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  1. I wonder why the libtard looks Jewish?

    Pritzker will now try and shut you down Cal.

    With jews, like Mayorkas in charge, you lose.

    Try this one:

    A U.S. attorney will not prosecute a judge in Massachusetts who aided and abetted the escape of an illegal alien from her courtroom.

    The outrageous decision is the clearest sign yet from the Biden Regime that equality before the law is dead, and that Anarcho-Tyranny runs the judicial system.

  2. A network tv news clip this morning showed the inside of a giant tent having hundreds of beds.

    None of this is would be necessary if the president, Joseph Robinette Biden, simply obeyed all federal laws regarding migrants and aliens.

    There are procedures, protocols in the Department of Homeland Security for lawful and correct immigration into the U.S.

    The legal and proper and intelligent and safe way to allow peoples into our Nation is by the process and procedures set up in the DHS, Department of Homeland Security.

    This way there is some amount of vetting of exactly who and why a foreigner wants to come and immigrate into our Nation.

    With using DHS procedures, our Nation can specify how many immigrants can come into our Nation per year from each and every nation on earth.

    With DHS procedures, some nations can be excluded from having their peoples come to our Nation for various reasons, including some hostile middle east nations who want to destroy or annihilate the U.S.

    But, millions of peoples from who the H*** knows from where, what nation, hostile nations, terrorist nations, etc are allowed to INVADE our Nation per Joe Biden and his corrupt and anti-U.S. regime in Washington DC.

    The invaders of course do not adhere to official U.S. Immigration protocols per the DHS, Department of Homeland Security.

    How many are terrorists, drug dealers, gang members, sick from the Virus, unvaccinated, diseased, etc.?

    Unknown and this situation should absolutely horrify every one of our over 300 million legal and law abiding citizens of the U.S.

    Our Nation is in great peril because of the lawlessness, stupidity, gross incompetence and apparent dementia of Joe Biden and his regime.

    There is also great peril from the unknown and possibly/probably the evil motivations and intentions of numerous of the invaders.

  3. Our Jewish Sheriff-to-be is already creating a task force on disarming White men based on pre 2017 domestic battery charges…. not even convictions!

    How far back will Tadelman’s goons go?

    Ask him about it.

    Ask him about White extremists and his SPLC training!

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