Diane Evertsen Resigns from McHenry County College Board, Fourth Trustee to Move Out of State

Ersel Schuster and Diane Evertsen at 2021 Huntley Tea Party meeting.

First, it was McHenry County College Board President Chris Jenner who resigned from the Board of Trustees to move to the west coast of Florida (where a hurricane is predicted to hit the middle of next week).

Now former eight-year McHenry County Board member and Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen has resigned to move out of state.

In addition, Linda Liddell and Mary Beth Siddens have left Illinois. Liddell moved to South Dakota to care for her mother. I have no further information on Siddens.

Below is her letter of resignation:

Mr. Tom Allen, Chairman, McHenry County Community College

Dear Tom:

Over the course of the past four years, I’ve watched as fellow Trustees on the MCC Board made the decision to resign their posts and leave the state of Illinois for better economic/political situations.

Please consider this my immediate resignation as I follow suit.

In all positions to which I have been elected, my main focus has been representation of the voters who fund the ‘organization’. 

I feel my efforts in that regard have been futile at MCC and a replacement Trustee will be readily available through your recruitment from the MCC Foundation membership. 

Best of luck to you and the taxpayers of McHenry County.

Diane Evertsen

Evertsen’s six-year term was due to expire next spring.

There are three seats up for election, Evertsen’s six-year term.

The rest of the term for Suzanne Hoban is four years.

Carlos Arevalo has the last two years of a four-year term.

So, if one is interested in running, there is

  • a six-year term
  • a four-year term
  • a two-year term

Petitions may be obtained at the Presidential complex of the college.

Although one will probably be asked to provide one’s name, there is no requirement that one do so.


Diane Evertsen Resigns from McHenry County College Board, Fourth Trustee to Move Out of State — 18 Comments

  1. Just too much Corruption and Crime to fix for decent folk here anymore, these pigs at the trough have seen to that, now their kidnapping womens right off the streets…

    Chi Town sanctuary kizzie i hope your next your a law breaker…

    so you should feel the wrath of what you have brought to OUR STATE …

    i can’t blame these tax paying citizens for moving leave it to the pigs to feed off one another…

    and fjbp you as well for turning this into the toilet hole you have created..

  2. You better get a slate to run.

    Having 1 person on the board getting outvoted is, as Diane says, futile.

  3. If the most valuable Diane were to move to Texas, we would compensate that Democrat run hellscape, with 10,000 illegals to satisfy their sanctuary dreams.

  4. Perhaps Lord Jumbo Boy’s Safe-T-Act will be the greatest motivator for
    abandoning Illinois ever.

    Why wait till it’s too late.

  5. She was great!

    Sorry to see her go.

    MCC: a nest of poisonous asps.

    How many illegals are there on my dime?

  6. Well all I can say is we are all going to miss Diane…

    both sides of the fence will miss her..

    she helped find and build candidates to run and fill offices…

    she caused the other side to do the same …

    making both sides better….

    She did a good job,a job that no one really wants ,a job that is full of heartache and pratfalls, oh yeah and with out pay.

    I want to take this time to wish her well and thank her for many many thankless hours she devoted for our benefit and well being…….

    Diane Thanks

  7. Diane Evertsen has a deep history of supporting outdated township government and their high property tax burdens; husband was a former township supervisor.

    Is she moving to a non township government state???

  8. Eich just may have two nickels to rub together, so the answer to his query…..ummm one?

  9. Since Springfield is full of churches and Austin is full of armed Maoists protecting parents bringing their children to drag shows, perhaps you can send us your Christians and we can send you our communists and drag queens, D J.

    Springfield has more conservative values than Austin.

  10. Mmmm, as a frequenter of Austin, I think you may be on to something there.

    The forbidden city of Austin, has its own lexicon and culture, due to a decade of California flight.

  11. On the topic of migration and values, what if I told you that California was once deluged with those Midwestern values.

    California was once the place for Midwest farmers to retire or skilled labor to go during WW II.

    Thousand’s of Midwest machinists in those wartime aircraft plants and shipbuilding yards and they stayed.

    Maybe one of our amateur Sociology experts can explain ‘what the hell happened there!

  12. Millions of illegal aliens got amnesty, thanks to Ronald Reagan, and they either liked when Democrats told them they would get more stuff than Republicans were willing to give them or they believed the media that Republicans are a White Supremacist party.

    Either way, Cali has not voted for a Republican for president since 1988, which was also the last time Illinois voted Republican for president.

  13. She’s a township toad, now hopping outa town.

    Good riddance!

    Hop toad, to your new abode!

  14. You might be in the right rail yard, but those two tracks not sure,

    I lived in Santa Monica in the late 70’s and I was startled by the palpable hatred for illegals by working class Californian’s.

    Not sure how Reagan’s immi reform translates into Cali turning into the Dem hellhole it is today, but I’m totally distracted ordering myself a pair of those RUKUSfx. from TV.

    They better be as obnoxious as advertised.

  15. Bill Matteson said it well.

    The Evertsens’ move leaves a big void in our community.

    Diane never said No to helping a good cause, or candidate.

    You’ll be in our hearts and prayers, Diane and Ev.

  16. MO is where I heard the township toads are going.

    Township governments exist in only 22 of the 114 Missouri counties.

    so it’s hardly a township state.

    Of course they’ll still collect Ev’s township pension on all of us suckers here in IL.

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