UPDATE: Pritzker Refuses Daily Herald Debate, DH Dumps Proft Mailers

When a candidate refuses to debate an opponent, I figure it is evidence of weakness.

Consider the following from Crain’s Chicago Business:

If Darren Bailey’s performance yesterday at Crystal Lake’s Around the Clock is any indication, the Republican is more than ready to take on Democrat JB Pritzker.

Consider Bailey’s accusation that billionaire Pritzker “has not worked a day in his life.”

Farmer Bailey said he would have no problem saying that to Pritzker’s face.

When I was running for Governor in 2002 as a Libertarian, we knew that the Illinois League of Women Voters would only allow candidates who could show they had at least 5% support in a recognized poll to participate.

For that reason, we went on radio during August and, maybe hard to believe, the largest poll of the year (1,200 surveyed), one by the Daily Southtown, gave us a 5% showing.

JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken at a State Capitol press conference.

Then, Democrate Rod Blagojevich and Republican Jim Ryan decided not to participate in the L of WV debate.

They would debate each other in Rockford.

That day, our campaign rolled out JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken outside the Thompson Center in Chicago and immediately drove to the debate site in Rockford so that our costomed two-headed chicken could greet people entering the theater.

When the Radio Broadcasters Association held its debate at the Old State Capitol, Republicans gathered at the front of the building, Democrats and Libetarians at the back.

JimRod was there to greet Blagojevish.

As debate time neared, we saw the Democrats move to the street, where, it turned out Chicken Rod scampered down the stairs to the parking garage under the Old State Capitol in order to avoid having a confrontation with JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken.

= = = = =

Dan Proft offers the following:

“Governor Pritzker believes his money guarantees him control of government and entitles him to make all media subservient to his government.

He lords over Illinois through executive orders.

He sees the Fourth Estate as no different than his equestrian estate in Wellington, FL.

If he doesn’t like a television ad, it must be taken off the air.

If he doesn’t like a newspaper, it must not be printed or circulated.

Lord Pritzker is the truth.

All commentary that deviates from his decrees shall be expunged and the offending commentators declared illegitimate.

In short, he is a bedwetting, spoiled brat who thinks an election is about his ambitions rather than Illinois families’ aspirations.”

= = = = =

After Pritzker’s reaction, the Daily Herald dumped the Proft operation to which Proft replied:

“Little Lord Fauntleroy threw a tantrum and got his way.

The Daily Herald is just another staffer in Pritzker’s comm shop which masquerades as the Chicago press corps.

They were exposed as, horror of horrors, capitalists so now they must renounce a longstanding client.

The whorish response from the Herald is surpsing?


Like Cato’s Letters, the papers will continue to be printed and distributed even if we have to return to the Gutenberg press and must enlist fair-minded people across Illinois who want the truth, not Pritzker’s ‘truth,’ to hand deliver them door-to-door.

The truth of Lord Pritzker’s reign will be told.”


UPDATE: Pritzker Refuses Daily Herald Debate, DH Dumps Proft Mailers — 23 Comments

  1. Weakness, Cal?

    Try the opposite.

    The only thing that could happen at a debate is Fatty can f __k up and Bailey gets a home run.

    Bailey will not only be buried bu Fatty’s $$$$$$$,
    he’ll be buried by all the dirty tricks the Mossad and democrat operatives can throw at him.

    Since ballot security is absent in Illinois despite Tirio’s mendacious assertions, as Killary would say, “What difference foes it make?”

    Pritzker is not a good debater given his 105 IQ anyway and Bailey would fry his fat ass. Even if it was a fake ‘Donna Brazille type of debate’ and Fatso got the debate questions in advance!


  2. LOL. His money is buying the cheat.

    Prickster prefers to debate via 30s ad buys.

    Bailey is another RINO yet I will still vote for the Springfield swamp rat.

  3. Just confirms what we knew all along about Lord Jumbo Boy and his ilk – lying corrupt cowards all.
    Perhaps he will hold a campaign rally at Old Country Buffet to one up Bailey’s at ATC.

  4. “In short, he is a bedwetting, spoiled brat who thinks an election is about his ambitions rather than Illinois families’ aspirations.”

