Bailey Concludes Crystal Lake Speech Urging People to Run for School Board

Five people on the fall ballot took the microphone at Steve Theofanou’s Around the Clock in Crystal Lake Wednesday morning.

Darren Bailey waits in the hall as McHenry County Clerk introduces Shannon Teresi.

The headliner, Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey spoke last and the last point he made was urging prople to run for the school board.

Leading speaker was McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio.

He introduced fellow elected official Shannon Teresi.

Teresi is running for State Comptroller.

Teresi pointed out that the incumbent Democrat has no accounting background and that her opponent’s financial statements for state government are “qualified,” meaning they can’t be said to be accurate.

Shannon Teresi put her all into her speech.

Teresi pledged to fight corruption in Springfield.”

U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Salvi was next up.

Shannon Teresi Kathy Salvi, pointing out she always had a smile on her face. In this moment she was being serious.

She is one enthusiastic candidate whose speech was animated and totally extemporaneous.

OK. Here’s a smiley Kathy Salvi:

Kathy Salvi smiling.

Salvi hit her opponent Tammy Duckworth for voting to hire 78,000 new Internal Revenue Agents.

Lt. Governor Stehanie Trussell followed Salvi.

Trussell read from her IPad telling of how disappointed she and her daughter were when Governor Pritiker shut down her corner restaurant–very much like Around the Clock–with an Executive Order during Covid.

Stephanie Trussell.

She pointed out how all the states surrounding Illinois are doing better than Illinois and none of them have Executive Orders.

Speaking last was the main event–Darren Bailey.

Darren Bailey.

Bailey started with an update on crime in Chicago.

He referred to the “Chicago nightmare.”

Darren Bailey.

‘”They turned the West Loop into the Wild West.”

Note that Bailey did not reference Chicago as a “hell hole.”

“Vote these clowns out of office or we’ll all be [seeing four more years of this].”

He told of 3,000 people being on bracelets, including “100 murderers.”

“We are all here because we know Illinois is broken.

“And we are tired of the political class selling out the working class taxpayers because they lack the backbone to stand up and do what’s right.

“The terror of Chicago is coming to your neighborhood on January 1st,” Bailey predicted, referring to the no bail law coming into effect on that date.

“Last week, the Mayor said I should go back to the farm.

“I’d love to,” he explained, but he couldn’t with the state in the mess it is in.

“She’s turned Chicago into the OK Carrol.

“Everyone knows someone who has left the state in the last year.

“I will demand law and order.”

“It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in or how much money you make… the government’s most basic responsibility is to keep its people safe.

“That’s what we will do.”

People will know “there’s a new sheriff in town.”

  • This sheriff will not coddle criminals. 
  • This sheriff will not look the other way while children are attacked and gunned down while playing in the park
  • This sheriff will support our law enforcement heroes.
  • This sheriff will prioritize safety for ALL citizens and ALL communities. 

“It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in or how much money you make… the government’s most basic responsibility is to keep its people safe.

“That’s what we will do.

“We will roll back Pritzker’s unlivable taxes and reform unrealistic proposals to make Illinois affordable for working people. 

“We must reform Springfield and make Illinois a livable place to live again.”

Bailey also criticized the Democrats’ energy program, which he predicted would result in “brownouts and blackouts.”

J.B. talks a big game about loving all of Illinois, but love is more than photo ops and throwing money at problems. 

After speaking, Darren Bailey stopped at each table to talk to people.

Here’s a message to J.B. Pritzker:

● Someone who loves Illinois wouldn’t have sat on their hands while 27 veterans died in La Salle. –

● Someone who loves Illinois wouldn’t remain silent as their director of the Department of Children and Family Services has been held in contempt of court 12 times while children and workers are being neglected and killed. 

● Someone who loves Illinois wouldn’t try to paint a rosy picture while more than 500 people are murdered in Chicago. 

“We will make sure law enforcement knows they have a Governor who has their back.

“My campaign has been endorsed by the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, The Illinois Sheriffs Association, Italian American Police Association, and Safe Suburbs USA.

“Because keeping Illinoisans safe is my top priority.”

He pointed out that this is the first time the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed someone for Governor.

We will restore parental rights by removing extreme policies from our classrooms and returning power to the parents. 

“This race is about jobs, crime, and your family … and on those issues, voters know JB Pritzker has failed us all.

“I will work circles around Pritzker, because I am fighting for you.

“For your kids.

“For your grandkids.

“And if all of you, the working people of Illinois show up, WE. WILL. WIN in November.

Closing his speech, he urged people to run for school board.

Earlier he said, “We will restore parental rights by removing extreme policies from our classrooms and returning power to the parents.”


