Health Department Tells Why “Kid Friendly” Drag Queen Show Bakery in Lake in the Hills Selected for Monkeypox Vaccination Site

With the McHenry County Health Department’s having a building on Route 14 in Crystal Lake (where animal control is located), I asked why Uprising Bakery in Lake in the Hills was picked to deliver monkeypox shots.

Here is the answer:

“When looking for community partners to reach the group that has been identified as high risk of getting the virus, we were referred to Uprising Bakery.

“When we reached out to them, they offered to hold a host a clinic for us.”


Health Department Tells Why “Kid Friendly” Drag Queen Show Bakery in Lake in the Hills Selected for Monkeypox Vaccination Site — 19 Comments

  1. If idiotic Public Health Policy in this country has taught us anything.

    It’s you have to fight any outbreaks by sterilizing the area with distractions.

  2. Referred to Uprising Bakery by whom specifically?

    The degenerate child groomer/ molesters must be exposed wherever we find them
    and whoever they are.

  3. Interesting comment.

    Pushing the “inclusivity” while not mentioning “prevention” or causal concerns of that same “group” that remains at “high risk.”

    That, of course, would be bigotry.

    Salary, Adamson,Melissa H Public Health Administrator $134,225.00 Total Compensation: $157,020.60

    Meanwhile, still closed since May.

    The Animal Control Adoption Center, which is a portion of the Health Department:

    “Our Adoption Center is temporarily closed.”

    “Due to a shortage of staff, we are temporarily transferring out all animals. Please check back for further updates. Our Officers will still be responding to calls as usual.”


  4. “the group that has been identified as high risk of getting the virus”

    Notice how far they went out of their way to avoid saying “gay men.”

    They need to update their smug yard signs to say “In this house, we believe science is real (but don’t talk about it when it casts our political comrades in a bad light)!”

  5. ‘What is because they are Homo’s?’

    I’ll take ‘Fags and Queers’ for $1,000 Alec.

  6. Per WIKI:

    “Monkey see, monkey do is a pidgin-style saying that was already called an “old saying” in 1900.[1] The saying refers to the learning of a process without an understanding of why it works. Another definition implies the act of imitation, usually with limited knowledge and/or concern for the consequences.

    Versions of the saying that appeared in U.S. commercial advertisements for shoes and other apparel in the 1890s suggested it was popularly established by then,[2] and an article in Sharpe’s London Magazine half a century earlier had pointed to monkeys’ habit of mimicry: “Whatever [a monkey] sees men do, he must affect to do the like himself.”[3] The West African folklore tale of a peddler whose wares are ransacked by monkeys that proceed to imitate his gestures of outrage has been retold by Esphyr Slobodkina in Caps for Sale (A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business) and by Baba Wagué Diakité in The Hatseller and the Monkeys. Diakité notes that versions of his tale also are found in Egypt, Sudan, India, and England, and indeed have existed in Europe since the Middle Ages.[3]”

  7. What a great business decision for a bakery.

    Invite a bunch of potentially monkpox infected men into a business that serves food.

    Would you eat or touch anything including the door to go in there?

    MCDH should treat this as a health hazard and deny it from happening yet they embrace it.

  8. Just one more reason they should be totally disbanded. They are worthless and always have been worthless. How many businesses have one under because of these tyrants?

    Now they are supporting things that should never even be allowed.

    Whose agenda are they touting?

  9. Sounds like doing this at a bakery/restaurant is a possible super spreader event.

    Extremely unsanitary & ridiculous.

  10. How much emergency State money does a business get to provide an apparently hygienic environment for this vaccination?

    How are these vaccinations tracked?

    Its very odd to say the least

  11. I saw a boycott flyer for Uprising being passed around the around the clock restaurant/bakery.

    The conservatives already lost control of the National Endowment of the Arts under WEF minion and globalist Bush I, as John Frohmeyer’s support of the homosexual Mapplethorpe sicko photos showed.

    The American Library Association is run by a cabal of homosexuals who have turned local libraries into outlets for homosexual propaganda and the grooming of children via Drag Queen Story Hour, and trans sickness, which has become a fixture of virtually every local library in the country.

    McHenry public library hired a flaming queer and a pathetic looking trans, the later put in charge of the children’s section.

    CL library has another nest of queers and lesbian running that show. It’s no mystery because of the rainbow crap they wear.

  12. This Village has already dug a hole they can’t get out of, that’s why it is being held there.

    I think the next bus from Chicago’s Beetlejuice should be diverted to LITH, I think Lily Graden space is open??

  13. THE HEALTH DEPT IS CREATING A HEALTH HAZARD! Defund this nut job of a dept.!

    So they shut down businesses, churches, services over COVID because they claimed people could catch it if they were congregating and now they are setting up a food establishment to be a place where people who are most likely to have or get monkey pox to congregate?

    The Einstein who thought of that should be fired immediately!

    Something tells me that if you FOIA the communications regarding ‘Partnering with the illicit Bakery’, that the Democrat County Board members names will be all over it.

  14. G-Man? Yes. Exactly. Order followers. Better known as brown shirts. Genocide the undesirables (that would be any humans).

  15. Have the queer bakery proles at Up Riding been tested for HIV and Monkey Pox.

    Boycott the sicko bakery.

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