Who Will Pick Up the Red-Light Camera Scam Fight from David McSweeney?

Look what popped up after the latest indictment in the Red-Light camera scheme in which unwary motorists get huge fines for not stopping or even not stopping long enough from municipalities like Fox River Grove:

It’s a column in the Daily Southtown by Ted Slowik that recounts former State Rep. David McSweeney’s 2020 success in passing through the Illinois House 84-4 a bill to ban red-light cameras in non-Home Rule communites.

Red-Light Camera warning sign in Fox River Grove.

That includes most under 25,000, which certainly would have included Fox River Grove.

It got killed in the Illinois Senate Transportation Committee, chaired then by Democrat Martin Sandoval, who pled guilty to taking bribes.

In the State Senate Sen. Emil Jones III was its sponsor.

Jones was recently indicted for accepting a red-light camera bribe.

Tom Johnson, my House seatmate in the 1990’s used to tell me my problem was that I thought the process was “on the square.”

I wonder if McSweeney held the same opinion.


Who Will Pick Up the Red-Light Camera Scam Fight from David McSweeney? — 9 Comments

  1. Corruption – It’s the DEMOCRAT way here in Illinois.

    Remember Pritzker’s “Toilet Gate” fiasco?

    No problem making that disappear, and without a single
    charge being filed against him.

    How does something like that happen?

  2. Here’s the answer;

    No one

    Maybe Steve “Representative DUI” Reick could get off the bar stool and at least go through the motions of trying to do something.

  3. This was always a budget filling Government scam.

    It all started after the financial crisis in 2008 and once the market somewhat recovered under Trump, they started to get rid of them in most Suburbs.

    Now that we are going into another recession, they will probably think of another budget filling scam.

    Beetlejuice has reactivated the speed camera and getting people for 5 over.

    The courts know that they are needed to pay their pensions too, they are all in this together.

    Not once do you read about someone in power ever getting a ticket, they get them pulled before they can get to court.

    FOIA the tickets that are dumped before court, bet that 85% are public employees or connected pols.

  4. We got two tickets at this light turning right on to 14 from 22.

    I figured it was worthless to try and fight it.

    I believe it is a scam.

    The light changes from yellow to red way too quick for anyone to react.

    Because I know it is a scam I will cut through the store parking lot rather then take a chance on getting a fake ticket!

  5. True story.

    Before Texas banned Red Light Cams, I received one of these slobberbones.

    Reviewed footage showed Traffic Cop, waving me through, when they took control of the intersection during a mishap.

    A simple call got it canceled.

  6. KM: the Cut through the Jewel Parking Lot, starting at the Hardware store is a well known route for folks avoiding that Red Light camera.

    Tons of cars going through there now.

    Many times folks at that intersection will NOT turn Right on Red, even with no cars coming from their left—dont want to take the chance on a Ticket, so they end up holding up traffic.

    Thanks FRG.

    Maybe you can put the ticket money towards that ugly Bare Concrete monstrosity by the Fire Station off of 14 that is sitting idle, unfinished, and word is builder went bankrupt.

    Think TyVeck Apartments in Algonquin that sat idle, unfinished for years at 62&31.

  7. I got mine at 12 & 120.

    Clicked the online link that they gave me and watched myself do exactly what they claimed.

    The lights are well-marked, so that’s fair.

    I routinely went through 176 to 12 in Wauconda, without a ticket.

    The secret is to do it like Laurence Welk.

    Come to a complete stop, then “a one anna two anna three….”


    That’s the same process you have to follow in Florida when the light turns green, with three seconds (or more) before anyone wakes up and starts rolling.

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