Looking for Books at the Riley Grade School Banned in Other School Districts

After reading the Chicago Tribune’s op-ed piece by Clarence Page on banned books, I wondered what the situation is in McHenry County.

The image for the column is a man reading something called “Gender Queer.”

So, I sent out a Freedom of Information request to school Districts. I lot bounced back because of being tied to individuals’ email addresses.

I picked these three books:

  • “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe
  •  “Out of Darkness” by Ashley Hope Pérez
  • “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

and asked if the district had them and, if so, when were they purchased, plus whether had been withdrawn from circulation.

Riley Elementary School District 18 map.

The Riley Grade School District sent the following reply:

The reply was

1.  Our library currently has “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas in our collection.  It was added to the collection on December 17, 2020.  We do not have the other two books in our collection.

2.  No books listed have been removed from our collection.    


Looking for Books at the Riley Grade School Banned in Other School Districts — 21 Comments

  1. It’s been my experience that the very best of us, couldn’t tell you who was the better writer, between Oscar Wilde and Oscar Meyer

  2. Mayb the librarian should be sent to Nigeria to chill out permanently.

    She’s a human louse laying nits in innocent kids’ brains.

  3. I’m sorry, I cannot take these people seriously! There were MORONS, fools, cowards, and traitors sitting there wearing masks!!!!!!

    In the words of Mike Stone:…”As for the dwindling remnants of the virus hoax, we all know now that it was a complete and utter fraud. Anyone who told you differently, anyone who told you it was a real thing or worse, a Chinese or Russian bio-weapon, is a despicable liar and should never be trusted or listened to again on any subject for any reason. No exceptions.

    Anyone who wore a mask over the last three years at any time and for any reason other than buying food is a fool, a coward, and a traitor to their country and should never be trusted or listened to again for any reason.

    Anyone who urged or advised you to take the jab, whether your doctor, your employer, your best friend, or your favorite political personality, should be dropped like a hot potato and never trusted or listened to again for any reason.

    Anyone you know who refuses to face the truth today, who continues to live life as if everything were back to “normal,” is a blithering idiot who should never be trusted or listened to ever again.

    It’s amazing how these events have exposed the hoaxers as the cockroaches they are.”…

  4. It appears Cindy’s 1987 Wal Mart injury settlement fund is nearly depleted.

  5. Cindy Trying to educate the D J,s of the world is like trying to put out a forest fire with an eye dropper….Maybe The book Gender Queer is the Biography of D J….

  6. If you two fart huffers think for a second. I’m incapable of 200 comment thread, exploring the dildo comedy space you both occupy. think again.

  7. Bill? Which is why I don’t respond to their ilk. Anyone following any of my posts here for at least the last ten years already knows what I am about. Baiting me is a buffoon’s errand.

  8. DJ, you sicken me immensely.

    You campaign for Mahady Mashady queer lady.

    I saw you!

  9. Ridiculing idiots on this blog is a burden, but one I endure for the benefit of normal mankind.

  10. Cindy, don’t let the sleaze critters get to you.

    They won’t last very long when things collapse.

  11. Never banned books of any kind…!!

    People learn by reading…A BOOK.

    WOW Cindy…sooo proud of you…

    You’ve been on this blog for at least the past ten years….

    Something tells me if you are not on the blog you’re watching FOX news…

    Also…have you been to Wal Mart lately?

    I’ll meet you there, I’ll be the one with the mask on !!!!

  12. Alfonz? I don’t own a teevee. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a WalMart or wearing a Satanic mask EVER. Something tells me you haven’t been paying attention to ANYTHING I’ve written over the last two decades.

    Thank you, Long Time. You, of course, are correct.

  13. Yes Cindy you are correct….haven’t paid any attention to THINGS you have written for over two decades.
    The reason… I only started visiting the blog less than a year ago.

    Well since you do not own a teevee….I hope you crank up the stereo and listen to some good music.

    Let us all get out our albums, 8 tracks & cassettes.
    OK fine… CDs too.
    ROCK ON….

  14. Do not own a stereo, either. IF you know nothing, why are you so full of advice? (I probably have socks older than you and possibly wiser.)

  15. Something tells me just about everything’s satanic with Cindy.

  16. Grade school libraries for K-8 need to be discriminating in selection of books for “young” minds.

    Children are impressionable, easily influenced.

    A child would likely and subconsciously trust that knowledgeable adults “responsibly” selected books for their pleasure or information reading.

    Thus, children should not be exposed to deviant sexual material available due to reckless actions by those buying and stocking books.

    Parents alone must be responsible for teaching, coaching children on sexual matters, including deviancy, when parents determine the child is ready to learn the related topic.

  17. Everything that is NOT of God is definitely Satanic.

    Does that clear up anything?

    Truth is VERY simple.

  18. You want to burn a book Cindy, burn the bible. iT HAS CAUSED MORE HATE And death than any other book written.

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