Democrat Suzanne Ness Papers Independents with Hit Pieces on Republican Connie Cain

During September, at least the following direct mail postcards have been sent by incumbent State Rep. Democrat Suzanne Ness.

The Cain campaign writes, “A women contact us saying she has received 18 mailers in the last 16 postal days!”

These are two mailings.

The panel with Ness smiling is on the front of both of them.


Democrat Suzanne Ness Papers Independents with Hit Pieces on Republican Connie Cain — 12 Comments

  1. Re: Suzanne “Butterface” Ness.
    “Ness Papers Independents” – WTF does that mean?

  2. The number of different mailing’s, is a Democrats way of searching for just that right equilibrium of ass clownery.

    That puts it’s candidates, on the same synchronized idiot wavelength as it’s Democrat voters.

  3. Because, those fake polls also said Witch Hillary was 16 pts ahead.

    Hey, those polls won’t save your sorry AIDS ass when Camel’s back breaks.

  4. I think that’s correct, ‘Cuz. His numbers will continue to erode.

    If he wins again in the Primaries, he’ll lose the General. People will need to decide what they’d rather have. A golden idol or a winning candidate.

  5. Ness has made a huge error here.

    Now everyone who has received all this crap knows she is just another
    ruthless politician who will say anything to stay in power.

    Her credibility has just vanished for many i bet.

  6. Most Americans do not like when any politician uses children in their political ads. This would of course include Democrat Ness ads as well as the extremely weird tv ads of Illinois Alexi Giannoulias including a little girl and an ice cream cone. Weird. Let us not forget that the current president, Joseph Robinette Biden, took showers with his very young daughter. Children should be totally excluded from political ads. Children are to be protected until they are adults.

    On all matters, children and otherwise, never, ever trust any democrat. Look at what this moron president has done to harm the U.S. as well as the fat slob democrat governor of Illinois.

  7. Democrats using kids, always brings to mind the Daisy Girl’ ads, by another Democrat nitwit LBJ.

    Todays narration. the usual rewriting of what actually occurred (that I’m finding occurs more and more), reads like the ad was so offensive it was immediately pulled.


    I remember seeing it as a grade schooler, on a seemingly continuous loop on Network TV.

  8. Most DemoncRAT politicians are EVIL, hate you and the U.S.A.

  9. Ness uses a 20 yr old picture of herself, LOL, desperate much, Ness?

    She made another BIG mistake but I’m certainly not going to tell her!

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