Transfer the Illegals Game Continues

As New York City sends busloads of illegal aliens to Florida and Florida flies planeloads to Martha’s Vineyard, Texas continues to bus illegals to sancturary city Chicago, which then ships many to its suburbs.

From WGN-TV last night.
These illegal immigrants ended up in Burr Ridge.

And from ABC News:

More migrants from Texas arrive at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, city says – ABC7 (Chicago)

So far, 11 busloads of migrants have arrived in Chicago from Texas. Approximately 509 migrants have been sent here as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the city.


Transfer the Illegals Game Continues — 22 Comments

  1. The table is set Gov. Abbott, you got that Illinois Circus Elephant, declaring emergency over a couple of busloads.

    Now nuke em with a 2,000 a day transport.

    Open that floodgate like Brownsville, McAllen, El Paso have been experiencing for 24 months.

  2. You know, Highland Park could use some “cultural diversity”. They
    are YUGE supporters of Lord Jumbo Boy and as such should not be left out of the Sanctuay State movement
    they must do their part.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket – Shalome!

  3. Cindy welcomed them by giving them pot holders made during knitting hour.

  4. Cindy, Little Joey wants to date you.

    Abe you have to be kidding. The Martha’s Vineyard of the Northshore would lose their minds if they turned Ravinia into a homeless shelter.

    I’m sure the landscaping companies would be happy for more cheap labor.

  5. Wonderful News…ah, the song from the immortal KC and the Sunshine Band comes to mind and should be played to every Blue State Dem who demanded illegal immigration. Now they get a real turn at it– Chicago, the Vineyard, VP residence,NYC…uh, que the music MR K.C.

    Keep it comin’ love
    Keep it comin’ love
    Don’t stop it now, don’t stop it no
    Don’t stop it now, don’t stop it
    Keep it comin’ love

    Stop it only if the Spigot at the Border gets turned off..until then keep it comin love–all Blue States…Delaware next please.

  6. Send a few bus loads to fat man’s mansions across the country!

    How funny that he owns Hyatt hotels but doesn’t seem to be offering up rooms with a view!

  7. This is scary yet needed and deserved.

    I 100% agree with TX sending them here to Chicago and other places.

    This is the ONLY way that MAYBE this insanity will stop.

    To think this is only going to affect us if bus loads are dropped off at our door is pure ignorance.

    Do people really think all those thousands rushing over the boarder the past two years would only stay in the boarder states and only affect them.

    Who do you think is going to pay for all this madness, free phones, shelter, taking our jobs, infiltrating our schools, medical care and so much more.

    And DO NOT Get me started on the hypocrisy of the covid scam.

    Why are good, honest, working white Americans being treated as slaves!

    I thought slavery was abolished.

    So inclusion really equals revenge.

  8. KM…YOU are a slave. Understand what happened to make you one in 1871. You weren’t taught it in social studies class. Trust me. The NWO pushed by WEF idiots needs to be understood. The illegal invasion is another cog in the wheel. Why are the Rothchilds worth over 500 trillion and why do the Rockefellers control the medical schools? I have no clue. LOL

  9. Relocate them back to Venezuela or wherever else they came from.

  10. JT I know all that.

    I meant that they are tying to make us slaves in the sense of control, corruption, evil, etc.

  11. You do so well as a “slave”, JT. From what you’ve discussed here on this blog, you have a Harley, a pickup, and a Corvette.

    And a quarter mile driveway Gary Rabine paved for you. $$$$$

    You’d leave Illinois, but waiting for wife to retire.

    Hmm… sounds pension-y, maybe public?

    So JT, you really have a wonderful life as.

    As long as your wife doesn’t push you off the ladder this Fall.

    Slavery never paid so well.

  12. WOW. Just WOW. Talk about stalking the bong smoker has a new hobby. LOL. Would you like to know the length of my pecker next? I measure from my asshole idiot. Keep taking notes.

  13. You mentioned that before. And before that, and…..

    And so, public pension for wifey?

    Don’t turn your back on her. Or her divorce lawyer.

  14. You keep mentioning how big little JT is.

    I guess your Harley, F150 and Corvette are still proof that little that JT is large enough to qualify you as man enough. Sad. ✌️😎

  15. They need to grow some and send 4 back-to-back busses to the Secret Service gates right in front of Sleepy’s hideaway house in Delaware. If that doesn’t WOKE him up, nothing will. Biden is worse than Putin, at least Putin invaded another Country, Joe invaded ours. Even Carter is laughing at him and can now close his eyes and go, knowing he wasn’t the worst President.

  16. What grade does Joseph Robinette Biden get for “Destruction in progress of the U.S”? Willfully and by incompetence, stupidity, senility? A, B, C, D, F?

  17. I love it Monk. Keep taking notes the way you do property tax appraisals. Monk are you Dave Lowitzki? Lol. Wrong guess on truck and bike but keep trying douche. LOL.

    What’s next? Apple season is in full swing up here. Your bong is treating your brain well. Maybe you should try some Xanax.

  18. Next bus load to go to the next winer trickey dick your next get ready to open Your Doors Up and take em in ! U want em u got em ! calling gov. Abbot now for u telling him you wanna them next. Here comes your summer of joy!

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