    Absolutely priceless!

    I may stop calling Pritzker “Jabba”(the Hutt) now!

  5. In many ways, I admire Illinois continued cultural embrace, of conspicuous wretched corruption.

  6. If you won’t debate its because you know that you have an unpopular position and are afraid you will say something that the voters don’t like.

  7. It is hilarious that y’all think that JB is afraid to debate.

    That isn’t what this is about at all, and he’s actually now likely to attend the DH forum now that they’ve dropped the fake news #ProftPapers.

    Pritzker opens himself up to questions from reporters almost daily, which is a huge contrast to what Bailey is doing, who has acted like he’s afraid to be asked if the sky is blue.

    Pritzker is not afraid of his positions – say what you want about Pritzker, but he’s always been willing to stand by and defend his positions.

    Pritzker is going to do just fine in debates against Bailey.

  8. Yeah, Yeah, blah, blah, drivel of a pathetic Dem apparatchik, now go clap some erasers for your Dem Manifesto Teacher for extra credit.

  9. Pritzker had the toilets in one of his mansions disconnected. Why? WHY??? Where do he and the Mrs do numbers 1 and 2 when in that mansion. Turns out that there are much, much less real estate taxes to pay on a house if it has toilets disconnected. Per:


    “Federal prosecutors have been requesting records from the Cook County assessor’s office about a $331,000 tax break the governor got after removing the toilets during remodeling of a mansion he owns next to his own home. Authorities sought the name of every employee who was involved in the tax break, along with associated communications.”

    Federal Prosecutors started looking into the toilet issue in the summer of 2020. Here we are Sept 23, 2022 and there is nothing, NOTHING, in the media about the progress of this TWO-YEAR old INVESTIGATION. Of course the vast majority of media in Illinois are in the tank, protectors, handmaidens for the Democrat Party and its politicians. So, even if there were updates available from the Feds, the media would likely not cover it.

    Also, perhaps the Biden regime put the kabash on the “Federal Prosecutors” involved?

  10. Bailey you need ammo I can think of alot of Truthful things you can say to his face..!

    you have an arsenal of criminal conduct you can bring up as well… !

    to wipe his hot dog eatin grin off his screwin the IL people face.

    This should be like taking candy i mean a hot dog from a dog… !

    for you.

    You did as well as Rabine in the past debates to get where you are now.

    I can’t wait for the debate. Oct. 4th.

  11. DJ – I know its easier to respond like that than respond with any actual substance, but do you actually want to argue that Pritzker hasn’t been FAR more open to answering questions than Pritzker has been?

    Its not even close. Bailey has been VERY unwilling to take questions throughout the entire campaign. Pritzker takes questions almost daily.

    Again, Pritzker will debate Bailey. And he’ll do just fine. And pretending that this DH forum issue is about JB being afraid to debate is hilariously false.

  12. https://wgntv.com/il-governor-race/ill-governor-candidates-go-face-to-face-in-nexstar-hosted-debate-next-month/

    Pritzker and Bailey are supposed to debate twice in October.

    One will be at ISU on Thursday the 6th.

    The other will be on Tuesday the 18th in Chicago at the WGN studio.

    They’re both scheduled to start at 7 p.m. and should be played on Nexstar owned channels (like WCIA in Champaign and WGN in Chicago).

    I’m assuming the Daily Herald debate which is the topic of this post was separate from those two.

    Anybody know?

  13. Yea, Correcting – the DH debate isn’t one of the “debates” – it is a forum that, I believe, was kinda’ intended to funnel most of the newspaper endorsement sessions into one.

  14. Here’s creepy liberal Lowitzky Consulting posting again. Hey Dave, since you lobbied for murdering the unborn, did you seal clap at Stacey Abraham’s claim that fetal heartbeats are manufactured by machines? Why are liberals so stupid?

    JB will ikely win because he’s the Zuckerjew of IL and we have clerks like Joe Keep My Head in the Sand Tirio running things. Don’t worry your Mahady stooge will be just as bad.

    We’re all obsessed with the greasy Lowitzki Consulting owner.

  15. Is it back on now that DH stopped sharing postage with Proft?

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