Signing Up for Permanent Mail-In Voting Now Possible, State-Mandated Mailing Coming at End of the Month

From McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio:

Voters Can Enroll to Permanently Receive Vote-By-Mail Ballots

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – McHenry County voters have the opportunity to vote by mail permanently if they so wish under a new state law.

County voters will receive a mailer in the coming days that includes an application form – voters who fill out and return the form will receive a ballot by mail for all future elections.

Enrolled voters will stay on the permanent vote-by-mail list until they request to be removed or move outside the county; voters who wish to receive vote-by-mail ballots for primary elections must specify a party preference.

“Even if you don’t intend to vote by mail, requesting the ballot serves as a reminder to vote,” County Clerk Joe Tirio said.

“You can always choose to vote in person by simply bringing your vote-by-mail ballot with you and surrendering it to the poll worker.”

If you do not wish to enroll, you can destroy the mailing, and no further action is needed.

The state law that created the permanent vote-by-mail program requires county clerk’s offices statewide to mail the application form to all eligible voters.

Vote-by-mail ballots for the upcoming Nov. 8 election will be sent out on Sept. 29 – the same day that early voting opens at the County Clerk’s Office.

Early voting will expand to 10 additional locations across McHenry County starting Oct. 24 – a complete list of locations, and their dates and hours of operation, can be found on the voter information page of the County Clerk’s website at

For more information, contact the County Clerk’s Office at 815-334-4242.


Signing Up for Permanent Mail-In Voting Now Possible, State-Mandated Mailing Coming at End of the Month — 22 Comments

  1. I agree it’s not a good idea, Ed, but to be fair this wasn’t Joe’s idea. Every county clerk in the state has to do it. It’s a law. I heard they have to send another one before the muni elections next year too, so if that’s true be prepared for another story next year and more outrage. This is a mandate to counties from the state that the counties aren’t getting money for, also known as an unfunded mandate.


  3. Ed it is a law that he has to follow it is not by choice! Please understand we are in Illinois!

  4. Decline the permanent mail in. It’s a scam to cheat especially in Cook County. How do they know you moved. Oh that’s right, our voter rolls are maintained on the ERIC electronic voter roll system. No corruption there. Then we have the CCP involved in our elections via Konnech Inc and then those Dominion and ES$S voting machines connected to the internet and once again manufactured in China.

    But hey what do I know? Joe Tirio uses the tried and true it’s fanciful tales and misinformation while using the IL Board of Elections as a crutch to not be a true leader. Joe face it. You’re another corporate America shill that just goes along to get along and keep your job.

    Those 700 votes you audited to try and save face was priceless. I laugh at that.

  5. First of all, the notice isn’t optional, it’s the law.

    Stop blaming Joe Tirio for something that got shoved down his throat by a Democrat-controlled General Assembly and a Governor who’s on a power trip.

    Second, what this does is tilt the elections in off-cycles for school boards, municipalities and townships definitely in the favor of Democrats.

    If you aren’t happy with your school board now, just wait.

    The Democrats are chomping at the bit for this, because they know that Republicans hate the idea and won’t participate.

    What you’re going to see is all of these local offices falling into Democrat hands because it’ll be a lot easier to mail in a ballot that you don’t have to even ask for than it will be to get in the car and go to a polling place in February.

    You can always take the ballot you got mailed to you to the polling place, surrender it and vote in person.

    What this does is give you advance notice that there’s an election coming up that you might want to have a voice in.

    And remember this last point, ballots mailed to households are reported to the state board of elections, so Democrats can track who’s gotten a ballot and pester them by phone to mark it and mail it back, which is also reported to the board of elections.

    They’ll know who’s won before election day.

    Get with the program or get rolled by it, there’s no middle way.

  6. To be clear… a Deleware judge said it violated their STATE constitution, which has specific absentee ballot language in it.

    That is not something that SCOTUS would be involved in.

    JT – what, exactly, is your constitutional argument for a challenge against mail ballots?

  7. Here comes Lowitzki Consulting LLC. Apparently, your obsession with me is showing and you can’t control yourself. I saw some apple pickers the other day. You should take your future ex-wife up north. Care to continue Dave Lowitzki / Nefarious Shake. I’ll bet you can’t contain yourself.

    Lowitzki Consulting lobbies for the queer agenda, higher taxes and late term abortion. Keep it up creepy liberal. I bet you support the RINO Lindsey Graham federalizing abortion up to 15 weeks. You are a fool.

  8. Are there any federal appeals courts that have ruled mail-in voting has to categorically be thrown out?

    I’m unaware of any rulings like that, however, maybe the Rumble videos you watched have educated you about the law more than Shake’s understanding which was only acquired through his professional career.

    Maybe you can tell us about those court cases, JT.

    Again, we’re talking about federal rulings, not things determined in state courts which would have no bearing outside of the specific state in question. (My guess is Democrats will still easily whoop Republicans in Delaware despite the ruling.)

    You can always give us updates over the next few months about court rulings on elections or Trump being reinstated, but you didn’t even mention the 22 month anniversary since the election! Do you realize that election authorities can now legally destroy the ballots from 2020 according to federal law? Has Mike Lindell addressed this?

    I have not followed him much lately but know he has a discount on slippers.

    And you can use promo code “POSO” to save some money.

  9. Me: respond to a comment with substance
    JT: responds with weird ass childish personal attacks

    If course, if JT was capable of answering my (or correcting’s) questions, he probably wouldn’t have to resort to personal crap.

  10. Correcting you are channeling Lowitzki now. I don’t follow Posobiec. He’s another tool just like Bannon. Trust but verify. You should try it.

    I guess I don’t understand the appeals process either.

  11. LOL. I appreciate your obsession with me Dave. You are a pedo pushing pervert. You need to seek mental help. Your response is likely it pays my bills. Creepy liberal.

  12. Maybe what you don’t understand is federalism.

    Shake makes a good point that just because Delaware throws something out doesn’t mean it will apply in Illinois.

    These are two different states.

    (And it’s possible you don’t understand the appeals process too idk how far up this has gone in the Delaware courts, but that’s besides the original point.)

    You’re throwing Bannon under the bus because… why exactly?

    Trump’s problem was NOT listening to Bannon and instead listening to Kushner.

    Are you still mad that he and Trump supported Darren Bailey?

    Yeah, I’m not too thrilled about Bailey but whatever.

    Republicans weren’t going to win in this state anyway.

    Not sure what you have against Poso either.

    Trust but verify, the Reaganism.

    I’m familiar with it and tend to not “trust” people who think Trump is the super secret shadow president or that Trump is going to be reinstated in two more weeks.

    It sounds like you have not “verified” that there is any progress on court challenges to the voting system in Illinois, JT.

    Judicial Watch filed a suit related to 40 days of early voting here.

    I haven’t heard about any progress that case has made and don’t imagine it will be successful, but even that is unrelated to your hope that all mail-in voting will be thrown out.

    Mail-in voting has been going on for a long time in this state while the judge in Delaware threw out a law that was just passed this summer.

    There was something in the law that the judge felt directly contradicted Delaware’s state constitution, but I’m not aware of anything in the Illinois state constitution that suggests Illinois may not have vote by mail.

    If you hear differently, drop Cal a line.

  13. It is a really simple question JT – what/how/why would SCOTUS throw out mail ballots based on federal law and the constitution?

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