Connie Cain Answers Questions on SAFE-T Act Opponent Democrats Passed

Connie Cain

From Republican State Rep. candidate Connie Cain:

1 Do you support the elimination of cash bail in Illinois?

I support the full repeal of the SAFE-T act. The No-Cash Bail provision activates on January 1, 2023. In some locations in the state like Cook County, activist Judges and Prosecutors have been using their own
“judgment” to either release criminals on their own recognizance or a lower than the normal bond. Last year the Chicago Tribune reported 75 people murdered by such offenders out on bond. The no-cash bail is a danger to the community and those who had crimes committed against them who now have to deal with the offender out on the street.

2. Do you believe eliminating cash bail will make your community more or less safe?

I believe the community will be less safe.

3. How do you respond to people who say that eliminating cash bail makes the justice system more fair/equitable?

I disagree.  The Safe-T act makes it much more difficult to keep violent offenders off the streets as they await trial.

4. What are your thoughts on the SAFE-T Act as a whole?

Overall, the SAFE-T act has many problems. The act places the rights of the accused ahead of the rights of victims and ahead of the ability of law enforcement officers to effectively do their jobs and keep the
community safe. The bill, HB 3653, was enacted in January 2021 in a late-night lame-duck session without sufficient input from law


Connie Cain Answers Questions on SAFE-T Act Opponent Democrats Passed — 5 Comments

  1. Glad this is getting recent publicity from candidates and TV ads…but Dont forget the new Trespassing law as part of the SAFE-T (Pritzker/Dems) Act.

    Will be next to impossible to have the police help you get someone off your property, other than ticketing them.

    As long as the vagrant, unwanted, or otherwise not welcome, individual is not committing a crime—he’s yours.

    Oh and lets not forget a 2nd degree murder charge is now eligible for cashless bail–unless the Prosecution can present and produce, evidence of a Flight Risk–the perp gets to walk that day.

    “Evidence” is like finding a plane ticket in the perps pocket–aint gonna happen.

    640 perps will be released on Jan 1 from DuPage County Jail with this new “SAFE-T” act….

    how many released here Kenneally and Prim/Tattle Tale?

    Any Dems on here feeling “SAFE-R” with all this–if so please enlighten…asking for a temporary Friend here.

    Dems need to be tarred with this SAFE-T Act until its repealed and/or they’re voted out.

    How convient they set the date for implementation AFTER the November Election.

    Folks are going to wake up to what this is and be looking for the nearest Dem who represents them to discuss.

  2. Be advised, I am eager to participate in crimes now.

    Just pitch me some of your recommendations of fun crimes, so I may participate.

    And don’t start spouting about my drunk driving, in that I consider that more lifestyle than criminal.

  3. A good summary by Cain on some of the horrible consequences of this reckless ACT if it is enacted next January.

    Note that Democrats are many times devious, sneaky, dishonest in the naming of an act or law. This so-called SAFE-T Act favors law breakers, dangerous people and hurts victims and law abiding decent citizens – children, women, men, seniors.

    The logical and correct name of this Act should have been: “Danger to Citizens Act”.

    As always, never, ever trust nor vote for a Democrat. They are by their actions a constant danger to society, western civilization whether here in Illinois or across the U.S.

  4. Cal, your headline inaccurate.

    State Rep Suzanne Ness did NOT approve the SAFE-T Act.

    Cain’s statement accurate the SAFE-T Act was passed in House in late-nigbt lame-duck session.

    Then-state Rep. Gary Dougherty represented 66th District, and he voted against SAFE-T Act.

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