Kathy Salvi Goes after Tammy Duckworth on Vote to Hire 87,000 New IRS Agents

Here is the ad that Republican U.S. Senate candidate is running on the subject on all Chicago TV (especially Fox, including networks), all downstate, Indiana and Kentucky:


Kathy Salvi Goes after Tammy Duckworth on Vote to Hire 87,000 New IRS Agents — 18 Comments

  1. Past time we hear from Salvi about this as well as many other Socialist DEMOCRAT schemes.

  2. Not a Salvi Fan But this is one of the cleverest,neatest Campaign Ads I have ever seen and she has my vote anyway we need Duckworth out

  3. My campaign ad would have me filling an 87,000-seat stadium with IRS applicants, announcing they are now all under arrest for applying and promptly marching the lot of them off to prison.

  4. The money is not appropriated yet.

    I’m more interested in if she will vote for that POS Mitch McConnell as leader of the Senate. Not 1 minority leader of the house or senate condemned the corrupt FBI raid on Mar A Lago. Will Salvi opine on that? I won’t hold my breath. I’ll hold my nose when I vote for her because she’ll be just another grifter like every other politician.

    If you can’t see it you are a politician or think IL elections are not corrupt.

  5. Correcting if you think McCarthy is not Paul Ryan 2.0 I can’t help you.

  6. ROFLMAO… Paul Ryan was intelligent?

    More proof smoking dope improves your intelligence. You are an idiot Monkpox

  7. Awesome ad.

    Wow, this strikes at the heart of what the autocrat democrat party is trying to do.


    Duckworth is a moron too.

  8. I don’t want McCarthy to be Speaker, but your statement was false.

    You wrote, “Not 1 minority leader of the house or senate condemned the corrupt FBI raid on Mar A Lago.”

    I showed you McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, condemning what the FBI did at Mar O Lago.

    Whether McCarthy keeps his word if Republicans take the House is another matter, and there is *good reason to distrust him* like you suggest, but he is on record denouncing the FBI raid for what it’s worth.

    You might be disappointed if Republicans win either chamber because Kevin McCarthy would realistically be the Speaker and Mitch McConnell would be the Senate Majority Leader in a situation like that.

    Who would you want to be in those leadership positions?

  9. Yeah, Jordan’s name has been mentioned a few times as an alternative to McCarthy but there doesn’t seem to be any alternative figure like that on the Senate side getting any attention.

    I don’t think Jordan would win but at least the possibility is being discussed unlike on the Senate side.

    If you want to get Salvi’s answer the best way to do it is to ask her at an event.

    But good luck finding one!

    I think you know she is a paper candidate meant to fill in space for the party on the ballot instead of a candidate, like the other people who were running, considered too unrefined and uncouth for the Republican Party apparatchiks.

  10. Kathy Salvi attended the Cary fundraiser for State Senators Craig Wilcox and Dan McConchie.

  11. Yeah, you’re right.

    The shrimp boil.

    I had in mind her *own* events, but events with Republicans in general might be a good way to run into her.

    She still needs to get out more, Cal.

    Anybody can show up and eat shrimp!

  12. Salvi is a “paper candidate?”

    She is working very hard and running the best ads!

    I wish all our GOP candidates were such “paper candidates!”

  13. The Deep State actively look for candidates that they can blackmail and thereby control.

    And those that do not have skeletons in their closet are either removed or corrupted.

    No Democrat (and very few Republicans) achieves higher office without submitting blackmail material to the Deep State.

    You can find skeletons in all of their closets.

  14. Barry, you are absolutely right.

    Kathy Salvi is EVERYWHERE – all over the state.

    I’ve never, ever, seen a candidate work so hard state wide.

    Bailey is too.

    These are two strong, conservative, thoughtful, smart, hard working Republicans – who are running against dumbass frauds who are total SWAMP creatures.

    Pritzger is a rich fraud (remember the 13 toilets he took out of his mansion to lower his property taxes) and Duckworth is simply a dumb/mindless fraud.

    She’s an idiot on the Democrat dole.

    Salvi’s ad is perfect.

    It also was released about the same time Elon Musk tweeted about the 87,000 IRS agents referencing a laughing British Red Coat soldier – implying America has forgotten it past.

    Do we as a society even believe in FREEDOM anymore?

    We will find out in 2022 and 2024.

    If you don’t vote for Salvi and Bailey – well, IMO – consider yourself a socialist un-American who likely lives a life depending on the meager handouts from the SWAMP.

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