Looking for Books at the McHenry High School District Banned in Other School Districts

After reading the Chicago Tribune’s op-ed piece by Clarence Page on banned books, I wondered what the situation is in McHenry County.

The image for the column is a man reading something called “Gender Queer.”

So, I sent out a Freedom of Information request to school Districts. I lot bounced back because of being tied to individuals’ email addresses.

I picked these three books:

  • “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe
  •  “Out of Darkness” by Ashley Hope Pérez
  • “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

and asked if the district had them and, if so, when were they purchased, plus whether had been withdrawn from circulation.

McHenry High School District 156 map

McHenry High School District 156 sent the following information:

Gender Queer: A Memoir

Upper Campus:
* Copy 1–purchased 4/14/22
* Copy 2–purchased 4/14/22

Freshman Campus
* Copy 1–purchased 4/19/22
* Copy 2–purchased 1/27/20–out for repairs right now so not on the shelf
* Copy 3–purchased 4/19/22

Out of Darkness

Upper Campus:
* Copy 1–purchased 9/24/15
* Copy 2–purchased 9/8/17

Freshman Campus
* Copy 1–purchased 10/14/15
* Copy 2–purchased 9/7/17–marked as lost so not on the shelf

The Hate U Give

Upper Campus:
* Copy 1–purchased 3/22/18–missing so not on the shelf
* Copy 2–purchased 3/15/18
* Copy 3–purchased 9/28/18
* Copy 4–Spanish version–purchased 1/30/20–missing so not on the shelf

Freshman Campus
* Copy 1–purchased 3/15/17

= = = = =

School Board petitions can be obtained at the McHenry County Clerk’s Office or at this web site.


Looking for Books at the McHenry High School District Banned in Other School Districts — 11 Comments

  1. You all are looking at it the wrong way.

    If we put forth an effort to have a collection of penthouse letters and Harlequin romances added to the school libraries, and the demanded that they be taught in class, we would end this whole gender bender thing to rest pretty quick.


  2. Grade school libraries for K-8 need to be discriminating in selection of books for “young” minds.

    Children are impressionable, easily influenced.

    A child would likely and subconsciously trust that knowledgeable adults “responsibly” selected books for their pleasure or information reading.

    Thus, children should not be exposed to deviant sexual material available due to reckless actions by those buying and stocking books.

    Parents alone must be responsible for teaching, coaching children on sexual matters, including deviancy, when parents determine the child is ready to learn the related topic.

  3. No problem, MsTrumpion.

    I hear it was written by some guy who used to work at the Chicago Sun-Times and used to be a Dem but then figured out they were too crazy for him.

    The book was commissioned by Dan Proft’s PAC “People Who Play By The Rules” who are running a lot of anti-Pritzker ads.

    The book is supposedly being mailed out, so you might end up getting a physical copy.

    In the meantime, people may read it online and share the link via email and social media.


    (posted here since subject is books lol & since Skinner has completely dropped the ball not mentioning it)

  4. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson started the Big Racket in the 70s, when corporate giants like Toyota and Coca-Cola acceded to their extortion demands; all those two grifters had to do was cry ”racist,” and the pathetic execs just rolled over!

    Considering the fact that corruption and grifting in Africa is widespread, those latter concessions whetted the appetite of future generations for easy money.

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