New at the Algonquin Township Saturday Specialized Recycling

The last Saturday of spring, summer and fall, the Algonquin Township Road District allows people to drop off old TVs, computer monitors and other electronic defices for free.

“Specialized recycling” read the fist message.

On Saturday, I noticed a new feature, an electronic sign telling of the event.

The time for the drop-offs was shown next.

There was a third message which I didn’t get.

It said one was to enter through The Hollows entrance.
People waiting to drop off electronics.

And, this is the first time that I have seen the sign asking for identification.

Road Commissioner Danijela Sandberg and employee Derek Lee verified that drivers live in Algonquin Township.

I was amused that Derek Lee, checking my address, had to call up information on his cell phone to make sure I lived in Algonquin Township. Since the Road District provides no services to the Village of Lakewood, that probably stimulated the internet search.

The man in front had a big honking television set to drop off.

The electronics are loaded into big cardboard boxes and rolled to a trailer for loading.

A fortlift takes the big boxes to a truck’s trailer for their off-site destination.


New at the Algonquin Township Saturday Specialized Recycling — 17 Comments

  1. Dropped off used motor oil there this a.m.–didnt ask for ID.

    Maybe just for the TV’s and Monitors?

    Either way, nice they do that.

    Not so nice so much of our property tax goes to Township Govts, but thats another story.

    Why doesnt the County offer the same to ALL COUNTY residents?

    Thank you Algonquin Township.

  2. Looks like Randy Funk did a good thing for the People of Algonquin Township. Kudos!

  3. It is Danijela Sandberg, the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner, who should be given credit.

  4. Why do US citizens have to show a local ID to drop off junk?

    Referring to the illegal border jumpers that just show up.

    Poor optics people.

    As I have said for a long time, the illegals have more rights than citizens.

    This is 1 example

  5. The reason is that the program is limited to residents of Algonquin Township, I would assume.

  6. Townshipper Funk is as crooked as a dog’s back leg and as slimy as a eel.

    A liar, fraud and grifter!

  7. Recycling at Alg Twh has been going on since 1995, started by Bob Miller.

    Residents asked for it and he filled the need in a fiscally responsible way.

    Fireplace wood and Mulch plus the other recycling, cloths, paint, tires, and etc.

    You could almost offset your road dist taxes because of these township beenies.

    Use to be free, now it’s not totally.

  8. Cal why don’t you look into the $200k overage of misspending that Sandberg had on her budget???

  9. I’m not sure on the date, but nob is right.

    Nothing “new” here!

    Fire is also right on all counts!

  10. Algonquin township is a huge waste of money.

    Where do you see $200k overage, Swift?

    Sandberg needs to go.

  11. Funk is ‘Algonquin Township Supervisor’ and he would have been the one to approve this function.

    Miller was Supervisor and started this.

  12. Sandberg is a waste of space, she needs to start asking people if they want paper or plastic versus going over budget.

    Such a joke

  13. Sandburg came to my house when she campaigned in ’21.

    First time a candidate ever appeared at my door.

    I invited her in.

    I asked why do we need townships in a suburban area.

    She couldn’t give me a rational response.

  14. Lucky you, Long Time.

    The only person campaigning that ever entered my house was Keneally.

    He stood right in my living room and lied to me.

    It was the final straw to paying any attention to ANY politicians.

    Believe NONE of them!

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