Connie Cain Supports Repeal of Democrats’ SAFE-T Act

From Republican State Rep. candidate Connie Cain:

State Rep Candidate Connie Cain supports repeal of the Safe-T Act, Calls on 66th District Rep Ness to do the same

Gilberts: State Representative Candidate in the 66th District, Connie Cain, is announcing her support of the repeal of the Safe-T Act.

Connie Cain

The act, HB3653, was passed during a lame duck session in January of 2021. The bill, touted as a “Criminal Justice Reform Bill”, did not receive a single Republican vote.

It was signed into law by JB Pritzker.

“The provisions of the Safe-T Act have been a disaster to the criminal justice system.

“The bill had little or no input from law enforcement, it was passed in a lame duck session, legislators were given 20 minutes notice on an over 700-page document, and it was passed early in the morning.

“That is not the way important legislation should be handled,” said Connie Cain.

“I am supporting repeal of this bad legislation because it has already created damage to our justice system and the next piece, no cash bail, will be going into effect on January 1, 2023.

“This is the most important issue of this election, and I am hearing that as I walk door to door meeting voters.

“Nearly half of the inmates at the county jail will be set free on that date, many of them violent offenders,” said Cain.

“Our Kane County State’s Attorney, a Democrat, has been opposed to this legislation from the start has joined another State’s Attorney from Will County with lawsuits against the Governor, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House to stop the madness.

“Releasing criminals will have a chilling effect on victims and witnesses and will be very detrimental to our criminal justice system in general,” said Cain.

“The Democrats in the legislature have been defensive about the criticism of this bill and have called critics racists or disseminators of ‘misinformation’ about the bill.

“Critics of this legislation cut across party lines and the most vocal critics are people in law enforcement.

“The Democrats are suggesting that they may ‘amend’ parts of the bill in the November Veto session, conveniently after the election.

“Voters will begin voting next week on September 29th and that is why I am calling on my opponent, Suzanne Ness, to tell voters where she stands.

“The plan is probably to try and run out the clock on this election and I hope voters recognize that for the deception that it is. Suzanne needs to state her position now and not after the election,” said Cain.

Connie Cain resides in Gilberts with her husband Rich. She is a veteran of the United States Army.


Connie Cain Supports Repeal of Democrats’ SAFE-T Act — 3 Comments

  1. Illinois Voters report to Connie.

    Yet another Democrat social experiment distraction, now takes priority over those little issues, like destroying your personal wealth through taxes, inflation and asset class collapse.

    Reminds me of those outraged morons over the Soda Pop Tax.

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