Making McHenry County College Woke – Part 6 – Still More on “-isms”

On September 20, 2022, McHenry County Blog revealed that top officials of McHenry County College had undergone training for

  • expanding diversity,
  • equity,
  • belongingness, and
  • inclusion

and found it desirable for all faculty and every other employee to be subjected to the same 8-hour indoctrination.

Petitions to run for MCC Trustee can be picked up at the college.

On March 14, 2023, the final class for faculty members will be held by Systemic Education Equity, LLC.

Dimensions of -isms – Part 2

  • Delve into the phenenomena of dominant culture
  • Determine ways to produce cultural humility
  • Name performance equityas smokescreens to systemic in action

The presentations for faculty, also being required of all other employees, is costing taxpayers $16,400.

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Making McHenry County College Woke – Part 6 – Still More on “-isms”


Making McHenry County College Woke – Part 6 – Still More on “-isms” — 3 Comments

  1. If they think you can teach people not to be *ssholes, they must not be very intelligent.

    Either way, they’ll get sued.

    If they don’t have the seminar, it’s proof that not having these seminars resulted in some transgression that they’re then liable for.

    If they do have the seminars, it’s proof they recognized their propensity for transgressions, yet the seminars were of insufficient quality, thus they’re still liable.

  2. Bravo! Well said!

    Mark those words… they have and will continue to mistreat students, community members and employees with integrity.

    The ultimate goal for some time has been to wash out anyONE whose opinion does not match the President or the Board.

    Overheard: it is okay to not follow FERPA if the board is happy.

  3. Please run for the board.

    The current board is beholden to the administration and is not learning or student-centered.

    The whole counselling department was fired with no notice and walked out by campus police.

    Students who had current appointments and new students seeking support were left with nothing.

    This was supposedly done to save money

    Eventually a new title “coach” was created to do the same thing.

    Guess who has a company supplying this job in our county?

    The President of McHenry County College, Clint Gabbard.

    He has a company that does just this job description and he has been promoting it to local hospitals for years.

    The President is using his title to moonlight.

    He was co-founder of the company called Trestle Tree.

    This is the same board that extended Gabbard’s contract by an additional year to 12-31-25.

    New Board members will be stuck with him.

    Trestle Tree, his company, was working for Yale when Yale was sued for forcing employees to be “coached” by TrestleTree.

    The Yale employees won this lawsuit under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

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