Cain Makes First Mailing That Hits My Mailbox

It was two Friday’s ago that the following post card was put in my mailbox. (My scanner has been giving problems, hence the delay in sharing it with you.)

As her opponent Suzanne Ness did, Republican Connie Cain has a negative message on one side and a positive one on the other.

Connie Cain hits Democrat Suzanne Ness for voting to raise her salary and double her office budget.

Most first mailings contain biographical information. This one does not.

Here is something you probably don’t know about Cain:

E6 Staff Sergeant Connie Cain at 1992 Advanced Individual Training at Fort McCoy Wisconsin.

She served eight years in U.S. Army Reserves out of Arlington Heights, Illinois, ending with the rank of E6 Staff Sergeant.


Cain Makes First Mailing That Hits My Mailbox — 7 Comments

  1. Non-Texan’s have no way to grasp the concept, of of a candidate that understands math, coupled with the ability to gut a Democrat opponent and wear its carcass as a skin suit.

  2. DJ belittles others out of gender dysphoria and feelings of absolute inadequacy.

    Pretty sad. Maybe he can team up with Mr. Pokorny at the forest preserve.

  3. DJ, why do you have to bring Eddie Gein into the conversation? You upset another newbie.

  4. To E6 Staff Sergeant Connie Cain, thank you for your service !

    You have my vote.

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