Northwestern Medicine Not Following the Science

I’ve been going for physical therapy at Northwestern Medicine’s Route 31 facility in Crystal Lake.

All summer the water fountain has been covered with plastic.

Inaccessible water fountain at Northwestern Medicine’s Route 31 building in Crystal Lake.

Here’s a close-up of the sign above the drinking fountain:

“This area is closed. To help prevent the spread of infection, this service is unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.” That’s what Northwestern Medicine’s sign says.

Since Northwestern Medicine is probably trying to protect those seeking a drink from Covid, I filed a Freedom of Information request with the Illinois Department of Public Health asking for “documents that show people can be infected with Covid-19 from drinking fountains.”

Here is the reply:

“The Department is unable to identify documents responsive to your request.”


Northwestern Medicine Not Following the Science — 13 Comments

  1. Sounds just like the federal government, nobody knows anything.

    “The Department is unable to identify documents responsive to your request.”

  2. It’s just the CDC and McHenry County Department of Health “doing something “ to feel as tho the contributed or to feel as tho they’re worth something.

    Biggest FARCE!

    Defund these worthless and harmful agencies!

  3. I have the “pleasure” of dealing with both Northwestern McHenry and Good Shepherd Barrington, both for testing and procedures.

    It seemed to me that Good Shepherd was considerably more relaxed and laid back about things than NW McHenry was.

  4. Left that place about 3 years ago when most of the better Ortho Doctors left too.

    Illinois Bone And Joint much easier to deal with, even being able to get a drink of water while at any of their facilities.

  5. Speaking of water, possible contamination. Years ago before the Chinese Virus, Catholic Churches had bowls (stainless steel perhaps) mounted on walls near all entrances. The bowls contained “holy water” and a soggy wet sponge and church attendees would dip their fingers into the bowl/sponge/water, and then make the sign of the cross on their faces with their wet fingers.

  6. removes plastic when nobody is looking
    places into garbage can
    drinks water
    most people don’t care
    one person asks “where plastic”
    tell them “there was never plastic”
    you don’t remember plastic
    they drop it
    another person ask where is plastic
    “doesn’t matter anyway sweety the science has changed. turns out drinking water is ok to do.”
    colleagues laugh at plastic-boy/girl
    plastic boy/girl feel shame
    plastic boy/girl no want to go work with colleagues who laugh at him/her for being afraid of water
    plastic boy/girl quit job
    plastic boy/girl go into deep depression
    plastic boy/girl go to psychotherapist
    water fountain covered in plastic at shrink’s office
    you stand in corner of psychotherapist office waiting for this moment for past six months
    “now you know what it feels like to not have the water”
    they look at you in horror

    Cal the moral of the story is you have to just do what you want and bully people who don’t agree with you.

  7. Plastic boy/girl quits.

    Plastic boy/girl depressed.

    Boy/girl kills raccoon.

  8. oh no a guy who tortures animals and supports medical dictatorship for 3 years has to go to jail that suuuucks.

    the ironic thing is i’m an opponent of the 8th amendment. i think torture of humans is ok, like if they are bad guys. but i don’t support torturing animals for fun.

    that should be illegal. it depends on the motive.

    like killing people is generally wrong, but death penalty is good. because they don’t deserve to live.

  9. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the fountain was just broken.

    Fixing it would cost a lot more than putting up a sign and throwing a plastic sheet on it.

    This way, they would get to save money AND virtue signal.

  10. I will not go to or support anyone or any company pushing this insanity.

    It proves how ignorant, harmful and corrupt they are.

    We stopped at the DQ in Algonquin on 31 about a month ago and ALL The employees were wearing masks!!

    I will NEVER go to that DQ ever again!!!!!

    The same a few weeks ago at the Starbucks in Dundee I believe it is on Rt 31 near Springhill Mall.

    Never will I give them my money, again.

    It is one thing to allow freedom of choice, allowing employees to decide for themselves if they are ignorant and fearful and want to wear a mask, but it is a whole other thing if ALL the employees are wearing them which can only mean that the company is either mandating it or manipulating and fear mongering.

    When in Gods name are people going to wake up and realized they have been lied too and stop being part of the problem.

    My goodness, the CDC had come out and admitted they were “wrong” about everything concerning covid! “Wrong” translates into lied!

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