Looking for Girls Who Want to Fly

At the Lake in the Hills Airport (Crystal Lake’s old airport lost to Lake in the Hills while Carl Whede was Mayor), girls interested in flying will gather Saturday, September 24th for a Girls in Aviation Day.

The Lake in the Hills newsletter says,

“Mark your calendars!

“The Lake in the Hills 3CK Airport, in conjunction with Women in Aviation International (WAI) and Chicago’s Leading Edge Chapter, will host its second annual Girls in Aviation Day on September 24, 2022.

“Females ages 11-21 will have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by women pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers, and more.

Stay tuned for event details and registration information at lith.org/girlsinaviation.”


Looking for Girls Who Want to Fly — 4 Comments

  1. Hope they don’t want to see a real airplane.

    There are only like 6 on the field , in hangers and of course no planes will be flying this weekend.

  2. “There are only like 6 on the field…”

    The BS some post on this blog is atrocious.

    Below are real data from AirNav.com that anyone could have retrieved.

    Airport Operational Statistics
    Aircraft based on the field: 116
    Single engine airplanes: 102
    Multi engine airplanes: 9
    Jet airplanes: 2
    Helicopters: 3

    Aircraft operations: avg 93/day*
    56%: transient general aviation
    44%: local general aviation
    * for 12-month period ending 30 August 2019

  3. The people in the pictures with masks on should never be allowed to fly.

    They obviously have something wrong with them.

  4. Dear Al Z

    I agree with your stats (minus 2 jets).

    However the runway has been closed since 8/8/22 and remains closed until approx 10/8/22.

    Virtually all aircraft were moved to surrounding airports for the closure.

    And yes there are like 8 people that didn’t move theirs, a few planes in Fienfields hanger for maintenance, none in the avionics hanger,etc. so you see, this weekend their will be no planes flying , but hopefully Plote will be paving.

    If you don’t believe me drive by, take note of the 30’ LED “X” parked at each end.

    For you non pilots, it means it’s probably not a good idea to try and land here. Or check the NOTAMS on ForeFlight.

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