Free TV, Etc., Disposal for Algonquin Township Residents

Frpm the Algonquin Township Road District:

Specialized RecyclingSaturday, September 24 9AM-11AM

Specialized Recycling is a service open to ALL Algonquin Township Residents. Below are some examples of what is accepted during the event. Visit our website or Facebook page for more information. 

Accepted Items:

  • One TV or computer monitor per township household, as well as,
  • small kitchen items,
  • small electronics
  • Used Motor Oil
  • Car and marine batteries]
  • Tires for a small fee

As well as paint for a charge from a third-party vendor, EarthPaint (APRIL-OCTOBER ONLY):Latex Paint, water-based primer, and water-based stains:$2.50/Quart$5/Gallon$18/Bucket$2.00/Can of Spray Paint 

Should you have any questions, please contact the office: 847-639-2700 x6


Free TV, Etc., Disposal for Algonquin Township Residents — 4 Comments

  1. First thing to dump is Flunk, be sure there’s room in the dumpster for legal advisor.

  2. Yeah, right, can I dispose of my wastoid township hacks like Funky Funk, the cheater on his township expense account!

  3. The week before ALL of Crystal Lake was under the free recycle week on your particular trash pick-up day from the contractor through the city. This is redundant!

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