Bailey Concludes Crystal Lake Speech Urging People to Run for School Board — 21 Comments

  1. The infrastructure is in place.

    All you need to do is vote and not for a useless Dem.

    Vote on election day only to stop their cheat.

  2. I attended this gathering and liked many of the speakers as well as the Denver omelet, strawberry pancakes,potatoes and bacon.

  3. The West Loop is a nice area.

    I have family that works there.

    Bailey is running a campaign playing on people’s fears, and he gets very dark at times.

    I don’t think Illinois is in a great place, but it’s nothing like what he is making it out to be.

    I wish the Republican Party was putting forward a stronger candidate.

    R jt b kplf. Tupq xbtujoh zpvs ujnf po tuvqje tuvgg.

  4. Great event at a great setting.

    The Illinois statewide ticket is very good – especially at the top.

    Bailey and Salvi are vastly superior to their doltish and incompetent opponents.

    If you vote for a Democrat this year in Illinois, you deserve the fate that awaits this state.

    We’ll all devolve into Decatur, Rockford, and Kankakee.

    No opportunity, losers at every corner, high taxes crappy schools, and a bankrupt state.

  5. Bailey makes an appearance at ATC in support of Illinois families and
    Pritzker at the drag queen bakery supporting the child grooming perverts.

    This tells you all you need to know about the two candidates, and which should
    be our next governor.

  6. Pritzker always panders to anyone but an Anglo.

    I can’t wait until they commandeer his hotels for migrants and pay him a Penny on the dollar.

    Pun intended.

    The drag stuff belongs and should stay in ChIraq.

    The BaQueery needs to be closed, after everyone stays safe, as the Board and Mayor say.

    Whatever happened to Clowns entertaining the kids?

    Never mind, they are all running for office because we have Drag Queens now.

  7. By the accounts here, a very successful appearance with the public by Republican Bailey.

    What a contrast between him and the democrat candidate for governor, JB Pritzker, a guy who inherited billions of dollars and has done nothing, zero, to improve the situation in Illinois on many issues including violence and criminality.

    This big fat slob governor has in the past tried to NOT pay his fair share of real estate taxes by disconnecting his toilets in one of his very expensive houses.

    How incredible is that fact given that millions of Illinois homeowners pay their

  8. Correcting. What an appropriate name by a person who acknowledges that she/ he is wrong and needs to be CORRECTED.

  9. Wait for Bailey to be called anti-Semitic by Pritzker surogates. An October surprise coming.
    Remember, Bailey was the candidate Pritzker surrogates wanted for the general and ran million$ of ads against Sullivan, Pave Man and Schimpf.

    Plus a great false flag national event is on the wing following Trump’s indictment.

    Oh yeah

  10. Oh, BTW, Bailey didn’t a single vote he wasn’t already getting. This local appearance was a total waste.

    He should be sticking it to Fatso with the SAFE T act nightmare. Soccer moms in burbs might flip with some hard hitting TV ads for the addled numbskulls.

    Bailey doesn’t even mention the toilet tax cheat fiasco or the psycho weirdos, crooks and freaks he’s appointed to various posts and sinecures.

    That would make a real stomach turning rogues’ gallery commercial.

    How about fatso signing the LITH perv bakery wall after the kiddie drag show?

    Duh, Bailey isn’t even trying.

    He should be concentrating on ballot security so he could have a chance.

  11. bred winner, the test results came back. You have dementia as bad as Joe Biden.

  12. Kathy Salvi: Designated Loser.

    Reminds me of Dole and Mitten Romney

    Same with Irvin Whore Teresi.

    Did she make up with Bailey after she trashed him repeatedly during the primary campaign on her sugar daddy/pimp, Ken Griffin’s, orders.

  13. Dingo, there were people there I’ve never seen at the usual Republican events and other Bailey events.

    New faces appeared at this well attended event and that’s great!

  14. I tend to agree with Mr. Dingo.

    Bailey is just another dead end.

    Maybe a nice fellow and all and certainly a 1000% better candidate than the Obese Prince, but his job is to get 43% of the vote and no more.

    He’s there to grease the skids for the Obese Prince’s Presidential Run in ’24 and give people the false idea we live in a democracy where votes count.

    The Deep State loves the ambitious Fatty.

    “Things” will happen to anybody who opposes Fatty and the Kabuki theater of US national politics.

    Are you people teady for the roll out of the US digital currency along with its social credit ratings for buying electric cars, etc?

    You should be, because the mask is coming off.

    I do believe an October game changer is coming via the Deep State. It won’t be good.

  15. I’m optimistic that once Illinois breadlines erupt into riots.

    It will be because you’re finally united ideologically, by your shared starvation.

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