Not Looking Good for Statewide Republicans

Here are poll results from WGN on Governor and Senate races:

And here is how people rate President Joe Biden:

The whole poll is here.


Not Looking Good for Statewide Republicans — 30 Comments

  1. FWIW, the Emerson College poll has Biden at -4 nationally today(9/28).

    Biden’s numbers in the other national polls are far, far worse.

    Emerson is an outlier.

  2. You need to get red pilled Cal.

    Polls are used by the MSM as a way to cover up the cheating.

    If you honestly believe these garbage polls, I have a bridge in Cape Coral to sell you tomorrow.

    I guess if you have been in politics so long you cannot see reality or truth when it is presented to you.

    Here, watch some of the 5m videos from Seth Keshel to help educate you.

    He’s up to 94 as of today.

    It’s a repeatable process so I can’t wait for the midterms.

    Don’t worry, he won’t do IL because it’s so far gone it’s beyond repair.

    ERIC electronic Voter Roll management software along with the corrupt Dominion and ES$S cheating machines used in IL with oversight from the IL Board of Elections is a 1000% recipe for cheating. You need to use the MSM to convince you with fake polls on Nexstar owned WGN to sell you on it so you don’t see the corruption.

    Just trying to help.

  3. I predict that the Border Wall will be scraped and the rest of the Country will opt for one placed around Illinois

  4. If these were true, Illinois citizens would have Stockholm syndrome where the abused looks to the abuser for help and assistance.

    I don’t believe they’re accurate however.

    I think Bailey and Salvi are going to win.

    There will be a red wave.

    These underestimate the red frustration with the democrats overt failures in everything AND frankly, people are afraid to say outloud they are supporting Republicans.

    The liberals have created a Gestapo like environment.

    “Sag nur Blumen” = speak only of pleasantries – never mind the economy is in the tank, you lost your job, your business is collapsing, and your taxes are unaffordable during a recession and hyperinflationary period.

    You’re a total DUMBASS if you even think about voting for a single democrat.

  5. LOL AND you believe this horsechit? This is why I told you YEARS ago. TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEE!

  6. Due to a lack of interest Emerson College has been canceled.

  7. Emerson College?

    In Los Angeles?

    All I need to know.!

    In the words of Colonel Sherman Potter. . . “Horse Hockey!”

    Thank you!

  8. The main campus of Emerson College is in Boston which is almost as bad.

    The campus in Kali is a satellite.

  9. I guess if you have been in politics 15 minutes, you cannot see reality or truth when it is presented to you.

  10. If you hang out with lots of Republicans in a Republican leaning county (like McHenry County) that votes to the right of the state as a whole, you’re going to have a distorted view.

    Most of Cal’s readers have this distorted view.

    Bailey and Salvi are losing but the margin will be closer than this poll indicates.

    I’m assuming most of those “undecided” respondents are timid people who lean Republican and won’t tell the pollster the truth.

  11. Regardless of THESE polls, how dumb, how low of an IQ does a person have to be to approve of Biden’s absolutely horrible and terrible performance?

  12. Bred, let me introduce you to my neighbor family.

    Republicans are QAnon Psychos. Living in China for 12 years and getting all Covid jabs has done them well.

    Cuuurrrraaazzzzyyy. The only ones on the whole block

  13. @Billy Bob

    I guess that at least partially explains why their poll is so “out there”!

  14. Here we go more Fake poll stats… they just can’t help themselves… have to make the law breakers look good .. they use a skewed poll of which they call it “registered voters” not that these people vote the ones that do not apparently they count as dem votes…LOL…. just unbelievable how they love spreading propaganda like a 3rd world country.

  15. LOL.

    “LOL AND you believe this horsechit? This is why I told you YEARS ago. TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEE!”

    Because if it’s on the internet it has to be true.

  16. Keep believing what you are told to believe from the teleprompter monkeys Porky.

    Tell us all you know about Project Mockingbird. LOL.

  17. Stephen? Have you ever cracked a book? Pretty amazing what one can garner from real books and using your God-given common sense.

  18. We are such an imbedded democrat state i believe Bailey and Salvi will lose, they dont stand a chance in illinois.

  19. “and using your God-given common sense.” When will you start?

    Jt, I don’t believe most everything from TV and internet. Especially what you morons present on this site. Sieg Heil Fascist

  20. Would it really be that surprising that people in Chicago approve of both the JB’s?

    Look how that city is run and most of the people who I know there just accept it and continue to vote for more of it.

    Whoever said Stockholm syndrome pretty much nailed it.

    Illinois is likely a lost cause so I’m very happy that I just need to live driving distance from a major airport at this point.

    Only a matter of time before I am gone and I suggest that if you don’t like the way the state is run that you do the same.

    You can argue about votes in November all you want but you can also just vote with your feet, can’t cheat on that one.

  21. So Porky you can’t explain Project Mockingbird apparently. Can you explain Facism and how people with common sense are Facists.

    There’s a Trump Rally on Newsmax Saturday at 5. Maybe you could watch before the MI rally and point out all of the Facist republicans they interview while waiting in line for hours to see the best president in your lifetime.

  22. JT You’re just a perceived big fish in a tiny pond. Please go pat yourself on the back. Project mockingbird has no relevance today. Yes you are a fascist by the fact that only white christian nutjobs count in your world. everyone else can eat the scraps off your table. Burn those books and grab you phallic substitute. There is gonna be a revolution.

  23. Porky = 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡
    😆 🤣 😂 😹
    IL is filled with Porkys

  24. I have nothing against common sense.

    In fact, I value it highly, right along with humility and compassion.

    That’s only common sense, after all. Or is it, anymore?

  25. Regarding president Joseph Robinette Biden’s approval(?) ratings and his disastrous actions and policies on the southern border, inflation, huge spending, depleting the strategic oil reserves, oil exploration leases, etc.

    Biden and his regime are spending many billions of dollars in aid for the Ukraine-Russia war. The regime seems to be getting the U.S. more and more involved in that war. Before Russia invaded The Ukraine in late Feb 2022, Biden made this statement on the consequence of a possible Russia invasion of Ukraine and a threat (by the US?) to do something about the Russian pipeline.

    “If Russia invades — that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again — then there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

  26. Lee, the lifespan of something being labeled conspiracy theory to it becoming truth is basically a week thanks to digital soldiers.

    People like Porky and Monk and others continually prove how uninformed they are.

    It’s called cognitive dissonance.

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