting lobbied for deviant behavior. Shake are you happy with the results of your parasitic behavior in Springfield? Nevermind, you said you were extremely proud of your accomplishment.

    We’re all obsessed with you. You should bring your kids to the next drag show and tell them I helped this happen.

  2. Are they such a bad bakery that they have to base everything on LGBT? Can’t you just bake a muffin without having to constantly bring that stuff up? It sounds to me like this bakery is unable to make it just being a bakery so it started pandering to a certain group hoping they would be loyal customers and keep it afloat. Gay stuff has nothing to do with bakeries, trans stuff has nothing to do with bakeries. It just tells me they are not a good bakery. I have never ate there and after they had drag shows for children I never plan on it, but I have seen their items and some of them appeared to be severely burnt.

  3. Still no such thing as a virus. People that keep falling for the fear porn are really stupid and have a death wish. There isn’t even any such thing as a vaccine. It’s been a scam in their genocide plan since day one.

  4. Monkeypox is a homosexual disease.

    Drag queens are homosexuals involved in sodomy and oral copulation.

    Why would a child be exposed to this?

  5. LOL Cindy, you just trolled the 2 other members of the 3 stooges. I’m sure they will all post here before the thread moves to Page 2. LOL

    I won’t even get into the timing of the death of the media’s “beloved queen” and the symbolism of that. I’m sure you’ve already come across it. Numbers are fun when observing the destruction of the deep state actors. Make sure you bow down on Sunday as the media pontificates on the green screen implosion of the WTC. I just laugh at this point. Silverstein should be hanged on national television. Good thing his wife convinced him not to go to work that day and go to his doctor.

    People have no clue what is going on. But the drag show/monkeypox key jingling really keeps their attention focused in the wrong direction. Well that and the Ukraine money laundering operation disguised as a war. I can’t wait for King Charles III starts puffing about climate change and why the plebes need to freeze this winter. Why does the number 3 always come up?

  6. I find hard to believe they are using a working bakery/restaurant to give monkey pox shots.

    Think of the possible contamination and ground zero spread possibilities?

  7. “I won’t even get into the timing of the death of the media’s “beloved queen” and the symbolism of that.”

    Symbolic? How so? Was she crushed by a giant granite phallic symbol?


  8. On cue. Stooge 1 shows up. LOL. You have no clue stooge number 1. Where is one of the phallic symbols located and in what city? Living life being clueless is appropriate for Monk the Appraiser.

    Are you confused Monk? Think and read.

  9. BUZZZZZZZ….No stooge, 1 of them are not located at McHenry Henny Penny.

    You keep trying to understand what I am telling you.

    Being lazy seems to be how you live your life on this planet.

  10. PLEASE tell me people are not going to fall for this.

    Please tell me you all learned something from the covid plandemic!

    Anyone who get a flu shot, covid shot or moneypox shot can only blame yourself for the harm that will be done.

    If you get it for your kids, you should have your kids taken away from you for child abuse.

    Is that harsh?

    Only if you are still brainwashed.

  11. KM they are also pushing the Shingles shot silently too.

    They keep trying to get my wife to agree.

    I say if you want a Shingle I’ll take you to Rocky Rococo in Madison for a slice of pizza.

    I’m done trusting the clown shown run by these for profit medical communities.

    They have no clue they went to school and were brainwashed by the Rockefeller family run medical schools.

  12. That’s where you’re wrong. I try not to understand a thing you claim to believe. I do try to laugh, though.

  13. Monk just like most people who actively ignore what’s going on. Laugh all you want. Queen protects King. What’s next move sport when Queen is off board. LOL. You will never get it.

  14. The monkeypox vax is a smallpox vax.

    Just about everyone over the age of 50 got a similar jab when they were a kid.

    You couldn’t enroll in school without it.

  15. The very first comment is JT trying to make this thread (which has nothing to do with me) about me, but nope, he’s not obsessed at all.

    Good god…

  16. Shake you lobby for this queer agenda therefore you need to be brought up as part of the problem in IL that supports deviant behavior which as a result ends up with the Monkpox. Misspelling intentional.

    You’re a confused narcissist. LOL. The whole blog is obsessed with you.

  17. Nah, probably not the whole blog. But definitely the dude that tries to make as many comment threads about me.

    Keep up the good work. You prove my point every day.

  18. So, you don’t deny your love of deviant behavior Lowitzky Consulting. I love creepy liberals. They are fun. And Dave I only make them about you when they bring up a topic that you’re extremely proud to have lobbied for in Springfield that helps ruin this state. Get a clue Dave. You should focus on your work. LOL. You seem to have alot of time during the week to post during the day on a blog. I can connect those dots.

  19. LOL. Try to “connect the dots” all you want. I’m sure it will go just as well as your other attempts.

    Have sweet dreams about me. 😘

  20. ROFLMAO…You keep punching Lowitzki Consulting. I’m glad you found your purpose in life. Lobbying to ruin 1 of the states in the constitutional republic.. You really have no clue big guy. Get those kids boosted. LOL.

    Don’t do any PR announcements Dave/Shake. Funny how you had to hide your marriage announcement when Marc Avelar posted it.

    Your turn Dave. Can’t wait.

  21. Billy Bob…..

    That’s been my point with those that say “ vaccines“
    are not a thing….OMG

    Correct, couldn’t go to school unless you had your certain shots….. and as a matter of fact couldn’t get my passport at age 3 years old unless I had my shots.

    Oh crap…. that reminds me I need to renew my passport again (thank G only have to do every 10 yrs.)

    And I will travel on !!!! And come back home.!!

    And spread the non-viruses….right Cindy?

    I’ll give you a big kiss & hug when I get back 😘

  22. Alfonzo? You have been lied to. There never were any vaccines. They’ve always been injecting people with toxins. If you cannot see what a criminal organization ALL of the Rothschild’s medicine has been then you go right on living in your fantasy reality.

  23. Hi CindyO…..
    So if something terrible were to happen to you,
    G for bid… and it takes a vaccine/shot to save your life at that moment guess you won’t take it.
    What if it’s a loved one that needs at that very moment to live or die and you had to make the decision yay or nay….hope you make the right one.

    Also….don’t drink any water out of your tap or bath in it…’s full of toxins. And drinking bottled water, you have no clue how long that water has been sitting or where it’s been sitting in the nasty plastic (expiration dates are BS) relabeling happens.
    And yes cindyO…..heard all about the Camp Lejeune & Dixon water issues.

  24. As I matter of fact, my husband went through boot camp at Camp Lejeune. He drank the water in the sixties and he is just fine! So, you see, nothing you have said here has made any sense whatsoever. No, a toxic poison injected into you is NOT going to be the last ditch effort to save your life. Letting anyone inject you with any foreign substances is really insane.

    Thanks for all your concern but you are not going to educate a PureBlood. We already know what is true.

  25. Cindy I hope you watched that 13m video about the new king I posted yesterday. It ties into the purpose of the death jab. The last king said after he dies he wanted to come back as a deadly virus to eliminate overpopulation. Those that are jabbed are now transhumans and don’t even know it.

  26. And Cindy…

    My name on this blog is Alfonz…not AlfonzO.

    Wishing you and yours well.

    Now I need to run out to make sure that I have enough EpiPens on hand. The bees are aggressive this time of year.

    Yours is cats, mine is bees.

  27. The only king I recognize is Christ. All that other crapola is diversion.

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